Anita Wilson - Keep Doing What You're Doing Lyrics

I acknowledge that you're in control
And there's nothing too hard for you to handle
I believe you can do anything, Your word says so
No limits even come close to your dominion

I don't have to see you move a mountain
I don't need to see you part the Red Sea
Everyday you keep pouring down your blessings
And that's enough for me to believe

Over and over again you keep proving my life's in your hand
I don't need to see a miracle nothing unusual or supernatural happen
Just need you to keep doing what you're doing

Every morning I open my eyes and I'm able to move speak and breath
Some may consider these life's simple things
But I am wise enough to know that it could have been me

I don't have to see you move a mountain
I don't need to see you part the Red Sea
I don't have to see you move a mountain
I don't need to see you part the Red Sea
Everyday you keep pouring down your blessings
And that's enough for me to believe

Over and over again you keep proving my life's in your hand
I don't need to see a miracle nothing unusual or supernatural happen
I'm asking you to keep doing what you're doing

If you never do anything else
You have done so much for me

Keep doing what you're doing...

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Anita Wilson Keep Doing What You're Doing Comments
  1. Freda Johnson

    This is amazing song! Only with my Lord and savior,"All thing's are possible! There nothing in my life i would ever want take his place, in my heart. He an awesome!! God! Ms Anita Wilson you are, one amazing singer you are truely anoited by the Lord. keep on useing your gift bless other's

  2. JS Lewter

    Jesus please keep doing what you are doing in my life...for 53 years ago you created me and I thank you for life....... As I sit here and cry about the joy you have blessed me with. All the ups and downs you showed your power thru it all......

  3. Joanne Hornberger

    Happened on this song by mistake, or was it? The spirit moved me by starting my day in the right way. Thank you Jesus for this miracle and this talented woman to remind me what is important. Blessing Miss Anita💕

  4. Alan Morris

    I love the wall in that room at 0:24. It's so Santería.

  5. Ms. Hill

    I love this song... It has an 80s feel

  6. Yvette

    Your ministry is a blessing to my soul...praise and bless the Lord for you.

  7. Rasheidah Brown

    Oh yes I love this!!

  8. Freda Johnson

    This is such beautiful song, with expression of God goodness. The lord awesome! He always doing miracles, each day we must open our eye's, appreciate small things he doing. Anita Wilson has such beautiful voice, very anoited woman.

  9. Author Majestic Nicole

    She looks Anita baker a lil bit💯🤘😎

  10. Tanya Wright

    3:20 Though!!!! If you never do anything else...🤦🏽‍♀️🙌🏽😿😭😭😭

  11. LaToya Dunn

    Yesssss! Keep Doing What You're Doing🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Keep me covered in your blood...I bless you God 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  12. Robens Dieudonne

    I love 💕

  13. Regina Foster

    Keep making a way where I don’t see a way!!!! Keep doing what you are doing Lord 🙌🏾

  14. C Anderson

    Anita this is my go to song.

  15. Blessed One

    🙏 going up...

  16. Broderick Rogers

    This song will lift me up everytime I'm feeling down! 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  17. anointed 1

    Keep Doing What You're Doing

  18. Wendell van

    Alright Anita

  19. Jacquline Littlejohn

    Beautiful person love this video God bless her

  20. lee ruffin

    MrsLady, love your vigilance spirit.

  21. Joseph - Child of God

    Love this song... what’s with the Catholic idols and paintings
    in the background though?

  22. Smart Ladi8137

    Anita's very beautiful in this video.

  23. Blessed One

    🙏 going up right now to this song.

  24. Ms. Stacey

    Yes God!! Amazing!!

  25. Kimberly Hudson

    Love this song!!!

  26. Felicia Lee

    Yesss!! I love it never heard till just know.... 💙💙😘

  27. Miss Myasia

    I love this song! It has a retro vibe but beautiful message and great vocals

  28. Willie Mae Shelton

    Everytime I listen to this powerful and amazing young lady sing this great song of blessings, it always makes me cry. I love this worship song so so much I listen to it 4 to 5 time before I allow the next song to play. Anita Wilson I thank God for you & for giving you that awesome awesome talent of sing. You're songs have blessed me in so many ways especially this song. I love my sister so much. Keep using your to bless others like you've blessed me over & over again.

  29. Agatha Sallis


  30. RedClayDJs

    Everyday You keep on doing what it is that You do, Lord. Glory to God.

  31. Layla Unruh


  32. Clevon Jr Braswell

    Beautiful anointed woman of God

  33. Kitty Lover

    Another great praise from Ms. Anita ! Keep on blowing your trumpet 4 GOD !

  34. Q White

    I like it when she take it to Sunday Morning...🙌Keep doing what you doing Lord!! Thank you!

  35. Tracy L Haggins

    Her lyrics are like no other! They are truly heaven sent.

  36. shaundaboo

    this song is smooth kinda r&b sorta, I love it!!!.. but its all about you Christ~don't get it twisted~lol

  37. Patience Pfavai

    This song got into me Anita love your songs

  38. james davis

    Keep Making a way, Where I dont even see a way🙌🏿🙌🏿

  39. Kimmey Martin

    Keep talking about him.😇😇Testify,ur Truth, Glory, Grace, a relationship with him, Faith, he is SHOWING UP, and SHOWING OUT!! Come on JESUS, I LOVE you.. the LORD is my shepherd!!

  40. Simangele Msane

    Anita u bless me each i listen to any of ur songs God keep u for us

  41. Janise Glenn

    Thank you my sister for I am truly blessed and encouraged this morning listening to your worship praise.

  42. fito alcin

    Nice voice, nice music, beautiful woman but I don't like the graven images behind her in one of the video take. Our God doesn't like that at all

  43. Jackie Minor


  44. shaundaboo

    I just love this..thanks for sharing:)

  45. Willie Mae Shelton

    Anita Wilson's song
    Keep Doing What You're Doing

  46. Katessa H

    Very Lovely song sang beautifully by a beautiful woman👑📿

  47. Mrsbren

    Ms. Anita keep on doing it for the Lord. Your music is a blessing and I love this song. You are bless to bless others with your voice. Keep doing it!!! Peace always and blessings with you always!!!

  48. Larry Whitfield

    What a beautiful voice what God Bless her with. Sing!!

  49. TheKts1966/keyshon

    🎶 I don’t have to see YOU moving mountains ⛰
    🎶 I don’t have to see YOU part the Red Sea 🌊🎶🎶👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿! Keep doing what YOURE doing LORD!!!🎶🎶👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🙌🏿 WOW.. 🤗🤗

  50. Jeremy Crowder

    you have a beautiful voice

  51. Jeremy Crowder

    so beautiful

  52. Jeremy Crowder

    blesse you

  53. Jeremy Crowder

    love you

  54. irawardmusic

    Love the music Anita but I must warn you of the spirit of the world "jezebel".

    Your works for The Most High Yahawadah (Jesus) will be deemed unworthy of The Glory and you may be leading "Souls" astray or promoting the flesh in acts of sin.

    There are a lot of Christians in hell, they were servants of The Lord but their hearts were not clean.
    They worshiped for the wrong reasons, the ways of the world won over them.

    A sinner with a will and righteous heart can repent if he or she hates the sins that they commit thus-fore giving them a chance at judgement.

    God is merciful but sin can not exist in Heaven and the devil knows this.
    It hurts God every time it has to cast a soul into the pit.
    Imagine casting your mother, father, brother, sister or child into a pit of destruction with fire and gore.
    You would be terrified and heart broken.

    God's children, rebuke, turn away from satan and all in which it stands for, for the time is near.
    It might be too late when you are standing on the stand of Judgement.

    Joseph - Child of God

    irawardmusic what is Anita doing to lead people astray? Just curious. God bless you 🙂

  55. MissDAdolph

    Amen and AMEN! Beautiful song. Thank you God for everything you do. So grateful

  56. February Nineteenth Kansascity

    Thank you for blessing the WEST COAST on your most recent trip at the TASTE OF SOUL.Be blessed and continue to use Gods gift,,,,Chef Fred

  57. Adeline Proverbs31

    What a beautiful person. Inside and out. To God be the glory!!!

  58. De'Asia Oliver


  59. Ebony Sharee

    LOVE this SONG ! Very 90s gospel

  60. Deon TIRRELL


  61. Comfort Akpassa

    Keep opening doors that no one can close.thank u jesus

  62. warrior1975ify

    This reminds me of a lala Hathaway song mixed with a Donald Lawrence sound. I love it Anita is a fantastic artist

  63. Latisha Mitchell

    Keep working on my mind, my heart, my spirit Lord!!!!

  64. Danielle Barrow

    Love this song, especially the part near the end

  65. Pastor Ron

    love this song

  66. Rose Vinson

    God is better than good, I'm so greatful he has blessed me to come across this song amazing keep blessing me Lord in Jesus name A man.

  67. Rose Vinson

    God is better than good, I'm so greatful he has blessed me to come across this song amazing keep blessing me Lord in Jesus name A man.


    I used to play this every friday on my radio show #Memories :) ..Keep doing what ur doing Anita!

  69. Audiocitizen1

    Just keep on singing like you're singing. Thanks for this post ;-)

  70. Dorcas Brown

    yes God bless him name

  71. Debbie Jenkins

    I love her singing sing for me anytime thank God for you.

  72. Debbie McKenzie

    Beautiful song, and vocals, saw the live version hosted by Angela and Pastor John Hannah and it was Awesome. Those musicians ROCK!!!!. Nice background singers as well.

  73. Rosalyn Richardson

    You have really over joyed my heart. God truly gave you a song of praise for us all. Thank you!

  74. littlet38

    Sounds like one of Gods angels singing

  75. Christine Dausas


  76. darc passion

    I love you sister Anita Wilson,let the Lord use you!!!!!😊❤

  77. Brave

    Keep my mama smiling jesus !!! Amen

  78. Katrina Battle

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and your gift. Praise God!!!

  79. Najiyyah Bailey

    Hallelujah!!! Keep doing Lord, what You're doing!!!! I love this song, it allows me to really press into His presence with praise!

  80. K Jay

    yes mama!! i needed this "I wont take it for granted"

  81. Redeemed Fellowship Outreach Ministry -

    Yes...Nita.....Sing it!!

  82. isabelle

    amazing song u go girl amen may god bless u😘😘😘

  83. Noel Heavens

    I love you Anita

  84. Tam D.

    yes Lord! Beautiful woman of God, it's all about you Jesus,!

    Andrea Watson


    Willie Mae Shelton

    Keep Doing What You're Doing by is a very good song to listen at for anyone that need their spirits lifted or if anyone's having a bad day. I promise what you're upset or worried about will melt away. Just let it minister to your 💓, mind & soul. And when you feel yourself feeling that way again just call on Jesus and start sing this song from the bottom of your 💓. And remember to smile and tell Jesus thanks for keeping you and those you love.

  85. Braztx

    I love this song and tune here!!! OMG. God keep doing what you're doing!!!

  86. James McWhite

    Can hear this daily!

    Norma's Bath

    I hear this song several days a week. what a Song!

    Andrea Washington

    James McWhite one of my morning worship songs

    Israel Lena

    Kevin D Jimison should win a grammy for his new single "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison! That song is amzing! Check it out!

  87. Regina Foster


  88. Thulasi L

    օ ʍʏ GOD I ʟʋ tɦɛ sօռɢ ɨt's ɖօռɛ,ʊ ɢօt ʍɛ աɨtɦ tɦat sօռɢ,ʟɛt tɦɛ Lօʀɖ ҡɛɛք ɮʟɛssɨռɢ ʊ աɨtɦ sօռɢs ʟɨҡɛ tɦat

  89. Jonathan Israel

    Love that voice Anita very pretty as well.

  90. Andrea Washington

    a great song

  91. The IT dee

    this song helps me through, I know that God is loving me

    Marquisha Jerry

    Destinee yes he is God bless you


    The IT dee qgp

  92. Brittany Thornton

    i love this song

  93. Andrew Tandoh

    This song is wonderful. The message is just perfect, and the melody is also soo good.

  94. saved by godsgrace

    Your music is amazing diacovered you today .

  95. Tina Andrews Jones

    Love this song beautifully done and beautiful voice. To me she sounds like Lisa Page can't go wrong with the vocals!!!

    Elsa Orantes

    "God I Love You" by Kevin D Jimison is awesome!

  96. J Pickering

    I love this song!!!