Angels, The - The Zoo / Name Dropping Lyrics

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my,
Dyin’ to get you drop the atom bombs

Need to stand in a little start
People wait for the little things
Modern man began to kill the same
All along and on and on
They’re shakin’ and they’re singin’ a song that’s all
At the zoo
Whoo! At the zoo
When you learn to fake
Tryin’ to shake it
The Zoo

They all act so civilised
Its makes us well to criticise
There are plainer things that monkeys do at the zoo
Some day’s they all come and go
So watch the watchers watching us
They know there’s something special at the zoo
Do do do do do, do do do do do do!
Sunday at the zoo, whooohoo!

Hope it bird dog and the last on
Come on pretty Patrick White
Number pies as you fight
Holding well tonight
Hurry I’m ready for lets game
Mohammed Ali, Chucky Nicholson
Ronald Biggs and Chuck Keys
Eat ‘em alive and Keith Richard
Johnny Rotten, Salvador
Double double K
Chuck Berry, Elvis Costello, matrimony gig
Gary Coleman, Star Wars and metal game
Richard Nixon, stopped by the yellow people
Get a hold on

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Angels, The The Zoo / Name Dropping Comments
  1. Terry lick

    in the ZOO RESTAURANT. 👍 😂😁

  2. Stephen Lancaster

    Very good album