Anita Baker - Lead Me Into Love Lyrics

We may never understand
If love just happens or it's planned
We must believe our spirits know somehow
Baby we can't stop the falling we feel now
New emotion starts to flow
And now this time it wants control
Baby, if our love was ment to be so strong
Something close to magic's going on
Darling take ahold and lead me to love
Light the way for me without your touch I can not see
Lead me to loveI'm deep in the miracle of you
Can you feel your hand in mine
We'll share the secrets found in lovers eyes
You speak the words of love I'll speak them to
Baby ain't no stopping me when I'mnear you
Darling take ahold and lead me to love
Light the way for me without your touch I can not see
Lead me to love
I'm deep in that miracle
Deep in that miracle
Light the way so I can see
Light the way so I can see
Ahhhh I keep telling you
You make a miracle
You make a miracle
Your makin it baby
Take me
You made me a miracle
Let your heart speak
Honey won't you, love me
Take time and love me
I know it that I'm no good baby till you show me
That your desire has in-vaded my whole heart
Ohhh baby, baby, baby
So that I can see
Oh lead me
Teach me the way baby
Deep in the miracle
Lead me
Come on show me chile
Shine, shine your love on me
Lead me
I can't live without you
I can't move without you
I can't breath without you

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Anita Baker Lead Me Into Love Comments
  1. Renee Powell

    Bring me to late night near the lake shore drive...when your mind can run wild with romance of a man...

  2. Secured LLC

    Angel...leader of Love. So beautifully done. Makes you reminisce

  3. Carolina Martucci

    Class Capitol C!!!

  4. TyShaun Bland

    The 226 people that voted thumbs down must be deaf.

  5. LaTonia Morrison

    The opening..we may never understand...
    If love just happens or it’s planned, but we
    Must believe our spirits know somehow,
    Baby we can’t stop, the falling we feel now..
    😔😔😢😢 conflicted right now...
    Light the way for me...

  6. Robert Curry

    I love this song

  7. Brenda Green

    One of the greatest singers of all time, she has brought me through a major storm in my life i grew up listening to anita 🎶 my favorite verse i can't see without you, i can't live without you. she's my favorite artist of all time!!!!😊

  8. Sandy Naylor


  9. sexy poet

    I love u like this my chocolate King always and forever until death and through eternity. 👑💞👑💯

  10. MJ Zoom

    This is a SONG right here! Been an Anita fan since before I knew her name as a kid. Just hearing her takes me back to my childhood positive vibes she exuded through the radio.

  11. Victoria Davis

    Who's listening in 2019?

  12. Tosha Crooks


  13. Marcus Reeves


    Alan Medina


  14. Sheneitra Howard

    Having a bad day? sad day? WHATEVERRR KINDA DAY!.... This song hurts so good! Anita let's you know it will be alright! 😊

  15. Kurt Adams

    The LEGENDARY Ms. Anita Baker

  16. ihatefrys

    Absolutely 1 of my most def most favs of Anita's! Still waiting to walk down my wedding aisle to this song!

  17. Rock Steady

    *i friggin love this woman* if I didn’t know any better I’d say she has the mindset of a *Real Queen*

  18. Yamm Yamila

    Baby baby baby show me the way baby

  19. Christine Scott


  20. Dianne Howard

    #2019 anyone? ❤

  21. Melvin Gaines

    Take my heart and lead me into love Martina Gaines u ain't no good I'm all in

  22. Mario Darby

    this is called The real jazz funk

  23. Shannon White

    Shine shine shine your light on me 🎶 classic..2019..Still..

  24. ABLEMS

    We may never understand... if love just happens or its planned

  25. Shanice Stennett

    Still listening 2019❤️🙌

  26. Derrick Brennan

    I can't stop loving her voice WOW from 1983 to forever she got me! ANITA BAKER. Rick Brennan from Change North Philly Love Peace thank for the Music Sis 333.

  27. ms nikki

    this is deep boy.. me and my dude

  28. Pd Petter

    🔥💯💔🔥💯 REAL MUSIC

  29. Camilla Griffin


  30. Tosha Crooks


  31. Shaheeda Abdullah


  32. Charles Bowles

    Thank you Anita Baker

  33. Keelah J

    One of my favorites.

  34. Kimberly Stanley

    Been loving this women since she was with the Detroit group Chapter 8! Then she left and the rest is history, a Detroit queen for sure, along with aretha . Been following her career since she debuted. And along with the backing vocals of the all sister group...Perri on her songs, she couldn't go wrong period!!

  35. Ola Tomori

    Speechless, BFF. Best singer ever, wow!

  36. Chandra Cotton-Armstrong

    Do you understand the title. "LEAD ME INTO LOVE" Fellas this is how you capture the love of your life. Thank you TOLEDO OWNS, THE ONE N ONLY MS.ANITA BAKER teaching the way to the heart. LOVE THIS 4 LIFE!

  37. Dennis Rogers, PhD

    think about that...when someone ask you to "lead me into love" I suggest you take them up on that offer. help them see the possibilities...light the way so they can see.

  38. Lashanda Rogers

    CLASSIC......Sounds and is GREAT music to my ears. DIMPLES😍

  39. Yamilad Vargas

    The greatest ever she and her chants own my heart

  40. Tosha Crooks

    Jayz ain't real.....

  41. Karabo Mophiring

    Those opening lyrics....

  42. Diva Me

    This song right here...🔥🔥🔥

  43. Anthony Choyce

    Timeless gem

  44. Xtra Delite

    Really a remarkable endeavor and feat to infuse jazz into the contemporary adult/pop/R&B genres. Added to the fact of having such a mature audience/consumer/fan base to appreciate and purchase her music.

  45. Sophia Brown

    Miss Baker you are a Orginal that voice that hair a class act.

  46. Trina Howard


  47. Karabo Mophiring

    Adult music.

  48. Jay Jones

    These song is not to no man it to the man Jesus Christ can't y'all hear it

  49. Donna A Bartell

    Anita writes the love songs.

  50. Queen Canis Lupus of The Wolf Pack

    I loved seeing this Queen in concert and she was another class act so beautiful and she sounded just like her albums A beautiful voice of course with style and perfection. Her and Luther Vandross shared the stage that night. Again I was on the arm of Mr Walker. We had an awesome time that night even after the concert there was a lot of romancing going on!! Great night.

  51. Theblessedone0519

    I have so much love for this song

  52. Denna Taylor

    Met the love of my life doing this album 30 years later still ❤❤❤

  53. Marcus Smith

    I love you Anita 2019⚘

  54. Frederick Brown

    Grew up in Detroit was even fortunate too meet the Lady many years ago Love Her Music

  55. Ashley Campbell

    I learned to walk to your music as a baby. You are the Queen of my heart, Anita Baker.

  56. Project Real Love

    I love her 💖

  57. Leah Cousineau

    Anita touched my soul when I was just a little girl I must have only been 9-10 years old. My dad had a cassette tape of hers and her music made me melt. My dad has good taste obviously. This song i must have heard 1000 times and still the hairs on the back of my neck are standing right now.... this woman is magic.

  58. Benjamin Carter

    Anita Baker "Lead me into love" the first time I heard her debut album "The Songstress "back in 1983... Musically speaking.

  59. Bridgette Dallas Davis

    You should have been named SOUL BAKER Cause you DEFINITELY SING TO THE SOUL❤️❤️❤️#UnMatchable

  60. LaPita Pura Vida

    This will NEVER get old! Aaaaahhhhh

  61. Tim G.

    Lead Me Int❤ L💞ve

  62. Marlon Lloyd

    One of my many favorite song Anita...

  63. AZ_ _SLÄYY

    Do u think people press the dislike button by accident? What is there to dislike about anything Anita sings

  64. Walter Gentry

    This the voice of and angel,thank god she's sent from heaven.

  65. Melvin Gaines


  66. Tonya Thomas

    My only son Calvin A. Thomas was birth through the many songs of this amazing artist I & his father are eternally grateful RIP🙏🏽

  67. David Dozier

    Might be my favorite song by her. ❤️

  68. tudy nix

    I can't see without see , I can't be without, I can't live without youuuuuuu,babyyy

  69. Eklektik Riss

    Background singers are on it!🔥 Sing Nita!!!

  70. Tosha Crooks

    Eln... Let it don't play and I'm going to burn ur face off... .....puffy.....

  71. Tosha Crooks

    Eln.....where is migos with my money..........

  72. jgfavor1

    George Duke on the Keys.

  73. Pole Princess

    2019....Round of Applause for the “Songstress”...👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  74. Farrah H


  75. gregory malone

    The absolute best

  76. Sean Connor

    Her best album, she made us so proud in Detroit. Love you Anita❤️🔥💯💪🏿

  77. The Pizzz Live


  78. Christopher S.

    Love Me some Anita Baker Great singer

  79. Carlotta Tafoya

    I love the B side songs

  80. Christopher Matthias

    If there can be such thing as a female crooner its most certainly Anita Baker and she does it sublimely her voice which is her instrument she plays it wonderfully colourful tones she soothes those notes out to the masses in way no one else can captivating at every instance she makes every nerve in my body come alive

  81. katrina matthews

    My husband played this song for me yesterday and I broke down crying what a Beautiful song

  82. Mark Bromley

    I want this to be my wedding song...sadly I want to marry Anita Baker....could be in for a long wait. Damn sham.

  83. Shaheeda Abdullah

    I remember when my mom brought this album home 😍😍😍

  84. sportsmansparadice42

    Bass guitar man is got it down...

  85. Bernard Coles

    This woman will change the way you feel about love for certain

  86. Cecilia Brooks

    this is me right here

  87. L. Richard

    I remember when music was so Classy! What a Classy Lady she was...

  88. Raymond Reid

    17 days left before....

  89. chocolate woman

    She had me on the first line of this
    one! "Weee may neva understaaand....

  90. chocolate woman

    She had me on the first line of this
    one! "Weee may neva understaaand....

  91. Jhay Chylla

    Man, everytime I listen to this song I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster...and frickin LOVE IT! 'Starts off nice and easy: We may never understand...then we glide with: New emotions overflow...THEN we start going in the air with: Take my heart and lead me into love. The best part, when we're the highest in the air, taking nose dives and going back up is she sings over the background singers while they repeat: Lead Me Into Love... I-never-get-tired-of-this-SONG! What a masterpiece!

  92. Leslie Jones

    Still this song rocks In 2018

    Torri X

    I'm here with you too sis😊

    Orlando Williams

    and 2019

  93. Courtney McKinney

    Shine your light so i can see

  94. Kaliyah Cromartie 13

    I keep. Singing. It I love it!!

  95. Prrissy

    My life right now ❤️🙌🏾 blessed

  96. Tosha Crooks


  97. Jonathan Nurse

    This song called "Lead Me Into Love", was sung by Anita Baker with her album "Giving You The Best That I Got", going back to 1985.

  98. Bosede Peacock333

    I love all Anita bakers music her music makes me very happy.

  99. Celestine Gobert

    Yes one of my fav songs on this albums love the background as well great song