Anka, Paul - The Longest Day Lyrics

Many men came here as soldiers
Many men will pass this way
Many men will count the hours
As they live the longest day

Many men are tired and weary
Many men are here to stay
Many men won't see the sunset
When it ends the longest day

The longest day, the longest day
This will be the longest day
Filled with hopes and filled with fears
Filled with blood and sweat and tears

Many men, the mighty thousands
Many men to victory
Marching on, right into battle
In the longest day in history

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Anka, Paul The Longest Day Comments
  1. maco sevilla

    i love you Paul Anka your musics were and always the best

  2. Sarvesh Shriyan

    Zindagi mil k bitayenge 🤗

  3. Sun Shine

    WWII he sang this song

  4. Fernando Fausto

    Hand Salute to those who fought in the Beach of Normandy.

  5. Frank Butch

    This is some good stuff right here

  6. Mike M.

    Trump 2016 & 2020 ❤️🇺🇸👍

  7. Jerry Mills

    It always makes me think of my uncle Rudolph McAllister. He fought at Omaha Beach. May he rest in peace.

  8. Golden Life Gaming

    Tribute to Paul anka? He is still alive fam

  9. bruno ilorutnev

    superbe voix puissante et excellente chanson

  10. Jerry Mills

    Every June 6 and every time I hear that song, I think of my Uncle Rudolph McAllister. He was one of the "mighty thousands" at Omaha Beach. He was also my favorite uncle. Thanks for uploading it.

  11. the king

    Best version of this song. Better then the Mitch miller version. 👍👍

  12. Jeffrey De Guzman

    This is the first time I hear this song and I love it, beautiful!

  13. Novianto Andhika

    Soundtrack film The Longest Day, dimana Paul Anka ikut berperan. Film perang dunia kedua terbaik.

  14. Please say Sike

    Now that we're men (Spongebob) sounds like this

  15. Robert W. Paine

    Dad was overhead in a B-17.


    Robert W. Paine Does overhead mean turret? Wow, defender of flying fortress! Great dad indeed.

    Jerry Mills

    My uncle was on Omaha Beach.

    Haughty Wren

    @해해첩 Probably means the B-17 was literally overhead, not his position on the B-17

  16. 척탄병

    WW2 END 70 YEARS.

  17. rahul sinha

    The song was converted in india as zindegi milke bitayenge from film called satte pe and interestingly the film was based on hollywood movie ''seven brothers seven wifes''.

  18. Gyuri Plosz

    Azoknak a katonáknak az emlékére akik nem tértek haza!

  19. Pat Powers

    Great movie...great song...we will never forget after 70 years.


    Amazing movie. I watched a couple of times 10 years ago. I am going to watch it again tomorrow.

  20. EscodaSpanish

    June 6 marks the 70th year   of  the allied invasion of
    Normandy now known as the The Longest Day . the title of Cornelius Ryan 's epic The Longest Day was taken from the comments of Gen. Rommel who said or predicted if the allied soldiers land here ,Normandy, this will be the longest day,he foresaw  the great and bloody battle   -JOSE MARIA BONIFACIO ESCODA 

  21. Lillian Garza

    This reminds me of my dad the stories he would tell me

  22. Lillian Garza

    This reminds me of my dad the stories he would tell me

  23. Erkki Kuusela

    Niin moni on jättänyt elämänsä ilman että , jäisi kertomusta kuin risti hautausmaalle. Suomessa kannettiin kaikki urhot ,jos mahdollista koti multiin.

  24. PedroAlvarez1971

    Do you know how many divisions of German army was standing on their western border? A few... only. All of their forces were fighting in Poland.
    What about British navy. Would you say that it had not been the strongest one at this time?
    Did it anything in 1939? Any bombing of German ports?
    Do you know why Germans attacked France in May 1940, not earlier? Because they needed 6 months to rebuild their power after a campaign against weak Poland. They were lack of bombs, ammo etc.

  25. Michael Brock

    3 grannies could swat us off like flies ona sugar cane!

  26. Eesha R

    Thumbs up if Satte pe Satta bought you here

  27. Anthony Stonham

    Yeah, it was tears of emotion, he was born on July 30th 1941... during the WWII.

  28. beatlettese

    Oh! :( Why Paul cried? I hope it was tears of emotion, for the great success that had his wonderful march. Sweet, sweet, adorable Paul... ♥

  29. L Marie Butler

    @sasladem1 Good actor too! Check out his new Christmas album!

  30. PedroAlvarez1971

    @sundimmer Yeap. British scared to attack Nazis in 1939. If they would the war would take a couple of weeks not more than 5 years. It would not cost 50 mil. people died.
    Yeah! British are great allies!

  31. sasladem1

    Nice song, I love Paul Anka.

    Also what are the people talking about USA waiting to enter the war? I guess they forget the years before Poland.

  32. Omnikron228

    @sundimmer We didn't leave you at the Falklands. We sided with you with against Argentina, despite the Monroe Doctrine that America still clutched to. We may have not given military support, but we did provide information and Argentinian military transmissions.

    You were there from the start, as an American I criticize this nation for entering so late in WW2, but America no doubt relieved you of many pressures and helped. There are flaws but do you believe that every American is bad?

  33. Oren Cohen

    Paul Anka is one of the special people who ever lived

  34. Anthony Stonham

    Paul Anka cried after this recording.

  35. virgie0714

    @dodiho1965 you're right.

  36. david kietz

    thanks for serving dodiho from the americans who have forgotten to tell you

  37. captainyord


  38. tenyardrambo

    finally good military music!