Animals, The - I Put A Spell On You Lyrics

I put a spell on you, because you're mine
You'd better stop the things that you do
I ain't lyin', no I ain't lyin', yeah!
I just can't stand it, baby, for you're always runnin' around
I can't stand it the way you're always puttin' me down
I put a spell on you, because you're mine

I put a spell on you, because you're mine
You'd better stop the things that you do
Lord knows I ain't lyin', said I ain't lyin'
I just can't stand it, baby, the way you're always tryin' to put me down
I just can't stand it the way you're always runnin' 'round
I put a spell on you, because you're mine
Because you're mine

I said I love you, I love you, I love you, oh baby how
I don't care if you don't want me
I said I'm yours, I'm yours right now
I put a spell on you, because you're mine
I put a spell on you
I just can't stand the way you're always tryin' to put me down
I put a spell on you, oh yeah
I put a spell on you, I put a spell on you

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Animals, The I Put A Spell On You Comments
  1. Pauly P

    Huge Burdon fan here!! This is closer to Screamin' Jay Hawkins which is phenomenal! However, i like Fogertys (CCR) version more. Love how he gave his original bayou style to it. And his highs while belting it out was grand👍

  2. rosalinda torres


  3. Joanne Spatharis

    I love the way Eric Burdon and Alan Price sing this song ! Awesome !

  4. елена к


  5. Josephine Joy Manno

    HE IS MINE <3 <3

  6. someguy

    That voice is the best no joke

  7. Erik Lewis


  8. Tony Layne

    I bet he made some panties wet with this one.

  9. Antonio De Donatis


  10. Maria del Carmen Vallet Perez

    Creo que esta canción la escuché versionada tiempo después, pero desconozco quién la interpretaba. Me encanta Eric Burdon. Es muy sexi su voz, su música.

  11. Mery Martínez

    Eric 💘!!!

  12. Vivian Merchant


  13. Linda Cassidy

    (÷)(=elle ❤

  14. Vladimir Rychkov

    Hi Ste, How is your spell?

  15. Karl Fisher

    He's not a man, he's an animal!!!

  16. industrialized Ham

    Isn't this a ccr song

    Trevor Morris

    world of weirdness
    It was written and first recorded by Sceamin' Jay Hawkins in 1956. CCR have done a great version I prefer to Screamin' Jay's. A very interesting and different version is by Katie Melua, also on YT.

  17. Sarah Thomas

    You put a spell on me Eric! Put it on me! Baby!!!

  18. Brett Rathmell

    needs to be played at 1.25 speed

  19. Paula Buontempo

    Eric Burdon puts a spell on me .I love you , i love ooh yea.

  20. Ingrid P

    based on the comments below, I am assuming I am not the only crushing on Eric Burdon.

    amy Hill

    discovered his music more than house rising sun couple years he's got some lungs, sings the hell out of songs makes old songs his.....big voice in little package

  21. DarthPhoenix6

    Im in a Eric Burdon phase right now 😍😍😍😍😍 😵😵😵😵😵

    Eva Brodin

    Me too since about 5 months ago and it feels as it will never stop.

    Awesome60sand70smusic Awesome60sand70smusic

    Been in a Eric phase for almost a year and still loving it 😊💜

    Curt Detman

    I'm 39 and they are and will always be my #1 favorite band. I was born 50 years late.

  22. Maria Barnard

    Not as good as Alan Prices' version

  23. Awesome60sand70smusic Awesome60sand70smusic

    Mr Burdon has definitely putt a spell on me 😍


    Hey's a true NWA MF. <3

  25. Kim Pompa

    Put a spell on me baby. Please!! But have to give mad props to the Allan Price version which was sexier and more soulful.

  26. fan eric

    Eric, le meilleur, tout simplement...

  27. Лилия Лёвушкина

    Шикарный парень

  28. Erg Budster

    Yeah, that little guy was a good singer. And Eric sounds like the only singer that ever actually listened close to Screamin' Jays original. Yeah. Big like.

    Steve Liskow

    Wasn't Nina Simone the original performer?


    No, it had to be Screamin Jay Hawkin the original. Yes, so true about coming closest to the original but different, too. Amazing voice of Burdon's and unlike Hawkin, he sounds like he means business! Screamin Kay's performance was too campy-- but I love it, too!

  29. Burak temel

    American Gods

  30. Mic

    My personal favorite of all the many, many covers of this great song. And there's be a LOT, by a lot of great artists.

    X Mo

    I never knew The Animals recorded it before CCR

  31. mostlyu

    There's 85 thumbs down 1/26/2017, The Animals a hell of a band back in the day the songs even now are great, compared to what's hitting the music charts today, dudes right the 85 who thumbed down are fans of Justin Beiber who wouldn't know music or be a man if he lived 100 years. the junk today, rap, Beiber the blade suck.

  32. Ivan a Reyes

    the animals are so famous

  33. Any Koh


  34. claudia brando freitas

    Sexy and hot like Pepper ! i love your burdy!

  35. mary SANCHEZ

    Eric Burdon you sing beatifully! I love u, I love u, I love u, cause ur mine....

  36. Jadiel Ramirez

    ho si!!!!!yea rock n roll ✌🍁🍄 paz hermanos

  37. claudia brando freitas

    Eric your voice its a like a Pepper !delicioso and hotest!


    Respect! ✌

  38. claudia brando freitas

    You put a spell on me mister Burdon!

    Erik Lewis

    It isnt "just" Eric B.

  39. Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird

    The Animals' version is the best because Eric "  Sexual Butter Cream " Burdon is the ONLY sexy singer who has sung the song. That's my position and I'm sticking to it.

    jizz n wank

    Lies, damn lies, and stats eggman

    Sheri Peters

    Lies, damn lies, and stats Every female on everyone of his sites are crazy for him. Imagine how long the line would be if we each had to wait our turn. I’d wait forever lol. I see so many of our names on the same site. Sexiest man ever!!

    Eva Brodin

    Yes he is.


    Ehh the I would say the version Them sings is better. Or the original.

  40. Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird

    The 65 dislikes are either from a) Jealous, insecure men; b) femnazis who hate ALL straight Alpha males; c) Justin Beiber fans; d) a,b, and c.


    Still making fun of Justin Bieber fans in 2017? And "feminazis" that haven't existed in years except for a handful? Using the term "alpha males"? How old are you? Because you are way behind in the times if you're trying to be insulting.

    Moises Herrera

    Yeah, we´re in the '70´s

    A Nonyme

    you forgot Illinois Nazis

    Johnny Cliche

    IAmGrafX I hate Illinois nazis...

    Mitt Roman Knee

    Kaelin Burrows 2016

  41. Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird

    A sexy song sung by a sexy  man!!!!

    mary SANCHEZ

    100% agree!!

    Eva Brodin

    I could eat him up!! the best singer and so sexy.

  42. allison argxnt

    holy shit

  43. Albert Wagner

    The ANIMALS is a metapher for future, all kind of living creationen will be stay to gether
    in harmony. That is the resaon of this wonderfull group are were be named ANIMALS.
    Human are not better than Animals and Animals the best friend of human, if they good handelt from us. Think about for example dogs, they are so a wounderfull soul, they
    very lovely to us, if we good to them !!!!!!

    Pew TheBIind

    +Albert Wagner That's some solid grade-A pseudo-philosophical BS right there.

    Fraser McGregor

    a dog will eat you alive if it's hungry enough idiot


    @Fraser McGregor
    True that... lol

  44. Grant Hurlburt

    much prefer the version by Arthur Brown (whose "Fire" you must see). John Lydon mentions meeting him in his book.

  45. Mrs. Thomas

    This one is good but I like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus too. :)

    Hilton Fernandes

    What about Nina Simone ?

    Mrs. Thomas

    I haven't heard that one.

  46. Denis Hošić

    Din don din don....♪♪♪♪...

  47. Terry Heick

    All vocals and organ make it for me, bass guitar is great. I'm Mad is another good one!

    Robin Johnson

    Yes....the original bass player was kwel.

  48. 1909Ghost

    Nothing beats Screamin's version to me but this is good too :-)


    No one will ever be able to top Jay. It's impossible.

    They just don't have the guts to.

  49. Iyebaka

    CCR did it better ...

  50. justine clark

    I love the animals most of all Chas chandler

    justine clark

    My fav. Rock group of of all time!

    Daniel Richard

    I've always loved the Animals since "House..." but, IMO, this is the worst piece of shit that I have ever heard on record with the exception of Eric's vocals. Chas Chandler on bass sucks! He played some great riffs like "It's My Life" and "We Gotta Get Out..." (I play bass and sing this song in my group), but he has no 'feel' for this song (those diatonic scale triplets stink!). This is a power Blues song that the bass needs to play simply in the lower register. The drum soloing near the end is a mush of sounds. They should never have released this!

    Alfredo Torres

    I like your comment Chas is a great bass player

    Alfredo Torres

    Sometimes you get Studio sessions players to play the song it's hard to say

  51. Steve Smith

    Great song

  52. MikeyMike72

    Never knew how much cool music the Animals made! Wow!


    @MikeyMike72 ...What about Alan Price????


    @sunnysight IDK? I'll check him out.

    Erik Lewis

    Thanks for not just focusing on Eric Burdon. Yet he is a pretty badass singer in my opinion. But still the band as a whole was ahead of their time. yet they did songs from other artists, probably. ?

  53. Дима Дима


  54. Ben Saunders


  55. Manuel Bernardo Londoño Cardona

    que bueno seria encontrar el disco inglaterra a go go es como muy dificil

  56. VultureClone

    This is good but John Fogerty does an amazing version of this song!

    Jeremiah Douglas

    Uh, check Screamin' Jay Hawkins' version of this.


    @Jeremiah Douglas Yeah I have, I like both.

    Srujan Alase

    @VultureClone how about Nina Simone's version? thought Nina's version was the best


    @VultureClone ..What about Alan Price??


    @VultureClone Hey, Arthur Brown does the very best version in my opinion.

  57. bug splat

    I like this version fine, but Arthur Brown's cover is outstanding. His voice combined with Vincent Cranes superb organ backing is a true must listen for this song.

  58. Sandra Blum

    I would for sure shag him!!!!!

  59. Elgy Gillespie

    Beg to differ -- am a huge Burdon fan but Nina Simone and Screaming Jay Hawkins truly own it, frevensakes! Burdon just turns in a workmanlike facsimile, nowhere near La Simone ,,, or even Joe Cocker's. But he's still the essence of feral excitement onstage.

  60. bcoueignas

    Ca ne vaut pas la version de Creedance Clearwater Revival, bien que je sois un grand fan de The Animals

  61. Coach McGuirk

    CCR OWNS this song but I still love The Animals. Watching CCR do this live; incredible. Its spooky.

  62. AeroDynamic

    animals and the doors, hear the similar sound?

  63. biggpiston

    i would go gay for that voice!!!

  64. Luiz Lianza

    His version of Old Man River is great too, don't be so harsh on Jay dude...

  65. Bakalakalajihad

    it is a good cover, original is my opinion.

  66. Betty Ciociola

    mmmm what a voice!

  67. bekis95

    Amazing <3

  68. heinz bohr

    Cmon Eric! Keep on celebrating the ´re the VOICE!!!!!!

  69. juha vesanen

    This is just what the original Animals with Alan Price on piano and organ was, a strongly soulful grass roots band playing and singing their souls out with heavy accent of reality world, so to say...! But let us forget Screamin' Jay Hawkins, he's a madman... only this song by him is worth of anything...

  70. Mirsini

    Why, why 20 dislikes to this AMAZING song and this INCREDIBLE voice????

  71. sigraviovio

    u did... antidote?....

  72. Kekka Moo

    Sex in a song...

  73. Dido

    That's the one I meant! It still is on YouTube.

  74. RedwoodTheElf

    Screamin' Jay was pretty crazy all right...he did a TV version where he literally went on stage with a bone in his nose and a rubber snake...saw that one on's freaky beyond belief.

  75. Dido

    A far crazier man did: Screamin Jay Hawkins. You should definitely check out his version.

  76. Shelter Skelter

    El gran solo de John Steel en la bateria 2:12 - 2:45 es el unico que lo escuche en toda su carrera con The Animals...

  77. George Nasos

    I put a sperm on you yeah because ya are miiiiine!

  78. Roni Allan Kyle

    I'm 15 and I'm IN LOVE with this version of the song and the singer's voice!

  79. imajeepster

    the CCR version is pretty solid too....

  80. Sweet Heart

    Did they do the original of this song?

  81. Carlo Gracci

    Concordo pienamente! Purtroppo gli Animals furono eclissati da band con più panache come Led Zeps,Stones etcetera.
    Anche le beau ténebreux Stevie Winwood aveva una voce fantastica.

  82. mamma0daddy

    He makes my mouth water.

  83. Edgar Benavides

    Damn right this is the way fucking man should sing loud and clear

  84. Gypsylady Laura

    Goosebumps--in a gooooood way!! this is the way a man should sing...

  85. clubagogo1234

    La mejor versión de este tema clásico fue lograda por THE ANIMALS. La sincopa que logra con el canto y figuras métricas Eric Burdon, son excelentes. El tema mantiene un "constante crescendo" hasta lograr en el final un "polirítmico" forte fortisimo espectacular para la época aquella (1966).
    Ya con el gran Dve Rowberry en teclados, que remplazó a alan Price. Luego, hay montones de versiones pero ninguna iguala a esta en el complejo trabajo realizado, sobre una base de blues tan simple. Súper!

    mary SANCHEZ

    animalism!! I loved

    Alfredo Torres

    I animals did it Blues Man

    Alfredo Torres

    Also price and David rowberry great keyboardist

  86. Caelius Tarantino

    dislikes are impossible

  87. TheWasabimann

    mhm ill stay optimistic on this :D 12 years have passed in this century :D
    mhm like most of the classics :D beatles, acdc nirvana led zeppeling etc :D its mixed :D queen and lots of 70, but also green day and some (only some) rap titles :D

  88. SadiesFaith

    it wont happen. this century doesnt know art and wouldnt know good music if it slapped them in the face. im only 21 and i am in love with this kind of music, the animals rock. what all other bands do you listen to.

  89. babyRoses7

    I have this song on the original vinyl album! And its one of my animal favorites purrrrrr!

  90. TheWasabimann

    im 17 and i hate that I missed all the great artists from the past! lets hope my generation comes up with something close to the animals or any of the other great bands from the 20th century

  91. mattrocks

    He got it in Newcastle but I love that he shared it with the world

  92. 50southpaw

    where did that kid get such a VOICE. Shattering

  93. moxie96

    Alan price had a version out too around this point.

    Bruce taylor

    Just after Price left the band, he had a version too, but of course Eric's was far better.

  94. Jesse Santana

    I like the doors lol