Angus & Julia Stone - Hush Lyrics

If you wake to find you're all alone
Call me up on the telephone, and I'll say
"Come on 'round, kick up your feet"
I'll check to see if your heart still beats, you can stay
I heard her laugh but she sounded blue
I said "you know my heart's for you, it lies awake
Dreaming of its promised land
A gentle touch from your gentle hand" I would say

So hush, little darling, don't you cry
Hush, little darling, gonna make you mine

I know our love did rust away
But through that window came a better day
So don't close the blinds
Cause you're my light, you're my emptiness
The pretty colours on that summer dress, babe
You're all the things that fall from the sky
The sun, the rain, the moon, the light, babe
So come on down to this earthly being
And I'll hold you close when you're in need, babe

So hush, little darling, don't you cry
Hush, little darling, gonna make you mine
Hush, little darling, don't you cry
Hush, little darling, gonna make you mine

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Angus & Julia Stone Hush Comments
  1. J D VLOG iceland

    Great music

  2. Jeremy Corbeil

    Harmonica tabs anyone ?

  3. Dina Fedali

    😍 j'adore

  4. ben biamont

    anyone know who plays the harmonica in the song ?


    the man singing, Angus Stone.

  5. Phyllis Grant

    Came upon this by chance. Amazing.

    Bo cain

    santa monica dream

    Bo cain

    mr porter's 'heart beats slow'

  6. Michael Tingle

    Very Dylan-esque.

    Isabel Miranda


  7. Ines navy blue

    Angus <3

  8. Keké Biacchi

    linda! adoro angus e julia stone.

  9. Liz Aleide

    I'm really sorry for your loss :( I hope you and your neice are feeling better, I know this kind of stuff is really tough to get through but just keep your head up.

  10. Eli Kh

    torn if i should thumbs up or down, i hope she'll cope with it, and may she always have someone like you next to her... ):

  11. Wahtur

    What a fucking douchebag.

  12. Ucha Chakhvadze

    that's all you need

  13. Up All Night Gaming

    thanks for calling me a liar, if only i was and my sister was still alive.

  14. dora11080

    bright side of life :)

  15. ingmar willems

    when u have no feelings, how can u dislike? :P

  16. pro173

    I don't really know why but this song gives me hope.

  17. Britney Lee

    his voice reminds me of bob dylan in some ways <3 Love this song so

  18. Natalie Louise

    such a reassuring song.

  19. Valentina Badea

    i think i'm falling for this! :X

  20. Davina Acuna

    y u so guud?

  21. alexdcb

    1 Dislike from Justin Bieber :D

  22. Up All Night Gaming

    I sing this song to my neice when i put her to bed, her mother just passed away last month, and she likes when she hears the sound of a harmonica.. she's only 8months.

  23. Keiran Simpson


  24. WazupLily

    this is exactly the kinda musis I love. This song is awesome, brilliant. I do nothing but listen to their songs, they make me feel good:) ANGUS AND JULIA STONE ARE THE BEST

  25. Gabameji

    wow this is great! definitely influenced by some neil young! i love it!