Anjulie - Dream Again Lyrics

I got this rose in my pocket
Titanium rockets don't stand a chance against me
I got this heart that keeps beatin'
My time might be fleetin'
But I'm not gon' give up easy
I got this song that I'm singin'
But my hope is sinkin'
So someone please tell me
When will we dream again?

You say it's party or mission
The word has been written
But that's no religion, nah
You put this prison in my mind
These dagger in my scars
Now fear is my only friend
All of my roses ain't with
Though wash up with the river
I'm stuck in a slow dance
When will we dream again?

Wishin' wells, kerosene
Paradise and make believe
Fairy tales never seen
Can't pretend they were made for me, nah
Come on save me from this place

You see the city, I'll take it
This pure hollow break it
This mornin' I'll make it, yah
You say the science has spoken
The enemies closin'
I'm not gon' give up on us
We said it when we were younger
We lived like the thunder
We never stopped wonderin'
When will we dream again?

Ooh, when will we dream again?
Ooh, when will we dream again?

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Anjulie Dream Again Comments
  1. sypergirlf 6

    This is so underrated 😍

  2. Tur1n Lad1n

    Ah~ I'm in love with her voice uwu

  3. Maxamillion juarez

    Your voice is so unique, and soft. I love hearing all of your music, tour dates? Houston maybe??

  4. Candy Craft

    Are You Indian?

    Kesha Green

    She's Indo-Guyanese

  5. User333777999

    beni tus kuyusundan kurtarıp dermatoloji kazanmamı sağlayan, o çok zor süreçte destek aldığım şarkılardan biri oldun. ömür boyu unutmayacağım.

  6. Emmanuel Jepherson

    Beautiful ❤

  7. Gustavo Enrique Ayazo


  8. %W.plum[위트플룸]

    정말 멋진 노래네요!!!♥♥

  9. dalurin zinia

    beautiful voice

  10. zac yurkanin

    Your voice is beautiful

  11. jess


  12. Mark Pajo

    Omg Anjulie please show your subs so that I can keep tract of you!! :D
    Your voice's legit awesomeee! ;u;

  13. Kelie’s Beauty

    Loving this song Anjulie


    This song is amazing 😉

  15. Zero

    sooo good!!

  16. Maxime Givelet

    C'est très agréable à écouter, merci !

  17. shlomi

    very niceee

  18. c’est la vie

    I want a studio version of Hypocrates on Spotify so bad too ❤️

  19. c’est la vie

    I love you so much Anjulie, you're so talented. Thank you for your music.

  20. Ahmad Faiq

    You're Great, just keep it going, don't u care about the views and subs, there's people who loves you and likes what you are doin' Please keep it up 😍.

  21. RadioGuy1000

    Beautiful : )