Anita Wilson - I've Seen Him Work Lyrics

Sometimes you wonder why
The troubles of life seem to weigh you down
well I found a friend that I highly recommend
He will stick closer than a brother
And will love you like no other

Even though what you see
Doesn't match what you believe
Hold on, wait and see
Remember that God is working it out

Formed the mountains and the wind
Told the heavens where to begin
Everything that you're going through
Don't let it worry you
I've seen Him work
Gave me peace in a raging storm
everything I need and more
Allow me to encourage you
To get ready for your breakthrough
I've seen Him work

You've waited a longtime
To see all your prayers, hope and dreams
Become reality well let me encourage you
You do what you do
And just let God do the rest
It's a decision you won't regret

Grab a hold and don't let go
He's in control
I've seen Him work

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Anita Wilson I've Seen Him Work Comments
  1. Roosevelt Lewis

    WOW love it

  2. Sherlena Mass

    I love this song

  3. ReNaye' Michelle

    Anita is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!