Anjulie - Rain Lyrics

I got caught out in the rain with you, with you
I got caught out in the rain
Never fall in love again with you, with you, with you

It's been about a year since we last spoke
And every day I thought about you, thought you oughta know
Uh, huh, what do I do with this fire inside of me?
Always been you, baby, I'm desiring

I know you're no good for me
And I know you're like a drug, it's killing me
But I don't wanna get my fix
No baby, I don't wanna let you in or out

I got caught out in the rain
Never fall in love again with you, with you, with you
I got caught out in the rain
Never gonna love again, with you, with you, with you

Started in October, by June it was over
Said you're still in love but you were tryin' to get over
You think of me daily, picture our babies
Said you're tryin' to change and that you wanted to save me

The heat of the summer was pulling me under
I knew, I knew better but wanted to rediscover
Familiar feelings, sexual healing
But when I hit the water I was stuck in the deep end

Doctor, doctor, something wrong with me again
And again still the same boy hurtin' me
I open up, let him in, it's so torturous
The sickest part is that I think I'm liking it

Said doctor, doc, why don't he leave me be?
He got a knife in my back, stop turning please
'Cause I can't take no more this time
Never again, go on, get out of my life

I got caught out in the rain
Never fall in love again with you, with you, with you
I got caught out in the rain
Never gonna love again, with you, with you, with you
With you, with you, with you

The rain, the rain
You tell me you love me, you la-la-la-love me
Boy, you don't even love you, how'd I expect you to love me?
Was good till we lost it, I'm getting off topic
This story hasn't ended but just before we drop it

I called on the weekend, you said you were sleepin'
I wanted to come over, wake you up or just creep in
Was sunny and shinin', my bike I was ridin'
Raced over to your house faster than a bolt of lightnin'

Parked on the sidewalk but just when I looked up
I saw another shadow was inside of your window
Scared to look further as soon as I saw her
The sky turned black heard a roar of thunder

I got caught out in the rain
Never fall in love again with you, with you, with you
I got caught out in the rain
Never gonna love again, with you, with you, with you

I got caught out in the rain
Never fall in love again with you, with you, with you
I got caught out in the rain
Never gonna love again with you, with you, with you

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Anjulie Rain Comments
  1. Surner Singh

    Love it

  2. Hadda Nyght

    Omg yesss 2018 babes still a huge fan found in 2006

  3. katharsis ll

    still playing this song nonstop in 2018 . timeless! <3

  4. Henrique Vicente

    I luv this song!!!!

  5. c’est la vie

    Best song ever...

  6. Okan Serbes

    November 2016 :)

    maraz idris

    Okan Serbes senin ne isin var len burda

    Okan Serbes

    @***** süpersin :)


    June 2017. This song never gets old <33

  7. Kiababy 12

    Love this song

  8. Charles Sevigny

    This is such tasty, candy coated misery, but I'd rather see you in boots stomping on peoples heads. =)

  9. Crystal Songui

    Isn't there a part of this song missing? Where she says "You tell me you love me, you la-la-la-love me
    Boy you don't even love you how'd I expect you to love me
    Was good till we lost it, I'm getting off topic
    This story hasn't ended but just before we drop it" ??

    Help Me

    @Roberto Flores no that's not Rihanna

    Her name is

    And she's an amazing singer.

    Roberto Flores

    be quiet

    Roberto Flores

    @Jakyra Boyd well no one gave me the freedom of speech

    Roberto Flores

    @Jakyra Boyd fuck off

    katharsis ll

    i think they just removed that little piece for the sake of making the vid a little shorter. i always wondered why they took it out too

  10. nxrxxx

    Damn I relate to this song

  11. Krzysztof - Fairyland


  12. Aisha V

    I like this much bette than her newer stuff. 

  13. Melikcan Demirel

    its amazing this song ımmmmmm its so beauty like it


    I don't lick you

  15. Gringo loko

    Can you please rerelease this song?.

  16. Tezra James

    Wear a good personality.

  17. PiinkSparklles

    I love anjulie right after I heard this song on the radio, I was wondering what this song was called, and finally found it. I like this song :)

  18. KariBoBerry

    I heard this song a long time ago, and like a year and a half ago I heard Brand New Bitch; I had no idea this song was Anjulies. lol

  19. gialinh duong

    I like tis song


    i love this womens voice, ive been a fan 4, 4 years now talented,beautiful

  21. Nathalie Black

    She is my idol

  22. Hayley Stodart

    I've known about her for 5 biggie

  23. Sheila Ber

    Anjulie is a talented artist, is beautiful, and has a great taste.

  24. Dana D

    With this video and "You and I", is pretty obvious how make up help and change people..

  25. PlusTRV

    Every music videos she had made. There something missing. She is trying to hard and she is not herself at all. The only music video is good so far is "You and I". I'm I mean she had a good voice. She just need to find who she really is as an (music) artist. Then maybe one day she will be top like one of her other music I like is "Day Soon Will Come".

  26. Joohyunnie

    I like her transformation in this music video :) good song!

  27. lionclaw77

    potatoes gonna potate? lol

  28. Leslie Henry Jr

    good beat. great mix of easy listening

  29. Carlos Quijano

    People apparently do not know anything about interpretation in the music business! Listen to the words and also grasp where she is coming from. Why is it slutty? Cause she is a female? Really people...GROW DA F UP! She is trying to move on from arelationship that could not be!

  30. Carlos Quijano

    She is beautiful!!! Saw her live opening for Raphael Saadiq!!! Her performancewas NICEY!

  31. Lila Darling

    at one point, there is a saddle on her back...that's pretty damn hoe-ish.

  32. Kristine Gomez

    When a woman keeps saying she's done, but it's not true cause she's all sprung on him. Her body language says it all, it's not being slutty just physically needy.

  33. Annie Luong

    I don't care what people say about her being a "slut". This song is beautiful.

  34. BabyFaceAlTu

    Justify My Love 2009

  35. Melanie C.

    Its a video. Its not how she is in real life. Her ethnicity has nothing to do with her talent.

  36. Justin Primeau


  37. Madeline Birmingham

    Ok, so for those people who are saying the song and video don't make sense...think of it like this: She loved this guy but he cheat on her. Ok. And a lot of girls who just break out with a guy want to go out there and dress all skimpy and make other guys notice them or make the same guy jealous. So, while it is a little slutty, can we all stop bashing her for her video?! Please? It gets annoying how all these comments are about how she looks and not about how she SINGS. Which is amazing!

  38. Lauren Kirsten

    this remind anyone of "me, myself, and I" by Beyonce?????

  39. Melanie C.

    Well first of all, Guyana is South American. She is Canadian. Technically, roots are Indian. But what does that have to do with her talent? Can ya'll shut the hell up and just pay attention to her voice. shit. and this isn't slutty, you are just to up tight bout sexuality. idiots.

  40. TDotRudeBoy

    Damn straight there is a difference. BIG UP DE CARIBBEAN CREW! TDOT REPRESENT!

  41. trolldad4president

    Masters gonna bate.

  42. Lexie

    Basically someone Brown/Indian. She's Guyanese and so she's considered desi.

  43. Stizzieink

    :( i miss THIS anjulie...i hope she'll still make music like this.

  44. Anna Bell

    For the people who call her a slut, a whore, a bad singer, or any other stupid things..........
    Haters gonna hate,
    Potatoes gonna potate
    Skaters gonna skate

  45. Becca Lilans

    she lookes like lady gaga

  46. ostrangeone89


  47. TangySweet14

    yea, screw society, always making it so sex sells :(

  48. TangySweet14

    Canada :)

  49. TrackSleepyWeather

    She's Canadian woot!

  50. TheSydLauren

    So much better than brand new bitch smh

  51. CraziiePanda15

    Wich country is she from??

  52. Mia Enns

    its sad that you have to act slutty to get on the radio.


    Love fuckin' much...♥♥

  54. PrinceR8

    shes from mars...done!

  55. projectmayhem79

    so sexy

  56. Dilge Aydın

    This is not how I imagined Anjulie would be.

  57. Ephyne

    Wow, are people still seriously hung up on nationality/ethnicity?
    I thought society was more evolved.
    I here I'm just thinking this is such a great song and she has such a great voice.

  58. zayk1omakato

    why hte fuck is it important if she is from Indonesia or from Saudi Arabia ? if you are here, enjoy the music and shut the fuck up.

  59. Robby Monroe

    this is my 4th video of her's n if i didnt say it before im saying it now. she is a star in progress. the style of her clothing and hair and video setting. its amazing. and then her voice with them lyrics are so powerful. is it raining now? im ready to go outside in the rain. whos coming with me to sing this song??

  60. TheReasonableHuman

    @dmbjt welll said ROTFL.

  61. marce 09230

    went i see her four the first time,i din't know where she was from,BUT my curiosity win i start asking where she was fhom ,i thought she was new yorker,thanks to this coments i find out shes from my beutifull country canada,and she have a beutifull voice,the words in her music is a little nasty,but everything is like that in this time. :)...

  62. halfthebiscuit

    @buttabuttabutta So what does that mean? Indian with no dot?

  63. dmbjt

    Who care's where she's from or what she is, all that really matters is if you would hit it or not.

  64. Onella Lue

    @buttabuttabutta shes of indian ancestry...same diff

  65. docstar84

    well ethnically she IS Indian (south Asian). so calm your farms!

  66. kdsdwarika

    A Tiger born in a pig sty is still a Tiger!!!
    Who cares about race ethnicity anyway, does it really define a person, maybe time ago but I think now we are much more individuals than ever before. Think how different 2 brothers can be so you can't generalize a whole race.

  67. straubearie

    @alpharusset - Well put! :-)

  68. bunneh87

    @bunneh87 Your comment is pretty ignorant, even her name is Indian (Sanskrit) Anjulie or Anjali means the same as Namaste

  69. bunneh87

    @buttabuttabutta and originally Indian, Im originally desi, but never been to India, my parents are from South America (Surinam) and also never been to India and we live in Holland. But we are still Indian AND PROUD!!

  70. Liz Walker

    i like your older stuff like thim and boom

  71. zara jan

    i just discovered this girl today, iv allready fallen in love with her

  72. blisskalok

    damn she's got amazing voice!

  73. Sunitha M

    I freaking love this song :)) I'm sooo glad I found your vids :)) YOu have a gteat voice and you're beautiful :)) YOu do kinda look like Lady Gaga though :))

  74. Ahhnee

    "She was born and raised in Canada, and her parents are from Guyana of Indian descent."

  75. Benita

    how old is she?

  76. Maia Fernandes

    @imjere yo i love anjulie and lady gaga just changed so iuno why the fuck their comparing an artist who made it big to an artist who died

  77. culliganator

    @culliganator She was born and raised in Canada, and her parents are from Guyana of Indian descent.

  78. culliganator

    @buttabuttabutta ... of Indian descent.

  79. Karishma Devika Kumar

    @buttabuttabutta I'm Guyanese, and yeah, I know the difference.

  80. nicola dyaram

    @buttabuttabutta LMAO yeahhh, she is Canadian and Guyanese:) love it...ppl needa stop hating!!

  81. nicola dyaram

    @imjere BEST COMMENT YET!! :)

  82. Augass

    @imjere If someone is not beautiful you can say she looks like lady gaga without make up lol

  83. kOliviaTV

    @buttabuttabutta There's a difference, but she's still considered Indian. In Guyana, too. I know because that's how the West Indies classifies people. I'm Jamaican, but I'm also considered Indian.

  84. OzzieHon88

    I'm sorry but I've watched this video so many times! She is soooooo sexy! I can't look away!

  85. Ché Moni

    @buttabuttabutta What's the difference if she's of Indian descent? I don't think they're referring to where she's from (her nationality)...just her ethnicity.

  86. Josh Lopez

    her song brand new chick is way better not really feeling this style

  87. Lu Han

    12 people have no taste in talent

  88. Jenn Sheppard

    @buttabuttabutta Her parents are from Guyana of Indian descent.

  89. Jealous_whisper

    Omg I'm finally proud to be what i am cause of this chick I'm tired of these other indian girls just trying to approach other indian people for the first time in my life i wanna say guyanese and proud but i'm not cause neither me or
    Anjulie are F.O.B.'s!!!! Thank god!

  90. alpharusset

    this is pretty slutty :\
    but yeah, how bout you who need to look at it this way,
    she's ethnically Indian,
    her family is from Guyana,
    and SHE is from Canada.

    In a world that is closing in from all sides, arguments over "nationality" shouldn't be a problem.
    I think we should all learn to be more comfortable with people being connected to more than just one place, or one country in the world.

  91. Nicco Colione

    why do every female artist lay on there backs in music videos. try something new ghhh

  92. bosanac10109

    @shivaniispartyman these days, 99% of female artists are half naked in their music videos. nothing surprising lol...

  93. Miss Tampoune

    @imjere So sick to! Get over compare every f**king artist to Gaga !!!

  94. mvs13I2

    hair suits her. music is like the equivalent of sex while your high.


    I didn't know youtube had porn on it, until I saw this.

  96. Nisa Jean

    such a beautiful song :) it's my favorite one by her.

  97. togonumber

    this girl is really talented...her talent shines even brighter considering there are NOT A LOT OF FAMOUS PEOPLE IN MUSIC OF INDIAN DESCENT IN NORTH AMERICA ...THIS GIRL SINGING BRINGS A LOT OF EMOTIONS IN ME.


  98. togonumber