Anita Baker - Rules Lyrics

Love was meant to be loving
So many times we don't give, we take
Love has really no conception to this rule

Days you gave me were numbered
And as a rule they were hard to take
All it took was the number of a fool

Rules were made to be broken
So many hearts break the same way too, aw baby
I said that you ain't no exception to the rule, yes sir

Your answer begging my question
It seems I left you too late to ask
Was this really your intention
From the start

The nights you left me are empty, baby
As for the answer, they changed the past
I tried to let you explain your change of heart
How could you change your mind

Rules were made to be broken
So many hearts break the same way too, aw honey
I said that you ain't no exception to the rule

How could they say
It would be better this way... without you
When by the usual rules
I kept presuming that you would stay, baby

So many hearts break the same way too, now mister
I said that you ain't no exception to the rule

Gonna get on my bad heart
Just like everybody asks you
You've gotta help baby
You've gotta help me convert, too

You better hear what I'm tellin' you

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Anita Baker Rules Comments

    Sounds just as good as when I first heard it in 1988.  Belissima.

  2. Melanie P

    Love Anita Baker!

  3. Rev Laird

    Happy birthday to me, love this beautiful sing from my teenage years . this take me back to this very song.

  4. L.M G

    I am STILL here with Miss Anita - Summer 2019!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michael’s Little Angel

    God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with Anita.!!.

    Lone Wolf


  6. David Sims

    Good music and lyrics, this was back when music had feeling.

  7. Yolanda Beard

    Rules Where Made To Be Broken!!!
    So many hearts break the same way to!!💔💔💔
    I say that you aint no acception to the rule✔✔✔

  8. Brandon Stern

    God is good all the time

    Brandon Stern

    I love music is Soothe My Soul

    David Sims


  9. male3339

    Sang it Rules are meant to be broken and you ain’t no exception to the rule!

  10. SciFiDigitalMusic

    So many heart's break the same way baby. AB love you mommas.

  11. Kurt Adams


  12. Tonya Levon

    I loved this record as a little girl however now I can actually UNDERSTAND what the lyrics are all about. It takes on a whole new meaning and I love it all over again.

    Talesia Jenkins

    Tonya Levon OMG my mom was and still a HUGE Anita fan. I used to get so sick of listening to her as a kid but I think I listen to her more than mom now 😂. Like u say understand more as an adult. Anita is the truth. 🔥🔥🔥

    Island Beauty

    Same! ❤

  13. Edward Anderson

    The rule is love S key unlocks hearts... The only rule u

  14. 76grandprix

    Love this! The music, the lyrics, the way she sings it! Awesome!


    76grandprix yassssss she is serving ALLLL the drama that’s my girl 🆎🙌🏽