Anggun - Silent Vow Lyrics

I can take a deep breath
Always lean on my faith
When hurt overcomes

I can hide my teardrops
Fake a laugh till I stop
Feel the pain inside

I can put in a smile
Ditch the truth for a while
Until it expires

I can take it easy
Abandon my gravity
As long as they can’t see

I have learned that a lie
Is another way to survive
Secrets solidified

I have learned that a lie
This prison of mine
Is nothing but a silent vow
So hush...

All i ever wanted
Elegantly wasted
Vanished in my mouth

Sparks of light for rescue
When i think about you
Makes me dare to try

I have learned that a lie
It’s somehow my way to survive
Secrets solidified

I have learned that a lie
It’s such a wrong way to survive
Feeling undignified

Wouldn’t you please free me from
This prison of mine
Help me break this silent vow
Cause i have something to tell
But hush...

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Anggun Silent Vow Comments
  1. hariyadi wibisono

    Kok baru denger sih lagu ini...indaahh...dan "meluruhkan" rasa...coba versi Indonesianya...ada blm sih...jujur baru kali ini denger....

  2. Joe Wiranata

    Simple lyric,beautiful melody, sensual romantic feeling....only ANGGUN ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. mee pooh

    Such a nice song with beautiful end rhymes

  4. Bualanama Wau


  5. Arief Koesmadie

    musik dan lirik yang indah

  6. ratnadewi ambarwati

    bagus banget...meluruhkan perasaan...

  7. Inferna Blossom

    This is how I usually feel.

  8. asis william

    beatyfull liric and music..magnifique voix