Anjulie - Love Songs Lyrics

I fall so, I fall

Love songs and limousines
Wishing wells and make believe
Disco balls and dancing queens
I fall so easy

Rich guys and candlelight
Telling me the things I like
I'm too young and they're too right for me

I fall so easy for cheesy things in life
Sad, sad movies make me cry
Pretty people I admire, I used to hate

I fall so easy for the stupid little lines
Hollywood and sunny skies
Fancy restaurants with three forks and knives
I fall so easy

Until you came my way
Turn my clouds to white from gray
Showered me with pink champagne
I let go so easier

That girl I used to be
Cynical and heartbreak free
Confidence exude in me now

I fall so easy for cheesy things in life
Sad, sad movies make me cry
Pretty people I admire, I used to hate

I fall so easy for the stupid little lines
Hollywood and sunny skies
Fancy restaurants with three forks and knives
I fall so easily in love, in love

I fall so, I fall, I fall so easily in love
Cheesy things in life
Sad, sad movies make me cry
I fall so, I fall so, I fall so easily in love

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Anjulie Love Songs Comments
  1. Brittany Janelle

    Just randomly thought of this song. 🥰🥰

  2. Toasty Snake

    I heard this song at ross and now im in love with it. Thank you for making an amazing song

  3. Papajay Lam

    Nice song😘

  4. La Patutu

    This song and video ran through my mind last night, I had to listen to it.

  5. Cole Jazz

    I'd give her so many kids

  6. Adorasheqrt _

    January 2019 anyone?

    Kim Jitty

    Just watch her on fat rat

    Adorasheqrt _

    @Kim Jitty wut?

    Kim Jitty

    She was on fly away

    Kim Jitty

    Then this came up

  7. Jerry Liu


  8. Tony Diaz II

    This song never fails to make me shed a tear or several.

  9. Ebizzill

    THIS WAS HER?!?!? she made this song! Whaaa ???

  10. Joshua Solomon

    this girl just ran across my mind at 4 in the morning
    how could i have forgotten about her
    i used to have all her songs on repeat

    Charm Alvarez

    Me rhgt now

  11. Daksh Arora

    She should be more famous :/

  12. nevergetthenameiwant

    It took me sooo long to find this song. couldn't remember her name or the name of the song... gosh!

  13. Eduardo Vital

    q música linda Anjulie 👏👏👏

  14. Tia Escalante


  15. telephoneguy08

    This makes me nostalgic

  16. Aquarius Moonstone

    She was sunshine before Universal signed her. Now she's another industry slut. sighhhh

  17. Annamarie Banuelos

    She was sooooo much better when she made this kind of music, her new stuff is crap tbh.

  18. pathorne2

    man this is good poetry!

  19. Mikhail Ishmael

    She is Canadian Bron. Her Parents are Guyanese of East Indian Descent.

    Janet R

    yes also called Indo-Caribbean. Our ancestry does come from India but that was 3 generations ago

  20. Magic Me

    Anyone know what ethnicity she is?

  21. Gringo loko

    Sounds so much like corrine bailey rae... Where did this anjulie go?. Lol

  22. JB0523

    Jeez where can I find one of HER?? 0.0

  23. izmir haxhija

    reminds me of lily allen

  24. Ballerina11AA

    Anjulie, you are so versatile in your art and you're beautiful! Please don't let the music industry change your music styles!!! I want the world to see what I see :-)

  25. chris choo

    so glad she made a video for this track! she is so versatile with her voice which is why i like her as a singer!

  26. theultimatenigrette

    I heard this song about 2 weeks before she became famous with Brand New Chick on this indian channel or something, lol. And then, when BNC released, I was like "wait...NO WAY! What did she do to her poor self?!" This song is amazing and I wish she didn't change to please certain people :(

  27. LamborghiniRGT

    Anjulie, you are beautiful!

  28. Miss Lola Somalita


  29. Paulinha lima

    amo esta musica mto legal!!!!

  30. prettypenguin

    This is like her best song yet its cute not slutty ,and classy with a touch of pop/rock to she's amazing -ly AWESOME

  31. viking one

    Beautiful Voice,quite hot too :-)

  32. Marissa

    Yay Pandora for introducing me to cool music!

  33. BobSpotOn

    I dunno dude, this song is pretty chill if you ask me. Esperanza Spalding sounds a bit similar.

  34. Madeline Birmingham

    love. Love. LOVE.

  35. Boomboxboi

    love this!!!

  36. Maow.

    She has a great voice. Sort of a jazzy feel.

  37. dklyde

    I love her

  38. wildinthestreets86

    is good that you find this pretty amusing! NOT!!! lol j/p all the way ok ;)

  39. kristen walker

    shes guyanase

  40. wildinthestreets86

    pretty LOL, I don't wanna choke on my food and then have my family suit you for murder.

  41. Ghossler

    all girls have their bad side... becoming bad girl doesnt mean she has changed? ... we all have our naughty side..

  42. Lex Maysun

    One song doesn't speak for a whole career....

  43. muhammad hassan

    cuz i work there and thts where i heaard it too, nice song

  44. jump man

    Stand behind the music is not all...

  45. Lex Maysun

    This is such a beautiful girl, with a beautiful voice to match.
    Too bad she sold out and does some crappy music now :/
    Doesn't even sound like herself anymore.
    Money is awful.

  46. Lex Maysun

    I heard this song today at Payless. Immediately fell in love.

  47. Roybert

    Yup! How did you know?

  48. muhammad hassan

    at payless shoes???????

  49. Roybert

    heard this song while looking for shoes and I instantly fell in love with the song. :)

  50. Yogablossom100


  51. Frederick Tambunan

    Great stuff. Call me maybe

  52. envoywave

    she is incredible!

  53. flylikeabumblebee

    sooo cute i love her innocence in this song

  54. Torontopia

    She seems so sweet and innocent here but I prefer her bad girl side. I like the bad ass bitch. (though this is a good song and she sounds great)

  55. Sarahcate

    Her voice has this sort of hypnotic vintage vibe. I love it <3

  56. gigglez14truelove

    i prefer her being the sexy bitch !! haha my own opinion ...
    either way she's always going to be talented.!!! :)

  57. malovina

    heard this on pandora and absolutely loved ittttt! so much better than "brand new beep"

  58. ShedATLANTA

    Yea yea, I do like Anjulie's newest joint "Stand behind the music". I must express that she does have the visuals and her own swagger; still, I come back and listen to this piece as well, What a melodically sound piece of artistry. I truly enjoy the production value and Anjulie's velvety vocal prowess.

  59. xoxfiftyytwo

    @pspblues and the sky is blue... what else do you want to point out, captain obvious...

  60. Shawn G K

    @MrsJBxoxoxo Money does strange things to people eh

  61. Erica K.

    @MrsJBxoxoxo commercialization..... that's how.

  62. thegirlwholived4ever

    for fame.

  63. Rehan Prodictions

    @care2much2 i know right here people are like if someone is good than she is white and she cnt be brown

  64. 328Njoy

    LOVE this song and LOVE your look (goes with the song...and looks natural on you ) !!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Robby Monroe

    this is my 6th video by her and she really does have the best voice out of the music box. well not the best voice but she does a good voice. also the voice was very good. not so out there like her other videos. so sweet and nice this one. loved it

  66. Miss BeautifuLLL

    @OliviaIsMindless Ok. =)

  67. TribalQuester89

    @care2much2 her parents are guyanese not indian :)

  68. Nathan Batts

    @MrsJBxoxoxo if you see all big girl singers all are sex sibyls really. cuz this culture is about techno beats being half naked and doing stupid things to be famous not all artist are like that tho. and ppl go to that to be more famous its sounds bad but go threw some of the big female singers music videos and tell me how things have changed

  69. wesley cabarios

    she sold out hard

  70. yearofthebeastable

    @MrsJBxoxoxo well, she did say "name a genre, I'll try it"

  71. Draquoir

    This is undoubtedly the only song I can say like from her. Makes me smile for no reason.

  72. Alec Primavera

    It's funny how all the haters say super rude things. Like as if they looked 'way better', and yet she's the one with the record deal, and a bunch of fans. So ha ha haters. If she read the mean comments she would just laugh because no matter what you say. YOU clicked her video dumb a****. :)

  73. Brit'nee Supernal

    @MrsJBxoxoxo Yea I didnt get that either

  74. Bluesy

    plus she stold britney spears voice on barnd new chick

  75. Bluesy

    she is brown not trying to be rastes

  76. Shawn G K

    @MrsJBxoxoxo sold out...

  77. Bobesque

    she is pretty!!

  78. Red Bike

    she's like one of those Estero, Estelle singers

  79. Epicalnyancat

    @gaoleeg Actually she's Guyanese not Indian just to let you know

  80. Stephanie Crowe

    She's too cute..

  81. Bee Nickle

    @MrsJBxoxoxo I miss old Anjulie :-(

  82. Lily Anderson

    @MrsJBxoxoxo I'm wondering the same thing lol...but i LOVE that song...

  83. Miss BeautifuLLL

    Of course she's brown you fucking idiots...What do you want her to be? White. Her brown skin is beyond beautiful and exotic. And there are Brown Indians in this world.

  84. mvs13I2

    @kidneeboiis she does later in the song XD.

  85. togonumber


  86. Shelby Young

    How in the world did this pretty girl turn into "brand new bitch" girl?

  87. Wordless06

    @Mudkepz Lol, I can't even trip over this comment because I felt the same way. I was like "Oh, she's not as bright as I expected." But she's very cute.

  88. Wordless06

    I fall for the stupid little lies. ^_^ I like this song. Shout-out to my friend who knew me enough to know I would like this :D

  89. Mancuso Joshua

    This song is really good, but it pisses me off, because for some reason i think she should say "Easily" instead of "Easy"

  90. ShedATLANTA

    @imjere - The video is definitely hot. Lets see where it takes her.

  91. ShedATLANTA

    @imjere - So which do you prefer...(smile) or both?

  92. Ciann L. Wilson

    like many Canadian artists I love her fusion of different sounds pop, jaz, blues, r n b...its really refreshing.

  93. ShedATLANTA

    Now we have to decide if we like "this" Anjulie or the NEW CHICK Anjulie. I prefer the not so mainstream and organically beautiful Anjulie...Any thoughts?

  94. ShedATLANTA

    @wuzupraphy - different good or not so good?

  95. wuzupraphy

    Woah, this is so different from Brand New Chick.