Angie McMahon - Mood Song Lyrics

I wouldn't drive
Down your street
I don't drive
And I wouldn't dance
If you asked me
I'm not in the mood to jive

There's a thing you'd like to say that you won't
There's a thing I'd like to do that I can't

There is no need to explain it
Don't I know that
People, we tend to get shaky
So let's just keep that ship at bay
Keep that shit far away
From me

If there's a thing you'd like to fix, well go on
And if you'd rather not be here, move along

It's better to run
It's better to run
It's better to run

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Angie McMahon Mood Song Comments
  1. The Lone Wolf

    Simple lyrics yet so so're a lyric wizard Angie, thanks for your tunes

  2. Troy Roberts

    This song takes me straight to a peaceful place.

  3. RewdAwakening

    Good song is good.

  4. Jake

    Every single song on this album is absolutely stunning, but this, this captures something that not many singers can, something that people can relate to but don’t understand why. Honestly by far the best song I’ve heard this year, thank you Angie!

  5. Esther Lindeman

    I'm generally obsessed with your music. I can't believe how beautiful your sound is and how true your words are. I could be having the worst time and hearing your music gets me through it. Thank you

  6. georgia stanford

    FIRST VEIW FIRST COMMENT!!!! Angie you genuinely are such a talented soul and I appreciate the work and Time you put into your art. your music has been with me through a lot and I’m so grateful for that. 🌟 keep being you, it’s so so great