Anka, Paul - The Teen Commandments Lyrics

Now, these are the Teen Commandments

1, stop and think
Before you drink
2, don't let your parents down
They brought you up

3, be humble enough to obey
You will be giving orders yourself someday
4, at the first moment, turn away
From unclean thinking at the first moment

5, don't show off driving
If you want to race, go to Indianapolis
6, choose a date who would make
A good mate

7, go to church faithfully, the Creator gives you the week
Give Him back an hour
8, choose your companions carefully
You are what they are

9, avoid following the crowd
Be an engine, not a caboose
10, or even better keep the original
Ten Commandments

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Anka, Paul The Teen Commandments Comments
  1. uomonelnero

    Love this jam !!!!

  2. Brian Bartholomew

    Never teach your kids to hate (you will be handing them over to Satan). "If you turn to the dark side now, Luke, it will forever control your destiny." "Turn off your targeting computer. Use the force, Luke." "Ben? Ben?" "You will go to the Degova system. There you will learn from Yoda." "Too old. He is too old to begin the training." "I'm not too old. Tell him,Ben."


    You'd never guess that my favourite film is For A Few Dollars More. I love the bit where the bad guys tell Monco to ride into Agua Caliente alone.