Animals, The - Worried Life Blues Lyrics

Oh Lord, Lordy Lord, it hurts me so bad for us to part
Someday baby, I ain't gonna worry my life no more

You're on my mind every place I go
How much I love you baby, baby you'll never know
Someday baby, I ain't gonna worry my life no more

So many mornings since you've been gone
I'm on my knees prayin' to you baby, please come back home
Someday baby, I ain't gonna worry my life no more, oh yeah

I want you brown eyes, I want you till my days end
But I want you as a lover, you're no good to me as my friend
Someday baby, I won't worry my life no more, yeah

That's my story, this is all I got to say to you
Oh goodbye baby, I don't care what you do
Someday baby, I ain't gonna worry no, my life no more

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Animals, The Worried Life Blues Comments
  1. Sarah M

    4 minutes of perfection.

    David Mccarron

    So true sarah, perfection, blues ,at it's best , keep enjoying the good music.🎶🎶🎸love from Scotland💖.

  2. なつみ

    Fantastic guitar performance!

  3. steve read

    Love the guitar work in this .. was it Hilton Valentine?

    Keniel Díaz

    Eric Burdon Archive the guitar sound like it’s been played in another room

    Eric Burdon Archive

    @Keniel Díaz Because it sounds so clear? Yes, it could be recorded solo in a closed room, sure.

  4. Julio M

    That organ

  5. freedomisnocrime

    By far the best version of this song that i know. To listen to the Animals means to discover what music can mean, again.

  6. THE MOB


  7. johnny zell

    Oh lordy lord, oh lordy lord
    It hurts me so bad for us to part
    But someday baby,
    I ain't gonna worry my life any more
    You're on my mind every place I go
    How much I love you, nobody know
    Yeah, someday babe,
    I ain't gonna worry my life any more
    So many days since you went away
    I've had to worry both night and day
    Yeah, but someday babe,
    I ain't gonna worry my life any more
    So many nights since you've been gone
    I've been worried, grieving my life alone
    Yeah, but someday babe,
    I ain't gonna worry my life any more
    So that's my story and this is all I've got to say to you:
    Bye bye, baby, I don't care what you do
    'Cause someday darling,
    I won't have to worry my life any more
    Oh lordy lord, oh lordy lord
    It hurts me so bad for us to part
    Oh, but someday baby,
    I ain't gonna worry my life any more

  8. crazypainter56

    Alan Price--- a UK Vox continental and a Vox AC-30-and Eric's voice--pure R & B--

  9. Daniela Kopjar

    Wow,this voice is so nice.❤️❤️❤️❤️Eric Burdon.

  10. Małgorzata Zapert

    The best organ intro that I ever heard...

    greg irena

    Zgadzam sie Malgosiu , wspaniale. Pozdrowienia.

  11. Sheri Peters

    That Voice That face ☄️✨⚡️💫⭐️✌️

  12. coin420

    420k smoke a joint to a tremendous tune .

  13. paul cooper

    They say he was the only one that could calm down jim morrison when jim was in hes drunk reckless state.


    but Eric took a pistol and chased jim out of his house ---when jim was a drunken ass-and shot the Chandelier out of the ceiling --1967-1968--??

  14. daniele paone music

    love it... i like to play this blues with my band!!!

  15. Primed Salt

    Just fantastic...

  16. Angie 87

    Potpuna ekstaza! Nemam reci...Ovo je za sva vremena.

  17. Ed Jones

  18. James Vignali

    Pick your self up from the picnic shelter.

  19. Kim Pompa

    Raw and gritty...such soul. Man...why was I born too late?..❤️

  20. Hannn Spanner YNWA

    Voice like that coming outa such a little lad though , boss ❤️ 👌

  21. Mic

    Let's not overlook the musicianship on this track of their keyboardist Alan Price. In fact, imagine if you can his not being on their biggest hit House of the Rising Sun. Yeah, Eric was great, but in reality, the entire lineup here was too, the sum being greater than the parts.

  22. Paul Lowe

    The Animals were the best thing to come out of Newcastle and this piece of real, pissed-
    off blues is as good as House of the Rising Sun but a lot less well known. For Miss
    Caulker is pretty good, too.

  23. Glam Lover

    sexy man sexy voice

  24. Michael Lantz

    Was Eric Burdon a great Soul Singer?

    Kim Pompa

    Damn right.....

  25. Gooje Dooje

    I met eric BURTON at glen a bakers 1989 in Sydneyi asked him about hilton valintine he said he was limited his solos are still good

  26. Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird

    Eric Burden was the total package. He had mad talent, swagger, confidence, charisma, charm, looks, and sex appeal. DAYUM!!!!!

    Awesome60sand70smusic Awesome60sand70smusic

    Yes! He is cute!

    Pailine Verriere

    Blues background...real talent

    Eric Gatewood

    I love him, and I'm a guy!

    Mary Hopes

    Yeah, Eric's got It all all the time!

    Mary Hopes

    @Eric Gatewood Don't worry----I know you can't help but love him like us all here.

  27. Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird

    I have never heard a song by The Animals that I did not like. I can't say the same for a lot of rock bands/ artists.

    Sarah M

    me too. He can do no wrong, even when he does wrong. :)

  28. steve read

    Hilton Valentine plays fabulous guitar ...

    Michael Lantz

    Is he better than Keith Richards or Brian Jones during the same period?

    steve read

    I was referring to his play on this particular track. I don't racal what the Stones were doing when that album came out. I do remember buying the album .. & the nice play on words around Animal Tracks.


    Michael Lantz Brian Jones

    knowledgeseeker 2014

    Once Brian Jones said Eric burdon was the best lead singer in all of England -WEll that didn't sit too well with Mick Jagger-I think that's one of the reasons they booted him out of the Stones

  29. Eli

    Brasil aqui tbm nos curte The animals

  30. Aresha Shah

    what beauty.

    Kleberc Cruz

    vc e linda

  31. Vladimir Sánchez

    Wonderful song..

  32. claudia brando freitas

    Eric Burdon tem uma voz linda poderosa sexy ninguém canta como ele!

  33. carl hilliard

    pure class

  34. katharine vann

    Fantastic!! gives me shivers everytime- don't want to lick the sweat from EB'S arse crack though!! :D

    Pappa Michael

    damn never knew it would come to this! shivers is one thing!

  35. crazyguy684

    Really nice .

  36. Blues fan

    This track is right up there among the very best works ever recorded by anyone in my opinion.

    katharine vann

    +Blues fan why thankyou, discovered The Animals while l was still at school at the tender age of 13 :)

    Blues fan

    @katharine vann An age when feelings are raw and emotions tender - just right for appreciating the Blues.  Best wishes.

    chad lomax

    +katharine vann lucky you. I didn't discover them till i was 23. i'll take it though.


    Have to agree

  37. Antonio Carlos Mendonça

    Eric Burdon: A melhor voz dos anos 60. O cara é foda!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Mahatma Kane Jeeves

     I would lick the sweat out of his ass crack

    kandy langford

    I can appreciate the sentiment...

    Kim Pompa

    For sure....

  39. fourstarist

    Hits the spot. Raw power from that voice. EB could sing over an aeroplane landing. Wicked.

  40. Iiris Ritva Laitinen

    what a wonderful peace

  41. ludrey

    Why is there a Hammond-organ ? (visible)? The sound comes from a Vox Continental!

    Bill Fife

    @Will Law Matter of opinion. What Vox and the whole combo organ concept did was to eliminate the progressive truncation of highs designed into all Hammonds creating the piercing sound heard here that no Hammond had ever. The ones you do hear with a good solid wail accomplish it with a thing called fold-back, a retrofit attempting to accomplish what all Vox and related designs had from the beginning through raising lower register tonal profiles an extra octave so the Hammond-designed softening was diminished while still never quite getting the full sound at the high ends you experience here. Hammonds were designed as theater and church organs first while the Vox and its kin were built from the ground up specifically for rock n roll / rhythm and blues music.

  42. Zeusdattilo

    Amazing song with a great work of Alan Price on organ...
    I think that early times were a wonderul time for of the Animals...
    each member of the band at his best...

    Olga Sukhushina

    The Animals- fantastic rock group from Great Britain.... when I was
    young man I listen " House of the rising sun" I understood this music
    for me! I like albums of The Animals such as Animalization, Animalism and more. If you like British Invasion , this music for you!

  43. DrRoberts9

    Of all the British Invasion groups, Alan Price was the best player of a Vox Continental, an organ with its own unique sound.

    Blues fan

    @DrRoberts9 And he was entirely self-taught. He was ill for a long time as a boy and missed about three years of school. During that time, he taught himself how to play like this...

    Matt Attack

    You ever heard of Vincent crane from atomic rooster?

    steve read

    I played chess with him & his wife . .they alternated moves while doing other things .. I still lost.

    Julio M

    @steve read lol. And what a chance to meet him

  44. Marsune S

    Too bad the photos are so blurry.  I've seen these same photos elsewhere and they are sharp.  Gotta love the Animals and especially Eric Burdon.

  45. Loosewire2

    Ah aint go' 'a w'rryyyyy ma'laf no mo'!

  46. Bill Fife

    Their best ever. Used to give me cold sweats. When Alan left the group they were just making do. Sad so much talent had to break up.
    The way it ends makes me want to say: "...THAT's the way you do THAT!"

  47. chris kendrick

    this tune is originally hubert sumlin's (howlin wolf) "someday". great tune

  48. Skye Shropshire

    Makes me think of New Orleans for some reason. I guess it's the blues-jazz aspect of the song...

  49. Insanesince13

    Never heard this one before but it's another brilliant one from them. Eric could sing anything. I like the line "I want you as a lover". If you insist Mr Burdon

  50. Ian Catchpole

    Lovely the bluesy emotional in Burdon's voice, that great keyboard of Alan Price - and a great guitar work - love how it's kinda muted and jazzy.

  51. freddie7076

    I love it so much *-* :D

  52. Lillian Pandola

    Eric is pure Sex


    many talent ahh the good old times i remember my first smoke in a cafe/bar with life music when i went visit some friends in Liverpool the band was playing these one,when i ask who's song this is.. they said it is from the animals i said oh that's easy to remember..i really have nice music time. stones/animals.etc.i still have them on plastic the old fashioned way somewhere. thanks for sharing brought very nice memory back.and believe me there music is not wasting money in fact it is a must have

  54. TJQueens

    unos de los mejores grupos de todos los tiempos !!!!!! Love Eric Burdon ....amazing music

  55. Zenaida Valladares

    Buena canción,excelente voz la música maravillosa!!

  56. daniel pernot

    Quel blues, l'orgue est omniprésent et se marie parfaitement avec les arpèges de la guitare. Un régal

  57. CostanzaKramer1

    excuse me? what about alan price kicking ass throughout the entire song?

  58. GrtSatan

    Typo: "meet"

  59. GrtSatan

    WTF? Could it not be more obvious that I do in fact have a "user name" If it doesn't meat with your approval then that is entirely your problem.

  60. GrtSatan

    "that was then and this is now" said the fool who had the temerity to tell me to "have some originality." As unoriginal a criticism if ever there was one. Nice try, Bone Head,

  61. StrongArm888

    Well that was then and this is now. Get over it and stop repeating the same crap everyone else says - have some originality. And holy dogshit man, take your head out of your ass and get a user name.

  62. GrtSatan

    Subilme. Alan Price and Eric Burdon. Back in the day these guys were paying tribute to their musical influences. Today pop music refuses to aknowledge any such thing as a musical influence. It's all about agressive stupidity and ugly clothes.

  63. Pamela Hampton

    Damn! So HOT!

  64. Maks Peace

    The solo.. is so simple but that's what I like, simple guitar solos

  65. Thomas Navarro

    i'm lying on my bed hearing to this, ooh i hate everything.

  66. soux30p

    @crazypainter56 Im with you lol

  67. crazypainter56

    @soux30p - a little weed wouldn't hurt neither --LOL

  68. crazypainter56

    And this was played on a organ with wooden keys----!!!

    knowledgeseeker 2014

    I know I have one --Alan Price was king of the organ back then -too bad he went and only wants to play piano---he has real fast hands--

  69. spooke 69

    Good music , .. (^_,^)

  70. crazypainter56

    Alan gets such a tingling --stuttering sound out of his Vox Continental--Effortlessly--Very Bluesy --he knows where to put in fills behind Eric's voice---HE was the only Organ player for the Animals--Dave Rowberry was great--- But Alan was better----

  71. soux30p

    got to listen to this through the headphones with a glass of jack it

  72. cheyennebritbrat

    @SadStatue0ofLiberty ,,you know,,,,blow my gasket

  73. Savannah Savick

    @cheyennebritbrat hahaha! what is flip my lid?

  74. Nadiya Kostenko

    Thank you!

  75. John Lockman

    Eric Burdon is the best white soul/blue singer other than Amy Winehouse. You can really hear the Newcastle hard life in his voice. Eric Clapton can't hold a candle, guitar and all

  76. Yardbird68

    I also like the Blues Magoos version....but Eric.....Gawd what a voice!!!!!!!

    Robbie Arroyo

    That's my favorite version!!

  77. strapalonian

    The organ is killing me, in the best way possible.

  78. judsons

    Probably the best blues song recorded by the Animals. Burdon, Valentine, and Price set a mood that stands up to any Chess recording.

  79. spurnthemuse

    @luigi: I just checked the surname "Price" and it is Welsh, i.e. "British", so there is some basis, for callin the band "British". The surname "Valentine" is also probably of Norman origin, and so the vote against usin "British" as a descriptive, is, so far 2 to 1. Never use a racial term to define a place, because races relocate. For instance a true "Italian" is a red-headed, pale, freckled person. "Italian-speakin" would describe Sicilians, but it would be a lie to call them "Italians".

  80. spurnthemuse

    @luigi: The surname "Burdon" is most likely Norman, not British. I heard a rumor that he is a jew, which, if true, would also make him not British. British, English, Norman, Jew, and Dane are all not the same. However, genetic studies show that most, of the non-British bloodlines, have departed, or wandered away, and mostly, I think, like 80%, of the remainin genetics are British, in England. SPURN THE MUSE!!

  81. L.E. A.

    Alan's vox solo actually glows when put in contact with Eric's vocals.

    It's a simple scientific principle.

  82. steicy133

    that song is so awsome especially hilton's guitar solo.

  83. El J

    I don't think Eric will read this. But Good try!

  84. LuigiLee1961

    The interplay between Price's vox (organ sounds too rude)!, Hilton's guitar and of course Brudon's vocals is truly awesome. I could play this song over all day.

  85. LuigiLee1961

    One of the best British blues covers ever -along with "Confessin the Blues" by the Stones.

  86. crazypainter56

    Iam an organ player-have a Vox SuperContinental---Alan gets such great sounds out of his British Vox Continental and AC 30 --Stuttering of the notes --Sends chills up my back --Too bad he doesn't want to play organ any more -just piano--Great stuff-Hilton playing his Gretsch Guitar-----Love it---Charlie

  87. grumpy wine

    The 60's - the blues, - the passion of a young guy (me in 1965) just experiencing this great music through the lens of of an intensely roots based British Band. What an awakening ! Thank you Eric B, and Co. Thanks also to the fathers of this great music....John Lee Hooker , Ray Charles, Lightning Hopkins, Big Bill Broonzy, Muddy Waters.
    et al.....too many to name . Many thanks.

  88. Roffe6969

    I can only humble say: Thank You, Eric and the Group.

  89. robert 4

    The organ is so amazing in this song. It is hard to beleive it was a vox organ.

  90. greendome6

    as a teen in the 60s, this song introduced me to the blues...god, what a great cover of a great song!

  91. cheyennebritbrat

    eric makes me flip my lid

  92. doobiesz

    this song is amazingly well constructed.

    one of my favorite versions to this song

  93. doobiesz


  94. Steve White

    rediscovery of Animals last few weeks... deeper than I believed was only 14 when they came on the scene.... no recordings back than and too poor ever for 45 player... so was 17 before we had 4 track than 8 track car stereos... so Early stuff outside those played on radio was missed... Much stronger than Stones in their Blues roots...
    finding Animals and Kinks are as first rate creators and performers as any of those early invaders....

  95. ggrryy

    10 stars!

  96. stOOpid68

    smokin cheap cigarettes with the street light pourin thru the blinds makin stripey smoke patterns...
    ahh, the trials and tribulations of an angst ridden teenage Mod in Liverpool back in the day...
    killer song.
    anyone got "for miss caulker"???

  97. snusmumriken3

    Awesome performance of Alan Price and Hilton Valentine on this one!!!

  98. Osterreich3

    Their early material was REALLY well-performed! (blues)

  99. snusmumriken4

    One of the best (if not the best!) song of "The Animals on Tour" LP!!!