Anita Wilson - You Love Me (Best Of My Love) Lyrics

The very first thought on my mind
When I wake up is You
A love like Yours is so hard to find
Makes me feel brand new
Out of all the people in this world
So glad You chose me
I just can't keep it to myself
Gotta tell somebody

I'm not ashamed to tell the world
That You keep blessing me
Beyond all my wildest dreams
And You come to me
Show me that You love me
And believe abundantly
Even things I can't see
I am so complete
All because You love me

I can't help but think about the times
When I needed a friend
I was broke and deep down inside
It was hard to pretend
That when I opened up my heart to You
And You set me free
Can't nobody do me like You do
Your love captured me

I'm not ashamed to tell the world
That You keep blessing me
Beyond all my wildest dreams
And You come to me
Show me that You love me
And believe abundantly
Even things I can't see
I am so complete
All because You love me

I can't imagine how my life would be
If You didn't feel this way about me
You've given me the strength to believe
Just have the faith of a mustard seed
I can conquer anything

I'm not ashamed to say that You love me, You love me
Oh, thank You, Lord
You love me, You love me
I am so grateful that You love me
When everybody else gave up on me
You loved me, You loved me
You really really really really love me
No greater love have I found
Than the love He gives to me, oh yeah
I found real love, I said real love in Jesus
I've been in love before
But I never experienced so much joy
Nobody like You...

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Anita Wilson You Love Me (Best Of My Love) Comments
  1. BishopJohnnny Jones

    Yesyesyes yall

  2. Teejay richboy

    When I first heard this morning all I could cry Lord thank you

  3. BlackbutterflyTV *

    This song has made me cry in times of need.

  4. Robin Robertson

    BEAUTIFUL song

  5. BishopJohnnny Jones

    It should be in millonsviews

  6. Shannon Campbell

    Beautiful ❤️

  7. Patricia Queen Virgo Stuart


  8. Daniela Vargas

    Can someone put the lyrics please?

  9. Stephanie Lewis

    This song really changed my life

  10. coachnsuccess

    Sang lady, love it.....Sing to Jesus, telling him I you feel.

  11. Dominique Burch Jr

    I lov this song

  12. prasiethelord 123

    Yes ! Lord Jesus ! That's what I'm talking about "

  13. Rita P

    toller song thx

  14. no no

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  15. 2KMF TV

    tres belle melodie

  16. Recosha Mcclellan

    love her voice

  17. Recosha Mcclellan

    Jesus this is how I feel!!!

  18. Cameron Washington

    love this song

  19. Patricia Jaye

    She sounds good

  20. Marty Daymude

    I love contemporary gospel. Anita Wilson is stellar!    ......Hey y'all, I found real love.......

  21. Patricia Jaye

    God bless the world I know god is able to do all things but, fail.

  22. Delois Myers


    Alexis Williams

    Delois Myers love it.

  23. Marinette & Adrien

    love this song, may the Lord bless you

  24. Damien 34

    I love this hit right here. Beautiful! Bless you Anita Wilson.

  25. Damien 34

    Outstanding song. This song speaks my mind to my King of Kings and Lord of Lord. I am simply eternally happy knowing that you love me Lord Jesus. When I dance and sang it is all for you Lord. I prais your Holy name.

  26. Dez Rodriguez

    Amen!!! Thank you Lord

  27. Amy E

    Love this song!

  28. Michelle G.

    Thank you for loving me 'JESUS' You Show Me That You love Me, giving me the strength to believe with Faith the size of a mustard seed, Nobody like You, My LORD'💙

  29. Roshonda B

    love it!!

  30. RiciaK

    This song dropped in my spirit during prayer and I kept singing the "you love me" part. It wasn't until I was riding home listening to this song that I actually paid attention to the words. Awesome! God you are awesome! Thank you for this song!! 🙌🏾😍

    Larenzo Martin

    Girl you is on fire boom

    Larenzo Martin

    Jada is the queen

  31. Tracey Ray

    I love this song. Usually I hate gospel songs derived from an old R & B track but this one gives me life. Can't believe I hadn't heard it before now. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!

  32. Natania Alphonse

    this my jam

  33. Tee Mack

    Great song

  34. India Hawkins

    I ❤ this song 🙌🙌

  35. Tarsha

    love this song 😍

  36. dj righteous dj righteous


  37. Michael Jones

    5 stars on this song its beautiful

  38. MsGypsy20

    thank u to jesus

  39. Marty Grace

    First time I've heard this song and I could not stop crying. God bless you young lady and keep Him first.

  40. patricia clark

    I love this song... where can I find the instrumental. Not the Emotions instrumental.

  41. Khadijah Montgomery

    this is my 2nd favorite church song

    Don D

    whats yo 1st

    Khadijah Montgomery

    I love this song

  42. Gregory McCulley

    This is simply awesome Anita...God's Choicest Blessings To You !!!!!

  43. Cynthia Sanford

    best of my love, went gospel

  44. Melody Council

    The jam!

  45. DT DD

    Awesome like this song please more gospel using oldies beat

  46. Debra Stroud

    This song is great

  47. Lakeisha Snipes

    you love me

  48. June Graves

    Thank you GGG

  49. Stacie EyeCieU

    ♡...Absolutely nobody!!!

  50. Alisha Tisdale-Jones

    The best love comes from Jesus!

  51. Cassandra Smith

    yesssssss,I love this,every secular song can be changed to a song to sing unto JESUS!

    Cassandra Smith

    +Purpose4Praise is that how you see a converted sinner as well?

    Cassandra Smith

    +Purpose4Praise GOD IS GOOD are recycling things,you didn't know, HE takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it for good,have a blessed day


    @Cassandra Smith
    I can understand that logic. However, the Lord clearly said He is not a god of confusion. The thin line with mixing secular music w/ Gospel is that the stronger influence is usually the secular because that's what was introduced, marketed, & most successfully attached to the music, so it can produce mixed messages. God bless.

    faithful 4sure

    I don't get how people such as purpose4praise can condemn how easily forgotten that no one was righteous until God covered us in his grace through his son Jesus Christ therefore what once may have been meant for satan is now to the glory of God he redeems,restores,renew, replenish,etc.. and p.s. I'm aware the comment is old but I felt the need to shed light on lack of understanding

    Tomika Neal

    I don't see anything wrong with the sobg

  52. Darius Mckinney

    thank u God bless cause positive music is my thing and I love worship music but I love a song I can jump to

  53. Neosha Floyd

    love this song

  54. Lily White

    Great Song