Angie McMahon - Pasta Lyrics

My bedroom is a disaster
My dog has got kidney failure (failure)
I've been sitting at the bar too much
Kissing people in my head
And saying rubbish things I should not have said

And they're building things outside my window
Everywhere I look there's signposts (signposts)
I just sit in my house making noise for fun
And I'm not moving much or proving much to anyone

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while
And I'm feeling tired

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while
And I spend so much time eating pasta
Although I'm probably allergic and other people seem to move so much faster

I wonder why I'm feeling lonely
When there's plenty of ways to be alone
I guess I spent all of yesterday on my phone

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while
And I'm feeling tired

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while

Now I am simultaneously on top of someone's pedestal and also underneath someone else's shoe
Oh isn't it a shame about the view
Can anybody climb aboard this structure I have made to wrap myself around the promise that there is room
Oh isn't it a shame about the view

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while
And now I'm feeling tired

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while
But now I'm really trying

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while
But I'm really trying

I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost
I've been lost for a while

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Angie McMahon Pasta Comments
  1. e v a

    10/10 would recomend

  2. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    Same bruh

  3. MrRusCrack

    great work

  4. Erin S

    so many moods in this video and song

  5. Ardi Arfikri Arbar

    Where are the WWE comments tho?

  6. Joe Whispell

    First time listening to your music, reminds me so much of Shakira for some reason. I like it

  7. Finn Jake

    Capturing my mood, hehe

  8. Gamal Jaert

    Чисто я все новогодние праздники хотя нужно было готовиться к зачету и экзаменам и теперь меня отчисляют((

  9. Максим Горайчук

    когда отключили интернет

  10. Lacoste Framework

    И клип и текст 🥰❤
    Боже да это же не песня это же моя жи знь

  11. Edward Lewis Paxton

    You might be my baby half clone too 😍😘

  12. Vojtěch Smutný

    Lucy Dacus vibes

  13. Nicholas McArthur

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she's so pretty!!!!!! When she puts the sticker on her face, my heart melted

  14. Семен Машковский

    Hi from Russia epta

  15. Arik

    Весь клип рассчитан на футфетишистов

  16. Brett Unger

    Cocaine is a helluva drug....,;howa bout wears’s the end....

  17. Andrew Kitanov

    Wanna be fun? Fun yourself :D

  18. Андрей Викторович

    Восхитительное видео, я рад что посмотрел его) Успехов)

  19. M M

    Dog thing waffles

  20. dimafet001

    If you gave Florence Welsh more guitars.

    We all have a hunger.. for pasta

    Christina Anna


  21. Matias Reyes

    This is still so damn relatable to me

  22. Noah Waltz

    i feel like this is someone i could love

  23. LAOUINI Ikram

    I identify with this.

  24. Derrick McAdoo

    sorry about your dog. I've come back to hear the song again tho. It's nice.

  25. Melissa Maykin

    God I love lasagna and I love you.

  26. Brett Unger

    Ends up sounding like the somehow.....😐

  27. Jimmy Oxway

    she loves flicking her filthy bean

  28. Jykes Panda

    I'm still lost

  29. Пеньджан Старейший

    Песня классная, но кто-нибудь дайте ей уже гитару

  30. Fenil Sanghvi

    Thanks for helping. I know you must be confused reading my comments. But it helped me internally .

    I wish you great for your journey ahead being the great singer. Your voice is soothing and gives people peace. Keep doing what you do. Thanks

  31. Fenil Sanghvi

    I have decided. That’s it. I’m moving to Canada. Thanks 😊

  32. Fenil Sanghvi

    ❤️❤️ truest feeling ☺️😇😚

  33. Fenil Sanghvi

    Your voice is really soothing

  34. Fenil Sanghvi

    I have been lost. Now I guess found my ways. Thanks 😊. Why sometimes I feel I want to fly in the universe and enjoy it for once atleast. It’s a strange feeling of touching the stars ✨ and feel the wide stretched universe then I will be happy than ever.

  35. Алексей Томилов

    0:09 лол я тоже так делаю когда делаю геометрию))))

  36. Joseph Cox

  37. Jimmy Tulloch

    Is this song on something? I feel like I have heard it before ...

  38. kel key

    A good song with some good dogs in the vid, I’m in heaven

  39. diggbee dowrong

    I ate a ton of ricotta gnocchi today and this popped up. A gluten gang screaming female. Super into it

  40. Lauran Miller

    Saw her open for Hozier in NY shes fucking amazing 💛💛💛

  41. Casablancas

    Pasta 2020


    did you build it yet.

  43. OneSilentGiant

    I can dig it

  44. Chris92 S

    This is weird....I dont know why YouTube suggested it but I love it XD


    The tempo change made me subscribe. That voice, those lyrics, it's exactly what I love. Getting Mitski vibes

  46. Conor Cleary

    All the cute doggos <3

  47. Wayne R

    This is a disgrace to pasta please delete

  48. Chad Brad

    Beautiful Soul

  49. Greywolf

    So this is a song about student life? Accurate

  50. Neyyire Ayse


  51. DontFuckWitDreDay

    The thumbnail makes her look boring while some dude is eatting her out.

  52. Ivy K Green

    Yo where have you been all my life

  53. UmiTurko

    Clever youtube knows my fetish damn

  54. eliza larke

    love the song but i find it so comical when she says the bit about pasta cause it sounds so melodramatic ahahahaha

  55. FREE YOUR MIND 101

    love it

  56. Alpha

    Im in love.

  57. Just Bucket

    I know, you won't read this heh, but somebody other possibly can, so if you randomly tripped over this comment, I just wanna say, that I feel quite the same for over a year now. I have so much ideas, feelings, stories to share, but nobody listens to it. So don't worry about not being heard. Buy a dog and be happy for a long period of time.

  58. Vextipher

    Just seeing this now, surprised by the disproportionate subs to views. Hopefully the former catches up!

  59. Georg Schmidt

    I am a little Bit in love with you. Thank you for your music. Cheers

  60. Ash Bostick

    i love this and your voice

  61. blackguitar000

    I was gonna stay in but after watching this im gonna hit the open mic, trya new song. thanks pasta lady.

  62. blackguitar000

    i relate to all of this and i love your voice.

  63. Carlos Paredes

    i love it

  64. Gggccc Dddaaa

    Def just made this video just to hang out with a bunch of dogs

  65. Tony Bloom

    This is great, thanks

  66. estelleox

    Do you work for the FBI and how long have you spied on me to be able to write exactly everything about my life in one song? from the dog with kidney failure to pasta & disaster rooms, feeling lost and tired. I demand answers.

  67. Jackie Steinman

    making pasta as i listen to this

  68. Aceris

    Angie, I adored your opening at Hozier's concert in Rochester. So happy I stumbled across you & your music. It's wonderful to see the husky beans!

  69. Infernal Moondance

    What the honest fuck is this?

  70. nic lecher

    Fucking awful noise

  71. Bogomil Kostadinov

    She's so adorable , i just cant stop look at her..

  72. Antón Vázquez

    Angie McAhroni

  73. Jayson Cole

    I too made a song about Pasta - and I was searching for it, and saw your video, and Holy F*ck...I like this song alot. From one pasta song creator to the next. Your song is 10000x better than mine and I feel this song. Here's mine if you're ever wondering what a sh*tty pasta song sounds like:

  74. nejwa B

    I wish she was my friend

  75. Diyanah Jean

    Babe town central.
    Impossible not to love her

  76. J.C. Palmer

    Saw her live (opening act) recently, and she's incredibly sweet in person.

  77. Morgan Olson

    Relatable in almost every way...

  78. Katrina Louise

    LOVE this so much <3

  79. Terry Spry

    I actually love this song so much

  80. adam stinson

    I fell in love with this song right before I moved out of my parents' house for the first time, and I had no idea how much of an accurate prophecy it would be.

  81. Quinn Hopkins

    Somehow this reminds me of the pretenders

  82. Andrew Donnelly

    Have you had a gluten/casein peptide test? You may be allergic.....

  83. Mark Foley

    Songs the nuts cant get it out of my head !!

  84. Vini fts

    I like the song sooooo much, probably like pasta ;D

  85. Atlantis life

    Bridge is dope ♡

  86. Atlantis life

    Infj hahah

  87. George Inmortalus

    Pasta es la posta!.

  88. Sylvain Lhôtellier

    Oh F... what a voice ! Is she Chrissie Hynde hidden daughter ?

  89. SuperUzzle

    Another amazing song! Will pick up "Salt" first thing tomorrow. <3 :)

  90. epiphone red

    I came here to leave my dislike lol

    Ann Margret

    epiphone red why?

  91. Jonathan Arriaga Palacios

    You are really talented even when you are tired :0 and so beautiful too. ♥

  92. mitchell Rud

    Que gran canción! Fantástico!

  93. Erik Bonilla-Sanchez

    i hope your dog is okay :(

  94. Edro Septic

    Is it just me or does she sound like Chrissie Hynde?
    When I first heard Keeping Time, I thought it was The Pretenders.
    She’s got an incredible voice.

    P. B.

    No the Pretenders were good.

  95. Naturaleza Muerta

    First era Shakira

  96. Alfredo Gocher

    Los perritos animaron el video