Ann Marie - On You Lyrics

You said you been thinking but time is ticking
No conversation, No conversation
Boy it ain't no need for that
Boy ain't no feeling to this
I just want relation just relation so
First things first baby close the door
Pull your jacket off let it hit the floor
We ain't gotta rush we can go slow
So kiss me on my neck and pass it on
Baby before we hit the bed
You better back up every word you said
Tonight I want you to use your head
This ah be a night you won't forget
Tonight I need to release some stress
It don't get no realer then this
Tonight there is no strings attach so don't get your heart involved in this
Say it's deeper than love more deeper then trust
In this room nothing matters but us
So clear your mind of everything except for you and me

I'm a put it all on you
(I'm gone put it on you baby)
Baby I'm gone put it all on you
(I'm gone put it on you)
Just don't fall in love
There can never be an us
Just one night of fun
Your not the one I'm not in love
But I'm gone put it down, down, down
I'm gone put it down
Put it down [x2]
Just don't fall in love
There can never be an us
Just one night of... Fun
(Fun baby)
Baby I'm gone put it down

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  1. princesslay lay

    Sill love this

  2. Dominique Green

    So beautiful you and you can sing

  3. Trill xO

    Please make more music with these typa beats. 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤😱😭😭❤❤ I LOVE IT.

  4. Queen C

    Anyone here 2019

  5. gldentrl730 Blubaugh

    I love your music

  6. Trinity Davis

    1st kiss your hand 10 times
    2nd say your name

    3rd say your crush name

    4th post on 15 other songs and your crush will ask you out in 2 days

  7. Sparxs Baby

    Still here in 2019 ? 👀

  8. Charles Ginnings

    I 💘 love

  9. Ashley CreamyWeat

    Anna Marie ima fan baby😍💯

  10. Amanda A

    2019 <3 still jamming to this

  11. LisBoKate Real

    Still listening to this

  12. Deiveon Justice

    Still my song 🕺🏽

  13. Queen Nee

    2018 2019😍😍😘🔥

  14. NikoXanime

    U do realize another Singer copied your name right

  15. 1w davis

    W are u real ann

  16. Miyaa Wiyaa


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    Listen to The Weeknd the birds pt 2
    Sounds way better

  18. Meme Delgado

    Still Here In 2018 ? 😍

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  20. Angelica Hernandez

    Girl you glowing up i see you!!😊😊😊☝💪💁💯

  21. I love this song I love you girl baby

  22. faeva goddess

    I love how the hair is coarse setting to the look and style. oh how I would live for the hair on my head to behave so I can show my coarse style.

  23. Courtney Richardson

    I love this song alot 💋🙏😘💘

  24. Charlie Chaplin

    Girl picture

  25. Adrain Forest

    Dis song Is da shitting

  26. mella Moore

    I love you 😍😍😍

  27. Naynay2smooth

    who is still listening to this it will Neva get old to me

  28. Bridgette Carter

    Damn I disliked this song. Some one said it look like An Marie got a ratchet side to her lmao. I wish I never blocked Ann Marie Big Suave.

  29. Sansismine No

    Ann Marie so mach 😍😊😉😑😘 xoxoxo 💙💚💛💜 New firend FN 💙💚💚💚💙💚💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💓

  30. Sansismine No

    love Ann Marie 😍😘🌷

  31. Kishawna Kishawna

    😘 hi love 😘 😘 hi

  32. Kishawna Kishawna

    Love you

  33. Jowanda Mccall

    hey Ann marie

  34. Francisco Granville

    I love this song you to boo

  35. Francisco Granville

    wat 😘

  36. Dwayne Mack

    DwayneMack.Ann.Marie.Love.💘 You.Like.a.Kiss.💋.From.You.Love.Love.Live.Video.Kiss.💋.Love

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  38. Francisco Granville

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    2017 😘💕

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    Ann Marie

    Jakayla Coats

    Janiya Gaddy hey

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    the lyrics to out on a limb by teena marie on apple music brought me here..

  46. Charles Greer

    i wish i can meet you

  47. Jaquesha Clay

    I Love Your Songs Can You PuT Them On iTunes

  48. Carmen White

    Somebody was on my phone commenting I. never even heard this song. I'm pretty sure it was my kids

  49. Julissa Collins

    i love your music 💜💜

  50. Julissa Collins

    i love your music

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  52. Destiny Miller

    Need to put your music on ITunes

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  54. Janiya Gaddy


  55. Prophet Robertson

    I am a fan 😭😭😭 I love your singing your the best😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  56. Prophet Robertson

    hey Ann Marie😘😘

  57. Adore Mo


  58. Kayla Rayford

    You have a great voice

  59. Jakiya Bailey

    This is The Weeknd's The Bird's part 2 song fam wtf💀

    Hyrule King

    Jakiya Bailey it’s called a sampled beat

  60. Ashanti Zeigler

    my favorite singer shes the best

  61. beautiful model Ashley

    ann marie your so cute and I love your singing

  62. Kaprisha Island

    still love this song

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    that's girl pretty and she can sing my little sister can sing jus like she can

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    Your voice brings me back to my feeling you are cute but you sing quick on this video and this song

    Yakebrien Dunmore


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    can u be my play Mather Ann Marie please please😜😜😜😜

  84. Janovia Hayes

    can u be my play Mather Ann Marie please please😜😜😜😜

  85. Janovia Hayes

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  86. Janovia Hayes

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