Anjulie - Control Lyrics

You're pushin' and you're pullin', gotta slow down
You're talkin' to me like you think you know now
Well, it's dangerous, ain't no savin' us
If you can't let go now

Oh I've been lost in the light
Been down one too many times
So call me, call me, call me
When you're ready to let go
When you let go

I could take you all the way to heaven, heaven
Take this elevator to eleven, -leven
Baby, let me take a little time yeah, time yeah
Here's what I need you to know

I could take you all the way to heaven, heaven
Take this elevator to eleven, -leven
Baby, let me take a little time yeah, time yeah
I like when I'm in control
I like when I'm in control
I like when I'm in control

You're fightin' and you're lyin', gotta lay down
Now let me see you crying when the night come
'Cause you're breaking us, and it's dangerous
If you can't let go now

Oh I've been lost in the light
Been down one too many times
So call me, call me, call me
When you're ready to let go
When you let go

I could take you all the way to heaven
Take this elevator to eleven
I could take you all the way to heaven
Take this elevator to eleven
I like when I'm in control
Here's what I need you to know
I like when I'm in control

(When I'm in...)

Oh I've been lost in the light
Been down one too many times
So call me, call me, call me
When you're ready to let go

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Anjulie Control Comments
  1. ZappingHero

    The part of both the video & song itself at 0:26 cracked me up (with the way how Anjulie sang "Been down in too many times" while watching the glitch of the Uncaged background), lol.

  2. shalatan terasa

    it's my favorite track! nice vocal and music

  3. green legend

    I'm literally obsessed😍
    (づ ̄³ ̄)づ

  4. EDM Theorist

    Mashup idea: Seven Lions - Freesol

  5. oDrafted

    This song is perfect omg

  6. oDrafted

    Ooo this is a gem

  7. Monstercat: Instinct

    Limited run of our new Instinct Vol 3. Collection out now! Get em while they're hot!


    Cant wait to get my Hands on a new M-cat Tee! Very Excited for the new merch~ 😻


    -Control​ (NOW​ PLAYING​)​
    -Blind Spots
    -No Fronts
    -Get To Know Me
    -Way Up

  9. lul meh music channel

    Been listening to this nonstop for a month now

  10. ZappingHero

    0:27 on speed 0.25 (for that glitch). xD


    Is that getter in the background

    ClanZapHero with gaming & funny editing videos

    treyvon harper That'd be quite ironic if that was really actually him in the painting. 😂😂😂 But I'm pretty sure it's actually Bishu himself there.


    @ClanZapHero with gaming & funny editing videos ok hehehe

  12. Terrascale

    i think monstercat should start uploading in 1440p :))

  13. Nathanielle Dae Aquino

    0:57 what i feel when im the one who does everything in the research paper

  14. Shreks newborn son named Larry

    I like my dad

  15. スジョン

    prince bishu ;)

  16. Duck Man

    So no one's gonna talk about how Anjulie is on MC? Because I, personally, think that's pretty awesome.

  17. BrickMaster Mason

    1782, colorized~ Monsieur bishu poses for a portrait mere hours before getting beheaded by the peasants of Paris.

  18. BrickMaster Mason

    This is truly awesome. The drop gave me a lot of ASMR. Not many songs do that for me.

  19. ZappingHero

    Gosh, I can't stop listening to this track right now. It's been growing on me a lot too as well over'all. :)

  20. Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    That voice is...marvelous! 😍
    The artwork is amazing as well. What a track!

  21. Toxicbean78 Gaming

    Monstercat lost *Control* of its artist logo at 0:27


    Good pun here, lol.

  22. Khairul Haikal

    WE HAPPY FEW! Now take some joy.

  23. Virtual Turtle Games

    Alright, alright... now this is epic!

  24. SaiyanSambo

    Bishu been killin' it lately. Oh yeah yeah

  25. Hamish Moneypenny

    Bishu is one of my fav. monstercat artists


    Me here, I think my other current favorite Mcat artists are Bad Computer, Notaker, Infected Mushroom, Savoy, Tokyo Machine and maybe Dion Timmer as well. :)

  26. ZappingHero

    That's just me, but this yet somehow actually feels like a better version of Friends by Subtact, mainly with the tempo, bass and melody with eachother, and even in the drop here it's not sufficiently repetitive nor too generic here either compared to the drop of the one I already mentioned of. :)

    Edit: Actually nevermind for now, I recently realized that the tempo and key here is similar to Justion OH - She's A Killer on Uncaged (lol). :)

  27. Arsh Brar

    why does the drop sound like it was made by marshmello

  28. DG DG

    That beat dropped harder than the asteroid on the dinos

  29. Roizad Nuri

    great forever

  30. Jakov Marsic

    This is one of my favs on instinct now, the first build up to the drop is just fucking shiver inducing, feels like the song is about a dude who has a harem of hoez but this new girl just straight up fucks his brains out and he's all like yoo what the fuck that's dope

  31. Albert Lim

    from Malaysia🇲🇾^^

  32. Indigo 132

    Glitch at 0:27.


    I saw that a few days ago (lol).

  33. anjuliesmusic

    thanks for the love!!

    Anthony Rosser

    Welcome to the Mcat family and great work on this track!!!


    Amazing vocals anjulie, I am so proud ❤️

  34. JINXSPR0

    1:00 *Marching band Vibes*

  35. The_Lone_Wolf

    It's a very nice music from bishu and with the partnership with anjulie combines classic and EDM music. keep up the creativity bishu so far I love most of your musics

  36. lyndsay smith

    Really liked this, great work
    Bishu & Anjulie!

  37. PR0D1G1UM Music

    Start: 10/10
    Vocals: 10/10
    1st Drop: 10/10
    2nd Drop: 10/10


    Prodigium BR
    You miss this one.

    Bishu 10/10

  38. Kisiic

    i love the first 10 seconds for some reason


    Same here, it kinda gives me some typical 1800's style feeling into me (specifically at 0:03 with the notes), at least combined with the art here. :)

  39. Xiro

    Bishu did a great job on this and Anjulie's vocals fits in perfectly ♥️

  40. MP 7

    How many gigabytes did this take?

  41. Inny ErMest


  42. dogog

    bishu & anjuulie

  43. Ainsley McFarland

    Ok this song is absolutely amazing and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it, it’s so freaking good

  44. MiSta BlackJack

    Bishu has a great style!


    Haven't heard bishu in this full capacity since eyes wide open!

  46. Yveltal 1

    Wow. This is great!

  47. Bass Country

    Hey Can I Use This Song. I Will Give All The Credit To You Guys?

  48. supernic

    those vocals are so smooth! I feel like the artwork for this track really describes it entirely too, don’t know why though

  49. Randy Angel


  50. Mohmmed Move12


  51. edgardo soto

    I needed this ❤❤

  52. Nicholas Penland

    Can we get Rogue and Noisestorm to collaborate someday?!

  53. Emmett Rego

    I’ve honestly never heard of Bishu, but dang this is lit!

  54. パシット•パンジャシリ

    Happy future bass goes on, and on, and on..............
    Thanks for the song, Bishu.

  55. Collage

    Dapper man Bishu 😫

  56. Insan Ramadhan

    Lmao, i thought the thumbnail was lil pump 😂

  57. Reality Light

    Why is it that Anjulie has no logo?

  58. Annoying guy on internet

    Here before song get millions

  59. KP MA

    MC is dead af holy moly

    KP MA


  60. GamingBunny

    glitch at 0:26

  61. swnkthekid

    Mmm good

  62. ZappingHero

    First Bishu release on the label here collaborated with an artist, and first one by him on Monstercat that's labeled Future Bass in the description box too. :)

    Good track too, I think Bishu is probably one of these artists where all of his songs were equally enjoyable to me, just in different ways. :)


    Oh yeah yeah

  64. Just Simply Call Me Evan

    10/10 would buy a new subwoofer again.

  65. Bare Noize

    Eyyy Bishu. Leggo!!!! Welcome Anjulie

  66. Slinker Minks

    Woah that bubbly snare is really fun

  67. Christian Ozorio

    Anjulie ❤️♥️

    Christian Ozorio

    @anjuliesmusic by the way xoxo can't wait for your EP on spinnin 😘😘

  68. Urix9999

    Haven't really grooved too much with Bishu but that's not to take away from his talent. Clearly he is talented. But this song is def a mainstay for me for Instinct Vol 3. Great job.

  69. FaM Spectre

    This ain't my cup of tea personally. The artwork is pretty neato tho.

  70. Mcpishica r

    My gosh...

    Lil Pump’s an Anglophile.

  71. SticksPlays

    OK, what's with bishu and his... different... snare sound? *It sounds like when you're going to the bathroom and it splashes into the water.*


    The snares were a bit more major on his Machine track.

  72. Scout Channel


  73. PEASHOOTER 6023

    Yeet that control

  74. boeniman

    this actually reminds me of the "likes beer" trap remix of dwilly .. just listen to it and you will get what I mean xD


    Just checked it out, it doesn't sound too similar enough (with the melody and snares in the drop), but it sure is funny though (lol). xD

  75. Zeum

    Bishu is back :D

  76. Jonathan Tanksley

    Nice work Bishu and Anjulie!

  77. Toddles

    watch this at x2 speed

  78. Color Sirens

    We need bishu x aero chord


    Mmm, that'd be pretty cool actually, mainly with the key melody and such (since Aero Chord's new style releases gave me the magical tingle feels). :)

  79. barsik 7734


  80. rafer300

    this one is super catchy oml

  81. Nath Android

    I did not really like "Bishu - Ritual" but his new music *Control* is really nice 🙌🔥


    I actually really liked Rituals, but I enjoyed all of his songs here on the label anyway. :)

  82. Namavoid Kundra

    that art dear lord

  83. SparkyCat

    One of the best Monstercat artists hands down

  84. Mega Douche

    is that 6ix9ine?

    Alpha X

    So close


    I cant wait for 6ix9ine’s Coachella prison livestream!

  85. Bishu

    lets get it


    I like how your music is get's energizing and the key melody you put on most of them (especially on Eyes Wide Open too), I also liked your art covers too. :)


    lets obtain this grain
    lets yeet this wheat
    lets feast on this yeast

    Michael Roy

    What a vibe, love it!

    green legend

    It's awesome fam

    James David Lomboy

    Amazing track

  86. XenoOfficial

    Love it

  87. Ginsengul 5

    Bishu is soo spread around the chat, whereas Anjulie is like->😐

  88. thehypebeastman

    He protec, he attac, but most importantly... he is bacc

    Downie Brownie

    He is bacc with a good song.

    Downie Brownie

    Egg Nog?

    un succ

    Do you like egg nog?

    Downie Brownie

    I love egg nog do you like egg nog?


    his hair pincc

  89. Laurent

    0:26 nice glitch lol

  90. Richard Augustine

    Who else lost control at 1:00 ?

  91. TheARIONDimension

    this is an absolute unit.

  92. Art2 Norrman

    Why does the dude on the backround look alot like Leon Kennedy? :D

  93. Dusco_12

    Welcome to the new anthem of 2019

  94. Monstercat: Instinct

    Sit back, relax, and let Bishu & Anjulie lead the way to heaven with their new song, Control!

    Atul Kumar

    This song is great

    DarkTyyp Gaming

    Love Bishu's style ❤️

    Tammy Parry

    Monstercat: Instinct 11 first floors.

    James David Lomboy

    That was cool track