Angie McMahon - Silver Springs Lyrics

You could be my silver springs
Blue green colors flashin'
I would be your only dream
Your shining autumn, ocean crashing
And don't say that she's pretty
Did you say that she loves you
Baby, I don't wanna know

So, I'll begin not to love you
Just turn around, you'll see me runnin'
I'll say that I loved you years ago
And tell myself you that never loved me, no
Don't say that she's pretty
Did you say that she loves you
Baby, I don't wanna know

Time casts a spell on you, but you won't forget me
I know that I could have loved you, but you would not let me

Time casts a spell on you, and you won't forget me
And I know that I could have loved you, but you would not let me
So I'll follow you down with the sound of my voice, it will haunt you
And you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you
And you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you

You could be my silver springs
Blue green colors flashin'

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Angie McMahon Silver Springs Comments
  1. Roxana Vera

    Hece tiempo que se esperaba que alguien asi apareciera en escena , era urgente un talento de este nivel en la musica woow!!

  2. Pedro de george.

    You remind me tracy Chapman voice

  3. Finn Jake

    You sound like Angel Olsen, with your own twists, and turns

  4. Nicole Davis

    Got damn all the feels! This cover is better than the original. Sorry not sorry

  5. cvT

    It’s so fucking good! 😁🙏

  6. Edan Cohen

    Phenomenal! I rarely hear covers of songs that equal or eclipse the original, but this --- this is a masterpiece!

  7. Lily L.

    Stunning cover as always, love you and hope to see you play one day

  8. Timmy Lindeman

    I’ve been a huge fan of you for ages now and I get so excited when you release a new song! Ahh! Thank you for creating such beautiful music

  9. elizabeth

    saw you perform in dc!! such a beautiful performance

  10. lewisportsmouth

    Yes Fucking YES!. This blew me away in Sydney when you played it guys. thanks for sharing

  11. Joe Moosbrugger

    Sounds like a record player on 33 speed....simply put it blows .....monotone bland ..... not even sentimental no bells violins just a deep voiced chick banging her guitar guess I need to take a trip back to 77 to hear good stuff

  12. Luca Frau

    always beautiful and extraordinary with her warm and persuasive voice.

  13. The Alpine Element

    chicken tenders.

  14. Kratom Tree Of Life

    Damn this is horrible! Just stop


    kim keel if u knew Stevie personally the you know Stevie wouldn’t speak like that and you wouldn’t know Stevie is a loving kind person, nice try though, I find it funny that if someone doesn’t like someone’s stuff they have to go out their way to let them know, what does that even achieve? It’s so funny yet so sad

    Kratom Tree Of Life

    @NathFilms I don't need to prove to you who I know and don't know I know a whole lot of people I'm a singer myself yeah I know her very well and she is a nice person but she can also be very honory you don't know anything about her but I can tell you this all the that aside this s*** sounds like dogshit I've never heard anything sound so bad my life is really bad say what you want this s*** sucks

    Kratom Tree Of Life

    @NathFilms lol I'm laughing at you because you have no clue who I'm related to somebody you've heard on the radio millions of times oh you of little knowledge

    Kratom Tree Of Life

    @NathFilms I'll tell you what's so sad is someone to take such a beautiful song and f*** it up so bad and think they sound good doing it LOL f****** disaster


    kim keel ur a singer, post ur videos? Otherwise shut up u dumb mutt, I’m friends this person I’m friends with this person blah blah blah no one gives a fuck, I like dropping people I know cool, a name dropper, no one cares and no u don’t know Stevie, ur a try hard

  15. Rebeca Paliza Yañez

    I love your song and your t-shirt ,
    Tell Me How You Really Feel .CB

  16. Dizzy Daisies

    I love your vocal style; it is so unique to you and sounds aesthetic AF, just sayin'. Much love ♥♥

  17. Mary Ross

    Well then..... Now I'm crying

  18. the gurge

    Nice. I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to tell Stevie "umm look you know, we're not going to be able to fit this on Rumours, soz".


    what a HUGE mistake, it's probably one of the best songs they ever produced.

  19. Catherine Cheek

    We saw Angie at the Hozier show two weeks ago. She was phenomenal.

  20. Bob Hope

    wow every time I hear you I love it. thank you.... would love to see you live

  21. Adar Malik


  22. Valentin Henning

    Nice one :D

  23. o o

    Wow. That was really bad.


    o o zip it 🤐 ass clown

  24. Rachel T

    “So I begin not to love you.” 💔

    I feel like every line in this song is quoteable. It’s distilled heartbreak.

  25. Kiddo

    Side note. Beautiful cover

  26. Kiddo

    Got the 69th like 😏

  27. simon brisebois

    It was amazing! Your voice is really beautiful. Glad I found you! Cheers from Québec 😊

  28. Macey R

    Hearing you sing this in Bethlehem was incredible. You’re amazing!

  29. Guinnessa

    One if the worst covers I've ever is this serious?

    Mumbly, wrong key amateur. I would rather see you perform your own work.

    This emotionless version is only good for loser ex wives who need somethig to cling to


    Guinnessa pipe down

    simon brisebois

    Troll Alert 🤓

    Bella Brundage

    Pretty unneccessary to voice such a harsh opinion...I understand that it's nearly impossible for everyone to like a performance of something, but if you are to criticize it, at least make it constructive criticism - help them instead of hurt them.

  30. Emily Fournier

    It was so lovely to hear you open for Hozier in D.C. last night and sing this song right near the city that inspired it <3 You're incredible

  31. CaptainxCaboose

    That's the chick right there! louder..... LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Julie Currier

    there’s such a specific emotion attached to silver springs that’s hard to put into words. loving someone so deeply that they feel inseparable from your own person and the desperation that comes with the shattering of all the dreams you had about being with them. but also the exhilarating and liberating feeling of teetering on the realization of just how much space they’d leave in your life when you let go of loving them and all the possibilities before you of who you can become in that new space? and yet at the end of the day still needing to know that the love was once real and the boldness it takes to assert to the other person and even to yourself that it was real because it was real to you, even if it was unrequited. anyways her voice captures it really well and it suits the song beautifully

  33. Hannah Rose

    put this on Spotify please!! this is so dope

    Magic Official Channel

    It's there! I came here after listening to this song on spotify. Her voice is incredible

  34. Fives Alives

    Unreal! Much love from Canada!

  35. shffx

    ❤ Thank you!

  36. Sigh Clops

    Hi Angie:) You’re truly the best and I could listen to your voice all day. You’re an incredible artist and I’m so happy you exist!

  37. NathFilms

    Omg u did it!! I asked for this on Instagram, thanks so much for doing this Angie !