Angus & Julia Stone - Santa Monica Dream Lyrics

Goodbye to my Santa Monica dream
Fifteen kids in the backyard drinking wine
You tell me stories of the sea
And the ones you left behind
Goodbye to the roses on your street
Goodbye to the paintings on your wall
Goodbye to the children we'll never meet
And the ones we left behind
And the ones we left behind

I'm somewhere, you're somewhere
I'm nowhere, you're nowhere
You're somewhere, you're somewhere
I could go there but I don't

Rob's in the kitchen making pizza
Somewhere down in Battery Park
I'm singing songs about the future
Wondering where you are
I could call you on the telephone
But do I really want to know?
You're making love now to the lady down the road
No I don't, I don't want to know

I'm somewhere, you're somewhere
I'm nowhere, you're nowhere
You're somewhere, you're somewhere
I could go there but I don't

Goodbye to my Santa Monica dream
Fifteen kids in the backyard drinking wine
You will tell me stories of the sea
And the ones you left behind
And the ones we left behind

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Angus & Julia Stone Santa Monica Dream Comments
  1. imagin prest

    Life is strange 💞

  2. boken168

    When l living in Santa Monica , l don’t know it’s the place was so great, until l try to move out this place where l lived in 20 years before⋯⋯l love ❤️ this song

  3. SuGaR aNd SpIcE

    It's been 4 years since life is strange now we're all playing the second game with our wolf brothers

  4. praewwa jaroensuk

    Spotify please

  5. Adrian Adrian

    This song makes me feel nostalgic about something, but i don’t know exactly what it is. Really a bittersweet feeling. Only a few songs can make me feel like this. Damn beautiful

    Silver Iconics

    Same. I'm happy someone else understands this feeling. Kind of like a longing, for a future you know will never be.

  6. Blank Benefit

    Well, still can't get over this game

  7. Chibi Cthulhu

    We all just have to keep living our lives. We can’t get caught up in the what if’s and the used to’s. We just have to push forward lest we never live in the present

  8. Jessie Pulis

    Jeremy Reiffels song beautiful

  9. clumsy land

    "time won't forget you max."

  10. Nah T

    I haven’t cried to nothing like I did to this. I don’t know why.

  11. Thisiswhy Wecanthavenicethings

    I choose chloe at the end and we drove off into the sunset I secretly think this is the song they were listening to as they left that damned town behind

  12. Dale Thomson

    Used to kick back and get high to this, magic I'll never acquire again.

  13. Whateveristic

    This song is still my favorite 🌠

  14. I'm no good

    what genre of muic is this ?

  15. Jessie Pulis

    The things u do with the cards u were dealt!!!

  16. ChibieLP

    It's hard to listen to this. This was played at the funeral of my best friend.
    Stay safe everyone and enjoy life. There are a lot of people that love and please try to talk to people about your problems...even if it's hard💚

  17. xX_Castillo2020_Xx

    Fantastic song and very beatiful but WHY FOR DISLIKES FOR THIS ART.........I CAN'T STOP LISTENING THIS SONG MAKES ME CRY

  18. Jeth Rocket

    Recommend me songs like these

  19. Josiah Stout


  20. human 4

    capo 5... f... g... c

  21. Steph Valor

    LIS is pretty.... Depressing. 😭😢

  22. the cat isn't maybe dead

    the guitar soothes me, the lyrics make me sob

  23. Sleepless_Shiba

    Everyone is here from Life is Strange and I'm out here, not knowing the game nor having played it. Got it recommended from a... friend...

  24. kaylee

    It's sad you had to choose everyone else or your best friend.

  25. kaylee

    "You're right. We hella deserve this. Splish splash." - Max

  26. Sklik

    This game is the biggest "game-you'd-play-whilst-high" with soundtracks like this

  27. Noble Kiroe

    500 of the views came from me

  28. Azkiannisa

    This song reminds me of my crush, he introduced me Life is Strange and this song. I missed him so much

  29. Egemen Çakmak

    Gerçekten güzel bir şarkı.

  30. Caroline Blossom

    I'm crying because it's so beautiful 💖😭

  31. David r

    Es maravilloso!.

  32. brenda reyes


  33. kyzourz

    when i listen to this song, i wonder, does she really miss me like i miss her?

  34. Ninekit

    Four years after the initial release of Life Is Strange

    This game really has changed my view on life and what's worth

    Fernando Pérez

    Feel you

  35. Mostafa Atif

    Put this on spotify 💚

    re tep

    But is on spotify

  36. Claudimar Lambo

    Good music...

  37. srihari Chebolu

    Life is always strange :)
    Life is Strange♥

  38. L B

    This is song about Chloe and Rachel, not sure why people are quoting Max, lmao.

  39. rex

    if this stone makes you feel, you’re probably a stoner.

  40. Matt

    Any Gibi viewers out there?

  41. Gustavo Gek


  42. antonio kelvin

    True mazzy star it

  43. Vestígios de mim

    belíssimo... de uma sensibilidade fora do comum...

  44. Eatmagnificent

    im 28 and found this for the first time in 2019, great song!!

  45. Georgia Hunt

    the makers of life is strange did a good job with the music :)
    ♥ Life is Strange ♥

  46. Eve Hodgdon

    In the end, everything will be okay. Remember that ❤️

  47. サンティアゴ

    This song is so melancholic and make me a strange feeling
    Definetly LIS change my life :`)

  48. Jennifer Badinger

    This song is so calming, I like it.
    "Always remember this moment..."
    max and chloe brought me here to ,
    what a game

  49. Kiproll

    although I came here from LiS, I heard this song playing in a bar yesterday...such a good time.

  50. Fried Chinese

    shaka brah
    Life is strange...isn't it?

  51. Tiago Alves


  52. Aliyah C

    Goodbye Santa Monica dream..

  53. liu liu

    Dammit Chloe
    "Always remember this moment..."
    Life is Strange.... Best game of my Life... CHLOE ♡♡♡

  54. RekeBear


  55. Pirate Pie

    This reminds me the happy time’s
    But it also make’s me sad
    Weird :/

  56. rex

    This song is about moving away. I feel like no one in this comment section really understands, but this song is about moving away from your childhood street where you’ve grown up and all the memories you had there. It’s about wondering where all your childhood friends are at now, but not having the motivation to call them and meet up. Missing them, but being afraid of how much they’ve changed.


    I wouldn't say no one understands..
    That kinda hurts the feelings of those who do

    *Like us four people who liked your comment*
    *Because we completely understand and have gone through it*

    Tyrell MusicVideos

    but this is not what the song made me feel.
    it made me feel of someone i am so in love with.
    someone who is just not with me for what ever reason that is.
    someone that i think my heart will never be at ease again until i can rewind time.
    like Max.

  57. The Unknown

    I’ve talked to a GameStop employee and I thought I share the news that I was told that LiS 2 Episode 5 (the final episode) releases this December of 2019

  58. Lucy In Disguise

    No emojis!

  59. Paula Tejando

    Only 700.000 views? WHAT?

  60. ubadzedanz yeah

    This song is sick...make me sick actually 😂
    Oh,god this is so beautiful music ❤️

  61. Plushie Yurble

    sweet little song.. im a fan

  62. blndbrnet

    This song fucks me up

  63. Thisiswhy Wecanthavenicethings

    Your somewhere I’m somewhere your somewhere I could go their but I don’t

  64. Scarlet Black

    Pretty song.

  65. Feliciano Mondigo III


    DeshawnToo Live

    Daffa athafitra no it’s this version actually. The real version. Just type in Santa Monica and it should be the first thing that pops up. I’m literally listening to it right now

    Feliciano Mondigo III

    DeshawnToo Live still not showing up.

    Daffa athafitra

    @DeshawnToo Live its aysha panter , not angus&julia

    DeshawnToo Live

    Daffa athafitra I wish I could drop a screenshot in here of it. I promise mine says Angus and Julia Stone lol I don’t know how you guys aren’t seeing the real version

    Feliciano Mondigo III

    @DeshawnToo Live Maybe it's because you have it on your PC? Sometimes Spotify adds songs that's already on your PC but not on the app itself.

  66. Damae Arii

    I'm here for Life is strange ❤️❤️

  67. Bad Singer

    I chose to lose Chloe in order to save hundreds but it still hurt since I was attached to her

  68. L O S T S O U L

    Life is Strange. ❣

  69. bacon fat


  70. Gray Pic

    This Game Destroyed My Emotions

  71. Chara Dreemurr

    it was 2019... Life is Strange ♥

  72. Val Gerne

    The vocals make me angry
    The instrumentals make me calm

  73. Koning Jasper

    Its depressing for me!

  74. marina and the summertime eyes

    If you’re here from LIS, leave a “🦋”.

  75. Christian Salgado

    Julia sounds like Melanie Martinez

  76. Shany Abdul

    such a soulful music

  77. RKS Film production

    Life is strange👔💓💓💓💓💓💓

  78. AndreaAisaka De Leon

    This song saved my relationship💜

  79. RockinRobin Gaming

    This is such a pretty song...

  80. n543576

    Two new break ups down sense I first played Life is Strange, and this is still my go to song....

  81. Paul Jayanand

    Hit like if listing in 2019 👍

  82. Sebastian Steinhoff

    is anybody here because they like a&js, and not because of Life is Strange?

  83. changeqe

    I was going to ask who's here from Life Is Strange cause I'm here from Life Is Strange but then I remembered that no one gives a fuck about that and I remembered that I actually didn't want to ask that stupid ass question, because it doesn't matter where we know this song from, we stayed for it, the accompanying 'memories' make it even better. Oh yeah yeah that was a stupid ass comment

  84. Camille Suarez

    Chloe and Max 💙

  85. Rainy

    This is so painful 😢

  86. Hibryd7

    The white noise is so crucial.

  87. Sam Edenburn

    I need a hug


    im sending you a big hug from peru :)

    Barte4k W

    Hug from Poland;-)

    Kakes Revenge

    Hug from czech republic

  88. Rolene Decina

    Please can I get tab for this? I love it so much and want to learn it

  89. Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人

    life is strange.

  90. Brandon Price

    The voice in this song reminds me of Billie Eilish a little

  91. RaccoonMoustache

    When this played in the room I stayed

  92. dah qc

    why isnt this on spotify


    It actually is

  93. J. peter

    Gooooooood my favorite song thank you julia

  94. Rodrigo Branco

    What a beautiful song!

  95. Felipe Valdés

    Goodbye to my Santa Monica dream... i want that dream :c

  96. bigBobfan biggestfan