Animals, The - Cheating Lyrics

I know you’ve been
Oh, yes you have.
Down on me girl.
And now you want me back.

Brown on my be [?]
When I wasn’t looking girl.
Oh, yes I know it.
And now you want me back.


Once you told me you loved me.
And I believed it true.
But it’s been two years since I last saw you.
And now something tells me you ain’t been true.
You have been
Oh, yes you’ve been
Down on me girl.
I believe
And now you want me back.

I had faith and I waited.
Maybe just a little too long.
Now I’m drawing on my pension.
Someday must have been wrong.
I think you’ve been
Oh, I know you’ve been
Down on me girl. now
Oww, yes you’ve been
And now you want me back
Oh, no no no no
You’ve been cheating, yeah.
I know you’ve been now, now.
On me now.

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Animals, The Cheating Comments
  1. George Stratton

    Petty heard this and wrote breakdown screw the the legal system

  2. Danny Weasner

    The Animals -- "Cheating" is an extremely cool tune on the b-side of 1966 -- Sweet ! Even made in England awesome !

  3. Ralph Fogle

    Man, that song kicks ass!

  4. Alban Pfisterer

    I know when they recorded "Cheating": April 13, 1966, according to

    vladimir k

    Hello to you!! I was interested about the details you gave about the recording date of this song and looked up that I find very interesting but I didn't know where to start the search while on the site. Another thing I would like to know also is about The Animals "Don't bring me down" also from 1966; where it was recorded? I read once that it could have been in The Bahamas Nassau? The recording engineer was Val Valentin who worked for the MGM label then along with Ami Hadani and Adrian Kerridge.

  5. rrich

    master of none brought me here

  6. Avory

    Man, Animals b-sides are better than most a-sides...

    James Escobar

    every song the animals play are amazing

  7. SacredFireLodge

    Reminds me of Breakdown by T. Petty..

    James Escobar

    rip tom petty

  8. Borshon Gomes

    Master of none!💓

  9. Michael

    Thank you, Aziz Ansari.

    anelka grant

    omg sameee! Master of None credits song

    Ana Lucia

    Michael R yes! had to shazam it immediately !🙈