Angra - Out Of This World Lyrics

So now I see
How nice it could be
To rocket through the star
Like a fire bullet through the sky

Beautiful sight
Silent and bizarre
Wonder where you are
Rocket like a bullet through the sky
Circling on orbit through the night

Peace of mind - not so far away
Till I find my way back home
So close to me
Reaching out - to learn how good life is
Living in a world like this
So close to me
Our blue marbles just a grain of sand
And the universe is waiting for us there

Out of this world..
Into the darkest night
Hoping that I'm not alone
People are lost on that solid ground
And there's something I want you to know
We are slowly destroying this world
No other planet
Nowhere is better than here
Into the night

Out of this world
Spinning around the night
Seeing the people so small
I see how much we have screwed our lives
And there's something I'm trying to say
There'll be no second chance for our race
Circled horizons
Staring at our lonely world
Into the night
Like a fire bullet through the sky
When I find my way back home

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