Anka, Paul - Papa Lyrics

Everyday my papa would work
To try to make ends meet
To see that we would eat
Keep those shoes upon my feet
Every night my papa would take me
And tuck me in my bed
Kiss me on my head
After all the prayers were said
And there were years
Of sadness and of tears
Through it all
Together we were strong
We were strong
Times were rough
But Papa he was tough
Mama stood beside him all along

Growing up with them was easy
The time had flew on by
The years began to fly
They aged and so did I
And I could tell
That mama she wasn't well
Papa knew and deep down so did she
So did she
When she died
Papa broke down and he cried
And all he could say was, "God, why her? Take me!"
Everyday he sat there sleeping in a walking chair
He never went upstais
All Because she wasn't there

Then one day my Papa said,
"Son, I'm proud of how you've grown"
He said, "Go out and make it on your own.
Don't worry. I'm O.K. alone."
He said, "There are things that you must do"
He said, "There's places you must see"
And his eyes were sad as he
As he said goodbye to me

Every time I kiss my children
Papa's words ring true
He said, "Children live through you.
Let them grow! They'll leave you, too"
I remember every word Papa used to say
I kiss my kids and pray
That they'll think of me
Oh how I pray
They will think of me
That way

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Anka, Paul Papa Comments
  1. Ali Al-Abedi

    I never forgot my dad, he is always in my thoughts, he was my hero and I miss him so much in my life.

  2. K.a.f

    Rest in peace Dad 😢😭

  3. Nikolai Meier

    Где можно текст на русском, найти?

  4. Trần Hương Giang

    I loved this dong since i was young.

  5. вася дмитриев

    It's a good song just for the Father's day! :-)

  6. Tami Adler

    Когда теряешь родителей, сначала плачешь по ним.
    И только потом тоскуешь оттого, что некому сказать "Папа"...

  7. 녹지사랑chobo

    이정 선생님 작은 아드님 이신 재기형님, 막내 아드님 이시지만 성격 활달하시고 큰 인물되실 재홍씨 생각나는, 하루에 최소 한 번은 듣는 노래 입니다.

  8. Nikolai Meier

    Папа, как много в серце русском............

  9. Raheela Usman


  10. Anthony Winterhalter

    I miss you too much
    Now and ever!

  11. Eng Bassel Jassem

    You will not feel the song if you don't be a father.

  12. Ban Tegite

    Rest In Eternal Peace Dad 😕

  13. 데이굿

    1979년 새학기가 시작된 3월 초..
    아버지가 돌아가셨어요 그때는 너무 어려서 슬퍼서가 아닌 엄마가 울길래 같이 따라 울었던 기억이 납니다
    햇볕이 따스했던 가을날 날 무릎에 앉히시고 뉴스를 함께 보며 여자도 공부열심히 하면 대통령도 될수있단다.. 다정하게 머리를 만져주시며 말씀 하셨던 기억이 제겐 재산이 되었어요
    그때 우리 막내가6살.. 집앞에서 뛰어놀며 학교다녀오는 언니에게 언니~ 아빠 죽었어.. 라며 뛰어가 안기던 장면도 사진처럼 기억속에 남아있네요 이렇게40년이 지나 나도 아버지나이가 되었어요
    아버지를 잊고 살아왔지만 언제나 아버진 따뜻한 모습으로 제마음에 의지가 되었음을 알아요
    그리고.. 엄마의 외로움도 조금은 알것 같아요 나에게도 아버지가 있었음을 가슴벅차게 느끼며..

  14. Юлия Димитрова

    A big Thanks for sharing this song!!!!

  15. Beastarox Channel

    RIP Papa

  16. Nabil Mk

    it is a great song , I can not understand those dislikers.

  17. Rjames Tabianan



    Make me cry

  19. Маргарита Ткач

    Сегодня день памяти моего папы..,,- 4 февраля.

  20. Darith Bluitt

    Never happen to me, but so cozy to remember my 27yr old son RIP babe. Always told you you have a father..

  21. 이규무

    인생을 되돌아보게 하는 노래같네요

  22. medo medo

    Im speechless I have no words I lost my dad when I was 5years old but this song omg

  23. Ali Ersin Aysan

    Bütün babalar aynı değildir.😎

  24. zeid mohamed

    Parents are a great blessing from the Lord. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that blessing until it is too late.

  25. evgen air

    Невероятно .57 лет .эмоции такие как услышал в 17 лет

  26. Laeiad Champathong

    Miss you dad ...😭😭😭


    I never saw my dad crying that sad

  28. Muhaimi Mohamed

    OMG I cant hold my tears...

  29. Arthurobouchetti

    - Paul Anka est une grande voix de chanson anglo-saxonne ‼️👍👍👍

  30. elaheh ziai schariat panahi


  31. 이미경

    울~어릴때 참 많이 조아라 듣던곡 !! 그시절의 컷트머리 단꼬바지의 나와칭구들 보고파라!! 영심이 혜은이님의 컷트머리 바람머리 ㅎㅎㅎ

  32. 구름따라

    If I had such papa,,,

  33. prasad d

    My life no Dad I missed

  34. Александр Симиряжко


  35. thang nguyen

    Bài hát rất hay và ý nghĩa

  36. be happy

    I do missed u daddy RIP😔😔

  37. Fawzi Al Shalabi

    Good song

  38. Imee Jorge

    Great dad creates a new great dad too. God bless them. I'm always proud and grateful to have a dad like my father💖 Don Benigno Faustino I love you Ama

  39. 태화산

    가슴시린 노래네요ㆍ
    영상감사해요 ㆍ

  40. savarin yeethong

    Papa the best in the world

  41. على كاضم

    س9:10 م

  42. Suchi Gada

    I’m not crying 😭

  43. Tony Lucas

    for all papa ......2020.....

  44. jkhairuz

    Im so sorry for evry1s sad losses n I suppose sorrow shared is sorrow halved, or so the saying goes.
    I lost my father many years ago and my wife a few years ago but it feels like yesterday, still as fresh. Your world turns dark n the hurt never really goes away but just displaced by life more immediate.
    Now I tuck my kids into bed, stroke their heads and say prayers until they go to sleep. Then, I go to bed, but unable to turn the bedside light off anymore. I guess I'm afraid of the dark now.
    God surely knows best and tests us all, sometimes with unique responsibilities. He lays a unique path for us to walk. It may be the most difficult path one can imagine but we must walk the path laid for us for it is a path towards god. I remind myself of this in my prayers everyday and especially in those quiet moments when the painful memories are triggered back. My faith and my kids are like my medicine. They continue to give me strength and pull me through.

  45. yosihisa iwamoto


  46. Luisa Costa

    Paul Anka's mother died when he was 18 .

  47. localguy8

    Paul you write the most touching songs 🙏🙏🙏👍🏻❤️☝🏼

  48. 상훈

    papa 오랫만에들어니 예전 그냥의미도모른채따라만불렀던철없는 시절이 생각나네여 지금도 의미는다몰라도 정말좋은노래네요 잘듣고 나갑니다-i like song

  49. LlMom Mom

    Dos any one knows how many gypsys older drink man listen and sings this song lol a whole bunch Lol

  50. Supratik Chakraborty

    What a song! I listened to it ,42 yrs back& now I just heard once more, tears rolled down my eyes - this is a gem of a song, no more to say

  51. Wan Rohana Binti W Omar

    What a pity young boy...innocent..

  52. Duc Vu

    Tonight I hear this song many time.

  53. 하승

    조명섭 코리아 대한민국
    만세 조명섭 가자
    화이팅 공부하자

  54. Olga Valueva


  55. jaj Jajaaj

    Listening again n again this emotional and touching song... And remembering my papa n mama... Salam n Greeting from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 7/1/2020

    Masoud Alrashidi

    Okay 👌

  56. Yaser Olabi

    Papa..Sunday . 7 October 2007...25/9 Ramadan/1428. .. I love you Dadi. ..January 2020

  57. Khốt Lão

    I love my papa

  58. JH YOON

    Being a father, I now can vaguely grasp the meaning of what my father felt. This song is so touching to me. Fathers are pretty much the same.

  59. Ömer Faruk Erdoğan

    ı don't remember my baba

  60. Ömer Faruk Erdoğan


  61. Andiafif Mkh

    This song reminds me of my childhood ... extraordinary

    Masoud Alrashidi

    So do I 😭😭😭

  62. Hana Lim

    January 2020.... ♥️



  63. YP이카루스

    새해가되니  부모님생각이  더.....  2020.01.02.

  64. Parkintouch Kin Kin

    HNY 2020 everyone ♥️

  65. Zaiha Hamzah

    for the LOVE of DAD ! The pain of loosing you .

  66. Eyal Golan

    We all feel the words in the song in a different way!!!
    It's touching everyone... It's a very sensitive subject, there are some who both parents were abusive in greater extent & it doesn't mean more or less then anybody else, the only thing I would like to add is what don't break you make YOU a stronger & hopefully better person, I had it on both side from the first year & I have seen it all & on top of that was severely wounded in the military...
    I can say I thank God for everything & all the experiences, yes it was hard & still is everyday, I forgiven them but they can't forgive themselves but it made me appreciate everything & to be kind even when it's really not easy to do so...blessings to us all

  67. Olga Polchaeva

    Прекрасная композиция💕💕💕

  68. Tony Lucas

    so goooood ...

  69. Shereen Khan

    Tears.....from Pakistan

  70. Wsjg Fghj

    انا من العراق البصره احب اشاهد واسمع هذا الفديو قمه المشاعر ولاحاسيس


    ชอบๆ so i like

  72. Gianni Quattrocchi

    My story

  73. 김철훈

    예전에 아버님은 이렇게 사셨죠
    자식 한컬레 사주기위해 고무신 사주기 위해 밤낫으로 일을 하셨죠

  74. Виктор Трунов


  75. Mohamed Elborgi

    Lost my dad last December. This song's lyrics are so beautiful and painful

    Annabelle deVille

    my dad died 3 months ago today

    Mohamed Elborgi

    @Annabelle deVille I am so sorry for your loss Annabelle, losing my dad was the hardest thing that ever happen to me.

  76. Megys


  77. نصر القادري

    اللهم احفظ لي ابي وأمي
    ومدهم بالصحة والعافية

  78. Sajid Mohamed

    My mom died after that my father ran away and left me alone a coward

    Tom Wid

    Sajid Mohamed but if you have a son you will treat him like a king

  79. Sajid Mohamed

    أمي ماتت بعدها أبي هرب وتركني وحيدا جبان

  80. Raymond Kee

    My father already left 3 of us and my mum in year 1982 January...
    I really appreciated what he done for our family..He promised a lot of things and he will bring us to watch movie once he recover..but he can't do it ..on that year I only 8 years old.......
    Today , even I am a 46 years old and I have 3 boys and a girl but I still miss him...he touched me a lot regarding life.....I always remember that he always said "As a leader in the family , always Priority your family first than your own matter "....
    Father , I miss you very are always in my heart..

  81. 6drrajan

    Makes you cry each time.

  82. Hanunah Habsyie

    Im cryyyyyyy 2020 😭😭😭😭

  83. sam sera

    i feel that my heart has stopped

  84. Ns Bharathi

    Flim name please?

  85. Mieczysław

    no i brakuje mi Ojca odszedł śpij ,kocham cię tato

  86. Manuel Campos

    It's a wonderful song, but so sad. Paul Anka was a great singer in my youth.

  87. Sharif Khan

    Very Nostalgic

  88. pham minh duc

    Giờ đây con nhớ cha nhiều lắm

  89. وسيم المشاعر

    Every day my papa would work to
    help to make ends meet
    To see that we would eat
    Keep those shoes upon my feet
    Every night my papa would take me
    And tuck me in my bed
    Kiss me on my head
    After all prayers were said
    Growing up with him was easy
    Time just flew on by
    The years began to fly
    He aged and so did I
    I could tell
    That mama wasn’t well
    Papa know and deep down so did she
    So did she
    When she died
    Papa broke down and cried
    All he said was, “God, why not take me
    Everynight he sat there
    sleeping in his walking chair
    He never want upstairs
    All because she wasn’t there
    Then one day my papa said
    Son,now you have the way you’re grown
    Make it on your own
    I ‘ll be O.K. alone. “
    Every time I kiss my children
    Papa’s words ring true
    You Children live through you
    Then, grow and leave you, too.”
    I remember every word
    My papa used to say
    I live them everyday
    He taught me what I feel
    Every night my papa would take me
    And tuck me in my bed
    Kiss me on my head
    After all my prayers were said

  90. Syed Masood

    Paul Anka !
    Fantastic Song on the LOVE & * CARE of a PAPA for his Son.
    Enjoyed Listening it from INDIA.

  91. don forest


  92. Wael Ahmed

    Anyone listening to this song in December 2019?
    I feel like crying every time I listen to it.
    I am a dad and I feel every word...
    An everlasting song....

    Cameron Childress

    Paul Anka never gets old.


    Same here.. Greetings from Jordan

    Hòa Nguyễn Bañuelos

    I am. Its a beautiful and touching song.


    This touches the deepest parts of your souls... listening from Russia.

    Masoud Alrashidi

    Wael Ahmed don’t ever ever cry 😭

  93. Chichi Faradiba