Anjulie - Brand New Chick Lyrics

Don't need your sad face, sorry baby
But I made up my mind
I made up my mind

Don't need a re-run, been there, done, done
You're so back in time
Get back in time

Yeah, I know that the sex was good
I remember, I was showing you what to do
Yeah, yeah
Up against the walls, bathroom stalls oh
I was so freakin' blind
So freakin' blind

And now I'm singing

[Chorus: x2]
Oh, oh,
Been feeling so fly
Since you been gone
My face to the sky,
Sunglasses on
Turning up the beats so sick,
I'm like a brand new chick

Don't need a rescue
It's all good baby
I been hittin' my stride
Hittin' my stride

Got my red lipstick on
Engine's revving
You're so far behind
And I'm taking mine

Yeah, I know that uhh'd me good
I remember and I showed you a thing or two
Yeah, yeah
Got goin' on my back
Look at yeah
Bet you thought I'd never survive
Well I'm still alive

And now I'm singing

[Chorus x2]

I'm like a, I'm like a, I'm like a brand new
I'm like a, I'm like a, I'm like a brand, brand
Turning up the, turning up the, turning up
The beat so sick
I'm like a brand new chick

You wouldn't recognize me
Standing right in your face
Nothing like I used to be, be, be

And now I'm singing

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2]

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Anjulie Brand New Chick Comments
  1. Queen Slim Clérmont

    #BGC8LasVegas First Night Out Song 💖✨❤️🌈💯

  2. Rustom Khan

    I always thought she was related to Melinda Shankar from Degrassi lol

  3. awesomeashkan

    Holy shit this song is almost 9 years old!!!!!!!!!! Damn we grew up fast

  4. Monk Lyfe

    First time hearing this in 2019!! #brandnewwww

  5. *uck You Youtube

    I hope someone makes a 1 hour version of this song. I wonder how one goes about doing it?

  6. Dawn Depictions

    i love you like a sis xo

  7. Ava Max Serbia

    Lady Gaga + Natalia Kills = Brand New Bitch 😂

  8. Salem Starr

    I'm like a brand new betch...🤔🤷‍♀️

  9. Axel Rodríguez

    INNA. Brand new chick

  10. Cheryl Baker


  11. Amanda Raffi

    And then she found bill Maher...

  12. Mr.Troll Face


    H. Tom

    Lol it is thts was tha censored ver tht plays on the air

  13. H. Tom

    The first time I saw this song/vidd wuz at work a few months ago. me and my coworker both almost instantly added it to our playlist’s lol

  14. Queen Slim Clérmont

    BGC8 Las Vegas The Girls First Night Out Song 💖🌈✨😭🔥😈 so much memories!

  15. mml xxo

    2019 anyone? Still slaps🔥

  16. Christopher Sanderson

    lol this song was always awesome

  17. Mikayla M

    2019? Nvm this song has been forgotten 😭

  18. Chi Chan

    Omg i remeber this from the radio

  19. Mama Chang

    I love this song, don't understand how this girl has not hit it BIG!

  20. Zaishi TheCreator

    20199999!!!! Love this songggg

  21. Massimo R

    2019? Still a hit

  22. DJ MoNsTeR13

    Love this song

  23. ritiksfilms


  24. Mikkel Sharwar

    the indian ariana grande

  25. Spygon

    Long shot but anyone else here from control


    Spygon what’s control

  26. Abbey P

    Who's here 2019!
    Love her. 💕

  27. dovahkiin :

    when your not a virgin anymore

  28. NoMore Food

    Not sexually active anymore until further timing

  29. J. Steel-Cumberbatch

    Who came here from so undercover 😂😂

  30. Gia isnotawkward

    This was my jam in grade 7 lol

  31. cake Pop

    This is so 2011

    Anudeep CVS

    That's... One way to put it, I guess.

  32. Sharon Jose

    What a throwback

  33. benedict santiago

    Im here because of flatrat. Her voice in fly away song was so damn good. And she's really talented singer. Although many comments says she a combination of nicky and ariana but with more talent. Hehe. Don't care what they say. She's talented singer.

  34. Vernon Colin

    This song goes out to my ex....... even though I'm a male lol, this is an awesome song it deserves 1 million likes lol.

  35. jonathan ururi

    tranquila mi negra :V

  36. Aquaticus12

    Anjulie's songs are awesome- her voice, the beat, and lyrics!

  37. Eboss 7777

    Here from bgc 8

  38. LaylaLil

    Last time I heard this song I was in grade 1, as this song played I'd flip between these pictures of a girl in my manga because she was pretty lol
    I can't explain it, I had fun though

  39. Erick Anthony

    Brasil 2018? 🇧🇷

  40. Andreas Nicolaou


  41. Seb Lol

    What happened to her?
    She’s very talented.

  42. Roze E

    the best coincidence of my life in 2011 when I got rid of a furrkboi i was crazily blindly in love with and this song released the very next week! I still find and listen to it after a every few years and get the same amazing feeling.

  43. Xavier G

    Alli from Degrassi? Is that you?


    no. that's melinda shankar.

  44. Destiny Cook

    Remember when I first heard this back in 2012, it’s 2018 and it’s playing on the radio right now 👌

  45. M Explains


  46. E.W.

    12 000 likes! Congratulation!

  47. Amy Wilkin

    Anyone still bumpin this song in 2018!?

  48. Selena Zulic

    2018 and this song is still a banger

  49. Lillian Idahosa

    2018 anybody?

  50. katharsis ll


  51. Nicki Wilson

    Still love this song in 2018

  52. Richy Rich

    Why so underrated

  53. Isaias Navy

    2018 •√•

  54. Nyagoa Wuor

    Anyone 2018?

  55. Queen Breanna

    Love this song:3

  56. souldier link Gaming

    Ughh this song .. i miss it

  57. Lo Mio

    such an underrated song.

  58. Diego

    2018 :)

  59. Lanja Tsiorinirina Aina

    I find this song in the film of mileys Cyruis, and I love

  60. sly bob

    Sounds like she sings about the time she lost her soul to the industry.

  61. Tiaras AndAlibis

    She is masterfully talented 💯and I am NOT EASY TO IMPRESS 👌🏻❤️🔥😍💯

  62. Fluffy UnicornTV

    How does this video not have 1M likes ;-;

  63. Breanna Paul

    I knew I was going to be a bad kid growing up listening to this song LMAO

  64. Anka Holubova

    why is that men look like obama😂😂

  65. C h a r l i z e W h e e z y

    This reminds me of the show TheNextStar because I would watch it and I'll hear this in the background on my radio lol

  66. PrideRockstsr Lion

    They sometimes put this song on on one of the Radio stations in Toronto

  67. sxxhix

    shes inspiration was from lady gaga

  68. Angel truth

    disgusting and just thinking about it, she dating bill maher and maybe he play this song omg its trashhh

  69. Cody65

    Years ago my innocent mind thought it said "Brand new chick"

    TheDamn Pope

    Cody65 it the clean version of the song

  70. Chloee Shorten

    fucking legend

  71. Brie Beylla

    i am so undercover :) #brandnewchick 2017

  72. GG LOL

    who watched this in 2017 ?

  73. Chloe Miller

    🎶 I'm like a bran muffin🎶

  74. Nola Iron

    I feel old listening to this


    LOL 1:33 -1:34, it looks like she got an electric shock

  76. FYREFLY Music

    Ohh shit, this was like all over the radio at some point and I thought this would be huge on YouTube. It took me an eternity finding this song wow

  77. tom sawyer

    Does Anjulie ever win a grammy?

    TheDamn Pope

    tom sawyer nope

  78. donna izzard

    This song always makes me dance... makes me feel like a brand new bitch

  79. Poiutydchsc Hfdbveery

    I love you!

  80. Hawk1ns

    is this a mix of lady gaga and ariana grande?

  81. raglanheuser

    she'd be great for porn

  82. Gypsy Woman

    Love the song. Hate the video. Video is blatantly MK Ultra programming and shows a different meaning to the song 😑

  83. Gia isnotawkward

    this song was my jam in grade seven lol....... but being a good 13 year old I made sure not to sing the swear words lmfao.

  84. Meaghan Turner

    When this played on the radio 5 years ago when I was 6 I listened to this song and it said "I'm a brand new chick".. well last year I found that it was "I'm like a brand new bitch" 😂

  85. Santo Nunez

    bad girls club brought me here season 7 las vegas

  86. WürfelWelt

    How listen this 2017 ? :D

  87. Azzej Jho

    2017 anyone???

  88. EmpadaDeMorango

    LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  89. Matthew Rankin

    surprised this song didn't hit number 1 in the usa. to bad with more marketing into the usa it would have been huge.