Angie Miller - Universe Electric Lyrics

Wake up and shake off the dust
The world is waiting
First light, ready your eyes
A new day breaking
Theres no divide it's all in our minds
Static in the air (static in the air)
Fill up the void and shut off the noise

Universe electric, we’re connected
Feel the pull, feel the pull
Universe electric, when we let it
Take ahold, take ahold
We know we’re not alone
As one, we’ve just begun
To light this fire

Oh no, never let go
Let the flames burn higher
Theres no divide, it's all in our minds
Static in the air (static in the air)
We’ve heard the cry so burn up the sky

You could choose to spend your years
All alone and disappear
But I'm not, no I'm not
You can try to fade away
But no one wants to fade away
Oh no, oh no

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Angie Miller Universe Electric Comments
  1. KAD900

    Random question if you ever see this. This is one of my favorite EPs ever, and I was wondering if you have the downloads for the entire EP still. I would like to have them to keep with me to listen to, but versions I find online are usually edited for copyright purposes and the versions I can find threaten to spam my devices with viruses. 😅 I was wondering if you didn't mind and you had copys, if maybe you could email them to me? Thanks for your time! ☺

    Maurice Micheal

    yes. i have them all! haaha


    Maurice Micheal Would you by chance be willing to share them with me? If not, I totally understand. Do not worry. I just love the music and copies are hard to find.


    Sorry to be a hassle, but I was just curious. I don't wish to risk getting a virus or anything aha. Her ep came up in my mind today and made me think about it again. 😅

  2. jaechell saclolo

    this is so good every one lets support her...

  3. Merman 82

    she is the best i love all of her songs