Anna Blue - Selfish (Acoustic) Lyrics

Baby you're one in a million, on you I thrive
Cause you give me purpose and meaning to my life
I don't wanna be without you for a single day
Wanna wrap you in my arms and go hide away

I just want it all and all to myself
Don't wanna share my precious one with nobody else
I wish that I could make us both disappear
So the rest of the world didn't know that you're here
Cause I wanna keep you forever just like a secret of mine
And I think if we were together we'd have the time of our life
I don't wanna share with nobody, you're the greatest taboo
Cause baby I'm selfish, selfish when it comes to you
When it comes to you

You are there to back me up when I'm feeling weak
You're the one that cares for me and makes my life complete
I can see it through the darkness how you shine your light
You're the weakness of mine that I'm trying to hide

I just want it all and all to myself
Don't wanna share my precious one with nobody else
I wish that I could make us both disappear
So the rest of the world didn't know that you're here
Cause I want to keep you forever just like a secret of mine
And I think if we were together we'd have the time of our life
I don't wanna share with nobody, you're the greatest taboo
Cause baby I'm selfish, selfish when it comes to you
When it comes to you, oh

I know that I'm clingy and I'm forever to stay
I know that I'm stingy, don't want to give you away
And I don't care what they say cause it's ok, ok

I just want it all and all to myself
I don't wanna share my precious one with nobody else
I wish that I could make us both disappear
So the rest of the world didn't know that you're here
Cause I want to keep you forever just like a secret of mine
And I think if we were together we'd have the time of our life
I don't wanna share with nobody, you're the greatest taboo
Cause baby I'm selfish, selfish when it comes to you
When it comes to you
When it comes to you

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Anna Blue Selfish (Acoustic) Comments
  1. QPRK

    Please add translation for Arabic language 😭😭😭

  2. koko baby

    This song reminds me of my failed love. I still love you Jaxon. I'm grateful.

  3. Akin K

    Need tabs for this song....

    It's sooo Amazinggg

  4. underrated a

    Omg this sounds like a 2000's song but I love it

  5. Dragon slayer


  6. Super Wolves21

    This was uploaded on my birthday, and it was the best present 😊❤️❤️

  7. Layla 23

    1:45 why those Adidas shoes are screaming for Damien: "Ich bin aus Deutschland" hahahah typical German and once in his instagram video he was talking in English and he said "Ja" and I was like typical German.

  8. Layla 23

    Just imagining Anna's anxiety while watching this video before it came out.

  9. Ana Paula

    Aún recuerdo cuando comencé con Silent Scream uwu ❤️

  10. Layla 23

    This video makes me cry, not just bcs I'm in single squad and my friends emberes me in front of my crush. This song has soo many beautiful elements in it.

  11. loren neves

    Damien's songs are so perfect that I see myself in them :3

  12. Jazz

    Heyy!! I am an indian and i really love all your songs!! Really ur awsome!!! Keep singing! Cuz I love ur voice❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  13. Gigi

    I could never get tired of this song. So beautiful

  14. Zah-ajah wilson

    Love it😄

  15. Erkaån Eightem

    Your voice is juste........ Perfect !

  16. Emily the crazed anime fan

    whoever disliked this was just sophie and florian on 20 different accounts each :-D

  17. Marchenprince 94

    You guys are so cute I love both of your music.

  18. Emy Sherif

    It's an amazing song and you can feel your emotions while you sing I love your songs

  19. Danime Anunciado

    This deserves a million views! Lots of love from Philippines!!

  20. Hannah Cotton


  21. Anna

    Damien your voice is so beautiful and this is song is magic ❤️👌

  22. Kayli Jensen

    This song is so beautiful. You and Anna are both very talented. I love your music and the stories that you have started sharing. Thank you guys.

  23. 周禹岑

    Good to hear!!!😲😲😃😃

  24. Lillian Parris

    I desire to have a relationship like yours.

  25. MeMaya1000

    Your music is getting better love it. So sweet I'm getting diabetes ahahah

  26. TheDayDreamingAuthor

    Damien, you and Anna are soulmates! You were made for one another. I wish you both a relationship full of love, happiness, laughter and care. She's a keeper dude, don't lose her! You two are like a melody and harmony, your love is a musical note!

    Lost of love from a big fan to both of you!

  27. Viren Harpale

    Man I am crying the song is so awsome

  28. Nighmer Moon

    La canción que quiero que me dediquen y nunca lo aran

  29. SrYooPark

    I love you and Anna. They are amazing❤️

  30. Dark Blade

    Great voice man and this song is amazing thank you.

  31. Shana Dane Oliva

    Awww, this is so sweet. This song is an absolute masterpiece. Get a guy like Damien Dawn. Seriously, you and anna blue are Relationship goals💕both of u share your passion together in music.😊Btw newbie here and all i could say is all of your songs are really,really great.🎵

  32. Danime Anunciado


  33. Layla 23

    Ok, definitely Damien and Anna are my favorite couple.

  34. Reem Saood

    This song makes me cry because it reminds me of someone I loved so much but in the end he lied to me and used me and I’m a big fan from 3 years I think

  35. paula Luna

    I love i from Aguascalienes,Mexico

  36. Siren Roseline

    Are they together???

  37. STARRY

    I'm French and I love your songs for Anna and you.
    You have a beautiful voices and the songs make me smile because I had depressed in the past in my old sad life.
    Today I'm happy girl.
    We are warriors in we.

  38. Hailie Seitler

    Are all your guys' music videos and comics based on each other's life story?..Sorry, I've been wanting to know that for a while now. Love you guys!!!

  39. Kamila Żarnowska

    I love it soooo much, tak bardzoo 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤🇵🇱

  40. ilyuso

    Pls sub thai ;-;

  41. belljandova

    Is there any chance that u could tell me how to make an animation? I already have my characters but i don't know how to do an animation from it.

  42. belljandova

    U are so amazing i can't even describe it. I love u so much and u are my role model. U inspared me and made me realize what i love. Because of u i started to write my own songs. Thank u so much.❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Winter melody

    his voice is absolutely beautiful i just can't y'all are the cutest couple ever!

  44. Delta Alexis

    Let's all take a moment to appreciate all the time and effort put into making this beautiful song plus the footage. Damien, your voice is gorgeous and you are blessed to have it... We all love you. I am 12 and love to sing, do you have any tips?

  45. Aoishi Chak

    To Damien and Anna
    May your love last forever
    Awesome songs keep up the good work
    I am ur biggest fan

  46. official _ hoodie_216

    This is the stuff that keeps me going😏...keep in shining your light

  47. Paula Warszycka


  48. miri Saat

    This song so amazinggg😍😍😍😍

  49. JuPkena Gamer

    I loved this song a lot. If I were a jurada, I would give a thousand for music.

  50. JuPkena Gamer

    Super cute couple

  51. JuPkena Gamer

    How old is Anna Blue and Damien Dawn?
    I love you very much, I'm super fan ... A kiss for you ... thank you for viewing this comment .. you're cute

  52. ThePotatoGamerGirlUwu

    Ich liebe deine s lieder un die texte der lieder machen euch ein sehr nettes paar und wenn man klebrig ist 😂 ❤😊

  53. azumi uchiha

    Can you do a German version?? 😍😍

  54. knight killer 200

    Oh my heart this is so beautiful

  55. xWeirdxGothicgirlx

    So beautiful. I still cry

  56. Shradha

    Omgggggg I finally know your identity

  57. ALilShyRaven 23

    I love this so much i picked this song for my gf and i and it still is our song tysm for making this song💞

  58. Eyrenne Noctae

    It's so much the way my boyfriend see me in this song. Thanks Damien Dawn for this beautiful sing that make me think at my dearest friend and boy of my life.

  59. unipug 109

    you and Anna are so cute together

  60. Mattia Zoe Abels

    What a voice😍

  61. Mark Fernández

    I dont wanna share my precious one to anyone

  62. Apocalypse Therapist

    You two have an amazing relationship and Damien you really had put your heart into this I can tell it's very sweet great job I love it can't stop listening to it! 💜💜💜

  63. _HuskyRider _

    What are the chords for this song I am learning some off youre songs that you 2 made I already played silent scream a few times but I would like to play more, keep going👍

  64. xakineko77

    Aren't you a vampire or dymphire

  65. Sabrina Fu

    Hey Damien! I know this is kind of irrelevant to the post, but I couldn't find another way to message you (I apologize if I end up spamming your videos) but I wanted to make a cover of your song (that is allowed right?) and I used one of one the instrumentals you provided, when I tried to publish my cover however it said that it is copyrighted, I didn't want to dispute it with clarifying with you first. Am I allowed to make a cover of your song if I use your instrumental videos as backtrack (and yes I will credit you/Anna for them)? Please respond to this message, thanks!

  66. otaku girl

    Every single thing at this video is just perfect💜

  67. Fairy Ghoul

    I think it's one of the best things in the world when you have someone that you can be selfish for. Because that just means your love is stronger than most!

    So beautiful and moving!! 💖💖
    You got no clue how happy I am for you both :)

  68. Paulina Byzdra

    Piękna piosenka

  69. Andrea Nehls

    Mein For Ever Lieblingslied, for ever ever

  70. Cata army uwu

    Aaaaah! Is beautiful song !! :"3

  71. Tadeja Ivanič

    Great song💓👏 love it!!

  72. Yukine The sound of Snow

    :'c ❤❤❤❤❤

  73. Luna Abigail

    When i heard this song i got goosebumps.. 😁😅so amazing... both the lyrics and the voice.

  74. Tigari2

    oh god! It's Beautiful!

  75. Nicky

    From now I love this song ❤️

  76. Lucy Sakurawa

    So viele Untertitel aber kein deutsch.. Trotzdem ist das Lied einfach nur traumhaft. Ich höre es nur noch auf Dauerschleife ^^

  77. ivan ruiz

    Muy buena canción Damien, muy profunda y con muy buena lírica
    Sigue así

    Saludos desde México

  78. Intermix xhans

    AAAAAAAA 😍❤️👏

  79. Maria Cillan

    Tbh at first impression, I thought it was too cheesy and the chord progression was too usual and formulated. It didn't really impress me that much. But I realize he wasn't writing it to impress. He just wrote it for Anna. And the genuineness of that makes me love this song

  80. Nobody Khun

    I played this song to my friends and for one of the songs played at the wedding was this song. Thank you Damien for your hardwork and beautiful songs 😀

  81. Jessica Pika Heart :3

    my Boyfriend loves this song so much like i do :3

  82. punk rocker girl

    I love this song so much. Amazing work. Love you and Anna as well.

    I wish this song was on Spotify 😊💚💙

  83. sue xx

    PIEKNIE! ❤️

  84. Anee

    Pozdrawiam z Polski, super piosenki 😍 kanał przypadkiem znaleziony, ale jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem 💕

  85. Niromy

    Amazing! 😍

  86. Maria Cillan

    What chords are these?

  87. Lylly Moreland

    I wanna sing this song to my boyfriend but, I'm nervous.

  88. Naschicat lini

    Omg ich liebe eure Songs immer wenn ich sie höre ermutigen mich ihr seid ein so süßes Pärchen und ich hoffe ihr bleibt immer zsm ♥️ würde mich über ein Herzchen sehr freuen ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  89. Frosty-Gurl


    Damien Dawn

    A while... 🙃

  90. Amelia

    This is soo cute ❤️

  91. blue blaire

    Already a puddle on the floor at 0:02 but oof suddenly remembered Anna.😶
    Annaaaaaaaaaa my forever angel😭😭😭i'm sorry for melting at Damien's voice.He sounds too good. like a fallen angel.Can't resist dem voiceeee. But no worries i love u moreeeee Annaaaaaaaaaaa.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍*cue hardcore fangirling mode*

    Damien Dawn

    Thank you!

  92. Kimmy


    Damien Dawn

    I hope it was worth the wait. 🙂


    @Damien Dawn asdfghjkl thank you for replyingggg. It was more than worth the wait, I can't stop replaying it! Y'all don't need to hear me say this cause you most likely are already aware, but you guys sound really cute together and even though this isn't a duet, this song just amplifies everything by 1000%

  93. Alice Major

    Deine Stimme ist so schön! Und das Lied ist super! 💖

    Damien Dawn


  94. Carl Gomes

    Ameeeei!!!😍♥️ Muito linda a música!

  95. Ludra Maei

    Soooooooooo schön.

  96. xLotterla

    So ein wunderschöööööööööööönes Lied!! Gänsehaut pur! Absolut geile Stimme & Text :D weiter so! ;) - richtigen "Ohrwurm - Effekt" xD

    Damien Dawn

    Dankeschön 🙃


    @Damien Dawn gerne 😊

  97. Alexis Loomis - WCH Student

    love u Damien dawn

  98. Neko Night355

    I’ve have played this on repeat since I first heard it❤️😁 im happy very happy 😊 thank you for all your songs and anna’s songs both are your songs are truly amazing 😁❤️

  99. Damien Dawn

    You can find all links and especially those to the new album in the video description. Song previews are available in the stores! :)

    Cinthya Carrion del Castillo

    I love your music, greetings from Ecuador: 3

    Olivea Murphy

    ur awesome :3

    czarna plama

    Damien czy możesz wstawić podkład do tej piosenki?

    anyel azul

    Damien cuando sacas otro nuevo video

    Rachel love 13

    I hope you and Anna can make more video I love you and Anna Voice and I hope you and Anna grow old to gather♥️♥️♥️♥️