Anjulie - Baghdad Lyrics

Bombs over Baghdad
Bombs over Baghdad
Who you gon' be mad at?
Bombs over Baghdad

You hit me first, well, I hit you back
A drone for a drone, a vest for a vest
Well, my grandma told me I'm the victim
And your president says I'm a symptom
You blame religion, I blame the guns
You blame the system, the war is on
While you figure out what you're arguing
You figure out which part you been playing
Keep on staring at the new iPhone
Keep on living on that cruise control
Keep my basis on, I need to know
Put my hashtag up, tell me who to pray for?

Bombs over Baghdad
Bombs over Baghdad
Who you gon' be mad at?
Bombs over Baghdad
What if you load up your mind like you load up your gun?
What if you load up your mind like you load up your gun?

I come for your kingdom, come for your dreams
You came for my children, came for my fears
You say rebellion lives in the blood
Can't help the rage from bubbling up
Rage is contagious, rage is a tool
Rage made an enemy outta you
And you outta me, and we outta we
Throw away the key, don't let your mind free

Bombs over Baghdad
Bombs over Baghdad
Who you gon' be mad at?
Bombs over Baghdad
Bombs over Baghdad
Bombs over Baghdad
Who you gon' be mad at?
Bombs over Baghdad
What if you load up your mind like you load up your gun?

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Anjulie Baghdad Comments
  1. yahya IQ

    Shukran_thx in English
    From Basrah city south Iraq

  2. Matty Yaqo

    Baghdad is on revolution, #SaveTheIraqiPeople

  3. Blackfyre Nayers

    your a Really good :)) Wonderful from Germany

  4. Ronaldo رونالدو

    Iraqi Blood + Iraqi Oil = Happy White People


    Exactly :(

  5. Dan Salman

    Never forget this song thank u very much sis 💗💗

  6. DiAnA

    Such a beautiful voice...

  7. AllTheoryNoPractice

    Heard this in a burger joint the other day. Immediately loved it more than the "original."

  8. Venice Channel

    wonderful, from TURKEY!

  9. Shams Ahmed

    Thanks for this song my dear

  10. Nsks Kdke

    Fuckin beautiful

  11. Falling In life

    pray for Baghdad 🙏

  12. Vegeta69

    thnx girl for the song <3
    from iraq


    Im from Baghdad thank you for this song💔😢
    prayers for Baghdad to be better

  14. Soaps z

    For years I've been in love with your writing and melody, and too blown away by your natural beauty. You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen, i could listen to you sing or hum for eternity!
    I would do almost anything to see 'n' hear you live, you could revive me from any death dive.

  15. قلادة الطاقة الكونية في بغداد

    do you have instagram

  16. shutterMuggz


  17. ahmed shaker- أحمد شاكر

    here is acheer 4u from baghdad
    it will stay our princess
    and u keep steering on ur iphones ✌


    I can listen to your voice all daY!!! zaaaagaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Saif GG

    thank you very much
    we love you
    from baghdad ❤👍

  20. Qais Jabbar90

    hi , im from Baghdad , im jack !

  21. marwan naji

    Great work
    Greetings from baghdad

  22. Avan Kakony

    It has been 4 months when you aploud this song and i'am still listen to it❤️

  23. سنيةة بھيبة عمر ŧøʈāîā iQ

    اوووف رووعةةة

  24. Anabela Edward

    Gosh hearing this bring tears to my eyes special that yesterday there was attack in Baghdad my heart with them ❤ thanks for the song it really mean alot


    thank you so much

  25. No One

    a huge thanks from Baghdad ❤

  26. Ziyad Mohammed

    thank you for this beautifull song.. you are graet.. your voice is waaaw.. god save baghdad

  27. Zaynab

    god bless you. this was so beautiful, thank you


    thanks alot for supporting us
    without you and the people like you we couldn't continue in this fucking life
    best regards

  29. Walid Primo

    lyrics skahen me in all sens

  30. Noora fadel Wahaab

    thanks a lot for singing to my broken country ... IRAQ in our hearts 💔


    you're very welcome xo

  31. Jupiter mars

    this is beautiful


    thank you

  32. Đr. Žãhrâ Ãλï

    Thank you very much dear 😢😔💘😚



  33. Ziad Shorize

    Thank you💔😔

    Đr. Žãhrâ Ãλï

    عليك الله فهمة كلمة 💔

    Ziad Shorize

    +Đr. Žãhrâ Ãλï من حجيها بالاغنية لا لان مو واضح لفظها بالنسبة الي .. بس من قريت افتهمت الكلمات هم مو كلها بالحذافير بس افتهمت بصورة عامة انه دتحجي على واقعنه الاليم بالعراق !

    Đr. Žãhrâ Ãλï

    @Ziad Shorize
    اه شفة الترجمة اعتقد البنيه فرنسية لو امريكة لا كنا عرفنا



  34. Dagmara

    very touching


    thank you x

  35. shahad adnan

    from all my heart ..thank you ..lovely voice like an angel


    thank you so much xo

  36. Luhan Girl

    thank you very much for ur nice feelings for iraq .. thank you for being a human .it's first time to listen to ur music and i wanna say , god bless u sis .. thank u


    thank you so much ❤️

  37. sone girl

    so beautiful thank you very much💔💔💔


    thank you ❤️


    Wait a second noor is that you ?

  38. Hamza kareeM

    thank you

  39. El Saint

    Thank you


    your welcome x

  40. Edrees Kareem

    الله يرحمهم شهداء العراق
    وشهداء الكراده😔😭

    Falling In life

    اللهم امين يارب العالمين

  41. Sarmad salih

    Great sound and great song and musics :)


    thanks so much 🙏🏾

  42. Mustafa Emad

    God bless you 🇮🇶

  43. Sarmad salih

    Many thanks from Baghdad


    very welcome

  44. Raad Alkindi

    thanks Anjulie


    thank you

  45. Red Sparrow

    Thank you Anjulie <3

  46. Fragzyyy

    thank u so much


    +anjuliesmusic <3

  47. Loay Al-Saffar


  48. ALsumeri ALsumeri

    شكرا أنجوليا . 😢😢

  49. Mostafa S.Salman



    thank you

  50. Abdalkader Latif

    Grateful for God who gave this purist voice..
    Thank you
    I am from Baghdad..



  51. Ali al-Musawi

    thank you for caring about the Iraqi people ...


    of course xo

  52. alkis kosh

    thanks for your solidarity



  53. Ali Alosh

    thanks you from iraq

  54. Marrscod




  55. Julie Lasky

    pray for Iraq ~ 😢😢
    pray for Baghdad ✌✌

  56. Anwar Adnan

    Thank you very much for your support with Iraqi victims who killed and fro the Baghdad Blast last couple days.. This songs impacts me and very very emotional .. God Bless You


    thank you 🙏🏾

  57. Duraid Adnan

    Thanks for your feeling .


    thank you

  58. Ali F. Hussein

    thank you 💔 #pray_for_iraq


    thank you

  59. Sura Ali

    Thanks 🌹

  60. Ali Hero

    :( #pray_for_iraq



  61. Malak Wasfi

    thank you

  62. محمد الحيدري

    thank you

  63. Mairam ha

    thank u so much



  64. Dalal Shamel

    thank you so much for this it's such amazing ilove it so much


    thank you ❤️❤️

  65. Omar Al-Hedari

    Very touching but you could have elaborated more on near by countries that are going through what Iraq is going through next to Iraq and within the Middle East


    it was not a political statement, just a song.

  66. Dionnnnz

    Beautiful! I love everything you do <3


    thanks so much I appreciate it xo