Anna Blue - How Does It Feel? Lyrics

"So you think it's cool to bully me?
You know nothing about me
Right now, I'll take you by the hand
And show you what it feels like"

Imagine that you're living in a different world
Where all the hate is raining down on you
They take your name and drag it through the dirt
And everything they do and say is rude

You feel how your soul's getting torn (torn)
You're lost, you can't take anymore

Welcome to my life
Where you cry alone at night
And the sun never shines for you (oh no no)
Welcome to my life
Where every word cuts like a knife
In everything that they say to you
Tell me how does it feel?
How does it feel?
How does it feel?
How does it feel?

They do it out of fun like it's a bagatelle
I mean they push you and they call your names
And now you're burning in this living hell
Your self-esteem is going up in flames

You feel how your soul's getting torn (torn)
You're lost, you can't take anymore

Welcome to my life
Where you cry alone at night
And the sun never shines for you (oh no no)
Welcome to my life
Where every word cuts like a knife
In everything that they say to you

And you wanna know
Why can't you just let it be?
What's so wrong about me?

"So, now you know what it feels like to be me
Maybe this will change your mind
What do you think? Friends?"

Welcome to my life
Where you cry alone at night
(I cry alone at night)
And the sun never shines for you (oh no no no no no)
Welcome to my life (my life)
Where every word cuts like a knife (oh yeah)
In everything that they say to you
Tell me how does it feel?
How does it feel?
How does it feel?
How does it feel?

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Anna Blue How Does It Feel? Comments
  1. why the heck are we doing in here

    .........Fuck, I shouldn't watch horror movies because I now scared if there jumpscare at the end of the video. XD

  2. Kim_ sou_bin

    I love your music 🎶🤍💜

  3. ケオス

    i really love your music. especially this song since it sounds like my whole school time

  4. Serenity Heart

    Better than fake happy/forcing me to change my views. I will always hurt from such and l would never change that because l would be changing who l am and my core values.

  5. KwamiDream Miraculous

    It's one of the songs, which one you love forever😍

  6. KwamiDream Miraculous

    This Song is so beautiful 🥺😍

  7. Lonely Girl

    It makes me cry... 😭
    Beautiful and true... 😭
    So much love from Poland 😭💗

    Jungkook's Euphoria

    Im from Poland too, hello there ♥️

  8. Lydia_ the_weeb

    Anna I can relate to you music and art is my life and everyone disrespects me I'm 13 years old my mum and father died and I'm living with my aunt and uncle and I'm gothic and they dont support that, they want me to be this stereotypical "perfect" girl they have in mind when that's not me. They cant accept me for who I am I wear dark clothes and I wear excessive amount of eyeliner to hide myself from the cruel world and I'm left in this bubble alone nobody notices me I am left alone. You speak to me your the only one who keeps me company your songs are amazing beyond words I can relate to them on spiritual levels... sorry I'm just venting about my life I just want you to know your not alone 🖤🖤🖤

  9. Goku Leo

    These song are so relatable good music to awesome

  10. Shauri Shockley

    I feel like this same time.

  11. Hospital Queen

    I so lived this song growing up.

  12. Lewis mary

    Wow. Amazing excellent. 🥰🥰🥰

  13. arti gautam

    Hi Anna. I've become a big fan of yours. Love your songs.

  14. Hiyarin

    Well, here I am.

    I'm being bullied cause I don't have a boyfriend, and every girl in my class already have one.

  15. Føxy Pisces

    I gotta admit you kinda sound like annie leblanc

  16. Dragon girl 144

    When I was 13 I got bullied pretty badly by people I thought were my friends, and the worse part was I didn't see it for what It really was. I guess I was just too young. I was upset and angry all the time. So my message is to anyone who feels like this about there friends. Leave, I promise you, you will find some amazing people who love you for who you are. You are unstoppable!

  17. Cassidy McAmis

    This art is amazing! I wanna give 5 stars of whoever drew this art!!

  18. Sarah Emily

    you act like it’s funny when they call u stuff say awful things. even though you run and cry in the bathroom. act like it’s fine and they laugh when u stand up for yourself. yet learn from me. I’ve grown. they don’t affect me anymore. I have friends who are nice to me, people who accept each other, if anyone needs to talk my snap is iixsarxii

  19. Wiktoria Teperek

    I love your songs that reflects my life

  20. Vanesa Bandova

    I love you Anna and l love your song it rock .and it made me feel like that there is someone that feel's the same way like I do so thank you for everything it helped me with my emotions and it helped me control them . thank you 💞

  21. diego palmeyro

    like si hablas español

    like if speak inglish

    ღ ロビタ・ エステル ღ

    Asta ahorita eres el único comentario en español :'v

  22. Yasmim Andrade


  23. Yuri 253

    I'm not bullied at school, my haters talk behind someone's back about me and of course, they talk it seriously, then I heard it accidentally from a friend. You know, what they said about me like a sharp knife that killed my heart, I know they jealous with me. But why don't they try more and why do they keep talking about me like that? Does it make them happy?

  24. Mystical ÙwÚ

    This type of music calms me down

  25. 4H rabbit

    This is my life so I love this song . Welcome to my life tell does it fill.

  26. Sir Crocodile

    Ich hasse mein Leben

  27. Joanna VINCENT

    When I go on exchange 2 Germany, I wanna meet youuuu

  28. Mimori Kiriyama

    My teacher say I'm too nice always help people, she said they will take advantage and they will bully now I think she say it's right, mom said should be nice but I help parents scold me, u think u so free why always help them ,u can reject sometimes but one thing I reject only 1 thing they ask the rest I did,they left saying I'm not supportive

  29. Yourweird castout

    I always get bullied and sometimes I wish they would just come with me to show them my life at times i get severely bullied don’t bully you don’t know what the person that you are bullying is going through

  30. M.V.P M.R Wolf Kung


  31. Mechknight73

    The saddest part is that bullies usually exist because the parents are either ignorant or suck as parents. Ask any teacher that has a known bully; a meeting with the parents about it would typically have an answer from the parents of "he or she wouldn't do that." If I had a kid, and found out he was bullying anyone, I wouldn't let them get away with it for a second. If it was my kid being bullied, I would want to meet the parents, and find out what the hell is going on. If I don't get a satisfactory response, I would explain, "if you can't get him to stop, I will have to go to Level 2. That means the police are getting involved."

  32. Lee Sing Ny

    I’m being under control and I can’t even be what I want to be or do what I want to do..

  33. Youtube Channel

    Why is ALL LITERALLY ALL OF THE song is true? Your music is so good i like you so much

  34. Shintaro Actor

    Amazing... is so beautiful

  35. valrie1912s

    I relate to this song during the COPPA era that's going to happen.

  36. Anisia Cerutti

    hey! beautiful song as always! but I wanted to tell you that the first sentence translated into Italian is not right ..... so it is right: "quindi tu pensi sia figo bullizzarmi?" and not "quindi tu pensi sia figo bulleggiarmi?". It's not to criticize .... it's just that I'm Italian but I also speak a little English so I just wanted to tell you! ❤😘😍

  37. Shining sapphire

    uno question, depression.... Can you really get it from homework?(aside bullying because I read it in an exam text)

  38. Avi HantuGila

    I love your song

  39. LPSLaura 10

    I LOVE your music and you are my fav Singer

    LOVE from Hungary 🇭🇺

  40. The Black Wolf

    This song is what all those bullies need to hear. AND ACTUALLY CONSIDER!

    I’d like them to feel that pain for at least an hour and then have them look at the people they’ve hurt.

  41. Nikola Vaňková

    I love you Anna.

  42. Reylee Molina

    Canción bien depresiva que me identifica :'D

  43. Maverick

    Best song ever love you Ana

  44. Wolfiekawai

    The people that disliked probably had too much tears in their eyes

  45. KileySofty

    I got bullied for having colourful yarn braides in my hair and they sit and call me sixnine and rainbow poop, a grandmas sweater and more mean stuff. I just cant take it so I sit in class and be quite and my friends just get mad bc I don't talk to them no more. the worst part of all of this is that even my friends make fun of me

  46. aminaalice alic

    I'm spirit of abyss representing him... Abyss is part of don't want me to open rest 3gates of hell for sure 🧞‍♀️☯️

  47. PassionUnion Audrey

    i love you anna
    your songs are so relatable...

  48. Starla Walters

    This is my life

  49. Angelica Kipp

    I played this video 2 the people who bullied me and now they r now my friends

  50. Psychopath_Harley

    I lived in that nightmare 3 years ago...The girls of my school bullied me so hard even in instagram that I did a lot of things on my body that makes me cry every night... its hard for me even at the day of today. But this song is so beautiful, makes me feel understood...
    (srry for my english im learning on my own. I hope you undestand)

  51. weronika puchalska

    When listen to your songs, J want to cry .You write great songs, J can't stop listening to them.Thank you Anna

  52. Sapphire Star

    My life until I went to college. I still had problems but they I could handle them better due to my school problems. I only had my mother to pick me up when things got bad. My friends were either useless or they could not do much for me in my time of need.

  53. smutny człowiek

    I hate my life

  54. alina topia

    Omg I love it so much! Thank you for the Song^^

  55. Ariela Feuille

    it will almost tear me away, if I were still able to cry but the pain has already killed me

    "People do not realize the abyss it opens under our feet with a simple word, we always hope that the light come illuminate this hell that become our thoughts, and erase the fear of advancing, regardless of its form."

  56. Príñçéssã Røzãlíñê


  57. Shaima Gassama

    Qui est français là et aime ses chansons?

  58. maria mejia

    I feel this song and I'm afraid to go to school today because yesterday kids In my first period went through my stuff and i like making lyrics and i think they went through them because they were scattered and just laughed at me when I came back from the library to get something I ordered any advice??

  59. kikuri nightcore

    ummm can I use your song in a story?...

  60. CecilHarvey03

    As someone who was bullied for a few years, this song is certainly really close to my heart. Thank you for making such a magnificent song, Anna. Thank you for making so many songs that hit me right where it counts. You deserve way more subscribers than you have, just because you understand people like me so, so well.

  61. Canal Chara


  62. SciShow ooo

    Кто тут русский?

  63. ·Nobody·

    I want to send this to my parents lol..

  64. DeeZ

    This hit way too close to home

  65. Layla 23

    I know that you probably won't read this bcs I'm one of 700K of your fans but I'll write it anyways. You are my inspiration to get through my life. I don't like people that much and I'm introvert. People think that I'm weird bcs I wear all black and they make my life living hell. They bullie me bcs I'm nerd and they call me book mouse. I just want to finish with school and I'm working really hard to get that government promision to go to college after primary school( in my country there are 9 years of primary and 4 years of high school) and to can work as a teacher when I'll be 20. Now I'm 12 and I'm dying over this living hell called life and I hate my self and I don't have any friends and I'm not lucky with love neither.

  66. Layla 23

    Oh God, this is so relatable. Love you guys, fan since "So Allein" and "Dein Herz". Your songs helped me to go trought a lot of hard stuff.

  67. Galaxy Pony

    This song describes Good Will Hunting

  68. engla björklund

    everytime i listen to your songs it always makes me feel better cuz i know now that im not alone <3

  69. spooky._. sundays

    This song a bop

  70. Arix wolfy

    me encanta tu trabajo Anna Blue, me gustaría dibujar como tu

  71. Liss Bastet

    Seguramente así se sentía Sulli, a ella me recordó

  72. Melina Paz

    I’m normally way too sweet to wish or cause suffering towards anyone. But what gives them the right to use and treat me like a doormat? Which is why I’m hostile towards anyone who has proven themselves to be toxic people.😢😔 at this rate I’d actually end up as a cold hearted person with ABSOLUTELY NO sympathy for anyone because I’ve been bullied so much that I MUST have my guard up at ALL TIMES.😭

  73. Diana hurtado

    Ama su musicaaa ❤❤❤❤

  74. Lee Min Soo

    R.I.P. Sulli.... This song is for you.....

  75. Lisa Fullam

    I started getting bullied in 2nd grade and it was two years until I actully said something and started crying telling the people in the office what was going on I cried and never said any thing until 3rd grade

  76. Strange Girl

    It's so deep and underrated song. I love it 💖💖💖

  77. Suhani 537

    Life was hard. Bullying and was hard being bullied for Being myself. I was bullied for being diffrent. I was bullied for the way I acted. I tried to be someone else but it didn't work. Then, I realized. The people who bullied me..I stood up to them and told them that I will be myself and I'll not let anything ruin my life just because I'm diffrent!
    Never bully anyone. Never let anyone push you down just because you're being yourself. Always love yourself and I'm telling you if you Stood up to people who are bullying you, I love you and I salute you for standing up.

  78. Valen Aldeco

    Quisiera hacerles escuchar esta canción a todo mi curso a ver si alguna vez en su vida usan su mente y piensan un poco en como es mi vida ya que ellos dicen que es perfecta solo porque me puedo ir de viaje y dicen que me hago la agrandada o que presumo lo cual es mentira porque cuando vuelvo de un viaje solo le cuento a mis amigas a nadie más que ellas después en clase con el resto del curso cuando me tiran mierda juro que desearía tener el poder de volverme invisible

  79. Life Line

    Everything happens for good.. they may have bullied you in past.. and u sang this song now.. and the world got to know a great awesome singer like you.. i got to know u from ur silent scream.. and I'm listening to ur whole songs.. i have subscribed and listening to damien too.. both great artists.. ur songs have an unknown power in my heart/soul which I can't explain through words.. i hope to hear more of ur wonderful voice.. ur feelings and ur music.. best wishes .Sister... 😘😍

  80. Anime Passion

    I heard this once from some random person. "don't post on social media what you feel, don't do that to yourself." I used to onder why she had said that but not i understand. She was trying to tell us that posting your emotions makes you feel even more lonely ans sad because those people who see what you're feeling can end up knowing about it just by reading what you wrote but they won't have the opportunity to be there for you. That's not the point here. The point is don't lock yourself in a world where you shut yourself out and full of sad memories and things. When you post your emotions in social media, there will be times that you will try feeling better but what happens when all the sudden you find a video, message, or post that belongs to you that shows and reminds someone what hurt them before. I am not saying it will always be a bad thing but seing or watching the posts you made can bring you back down to your sadness or even worse, they can bring you to seing the world in a way it's not reality. For example, i once posted about 5 videos in tik tok of me showing that i was sad and what was hurting and a few days ago i installed it back and once i went to my profile i found those 5 videos which reminded me about the pain i was given by someone and i just started feeling sad all the sudden. If you do the same or keep doing it i personally recommend to stop because it isn't a good thing for you. I'm not telling you to do it because it;s your choice but i am recommending for you to stop posting everything you feel that hurts a lot because later on it can affect you.

  81. EverWild Art

    The moment when you know how it feels.....

  82. J D R

    lol there are 666 dislikes is that even legal🤣

  83. Papu Animado

    Y de repente salvaje comentario en español aparece xd

  84. 秋山澪姬


  85. xXdipressed_girlXx

    666 dislikes OMG 😨😨😱

  86. Arix wolfy

    esta increíble, me recuerda a mi vida

  87. Agatha Johannie

    And i always wanted to be u

  88. Agatha Johannie

    The same thing is happening to me

  89. Fábio Henrjck

    And the sun never shines for you.ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  90. Queen Of Paris

    is that Zoe

  91. Maso Kreys

    Omg. Ich habe das nach Jahren wieder gefunden und die Lieder sind immernoch schön. Habe auch noch die CD mit dem Autogramm. Es hatte mir damals wirklich sehr geholfen und ich kann die Lieder immernoch. Ich liebe sie immernoch aber zurzeit höre ich aber fast nurnoch koreanische Lieder. Aber diese Musik werde ich nie vergessen. Danke für alles🥺❤️

  92. พัชรี เชิดนาม


  93. พัชรี เชิดนาม


  94. พัชรี เชิดนาม


  95. MagnaRagnus

    Was bullied by people who I thought were my friends(3/4 years)... I tried to endure, but at some point It broke me completely... Never really got over it(trust issues, insecurities, depression,...)... Stop bullying!!

  96. Zolhas Joy

    Cantas hermoso❤🌻


    الغني حلوا. بس ليييش. اصور. المخيفة

  98. annablutube

    You can find Damien's NEW VIDEO HERE:
    and our shop here: (where we still have a bunch of signed CDs <3 )

    If you need help, please reach out to: (LGTB) (Deutschland)

    We also have a facebook group, where you can connect with other berries:

    Thank you for everything. Keep in mind you're not alone (virtually holding your hand to be brave). A <3

    Goth Girl546

    I love this

    Mädschen mag Katzen

    Ich danke dir für alles, du hast mir aus diesen scheiß Tagen befreit, nur dank dir, ich bin dir so dankbar, ich habe an diesen einen Tag nur geweint und wollte nicht mehr Leben, dann habe ich angefangen mich zu ritzen, es war ein befreiendes Gefühl, dann habe ich mir ein Video von Kurono angeschaut und deinen Kommentar entdeckt, die beste Entscheidung meines Lebens war auf deinen Kanal zu klicken, und jetzt bin ich hier, ich ritze mich zwar immer noch aber nicht mehr so oft und auch nicht mehr so tief, danke dir und auch den anderen, ihr habt mich mit euer Musik gerettet <3


    Shit I can't stop cry 😢 your voice be just magnificient

    Ava-Leigh Taylor

    Awww thanks :) also there is more than just LGBT it’s better as LGBTQ+

    Stefanie Waldeck

    i dont feel anymore