Angel Olsen - Windows Lyrics

Won't you open a window sometime
What's so wrong with the light
What's so wrong with the light
Wind in your hair, sun in your eyes

We throw our shadows down
We must throw our shadows down
We live and throw our shadows down
It's how we get around
In the sun
In the sun

Why can't you see
Why can't you see
Why can't you see
Are you blind
Are you blind
Are you blind
Are you dead
Are you alive
Are you alive

Won't you open a window sometime
Won't you open a window sometime
What's so wrong with the light
What's so wrong with the light
Wind in your hair, sun in your eyes
What's so wrong with the light
What's so wrong with the light
What's so wrong with the light
What's so wrong with the light
What's so wrong with the light
What's so wrong with the light

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Angel Olsen Windows Comments
  1. Tafadzwa patterson

    An unrequited kind of love.....

  2. Enzo10 Ocampo

    1:49 the best part!!!

  3. Ray

    ugh there is nothing worse than the comment section of a really great song being full of folks referencing some tv show the song was in. Yes other folks came from there. You're here now, be present with the song

  4. Shardul Nikam

    The lyrics from 2:30 make me feel uneasy, kind of depressing but you know beautiful, and the music, oh God the music 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Fernando Alencar


  6. Noma M

    Wow my friend suggested this for me this month n i loved it after hearing it like 3 times ithink ❤️💕beautiful song

  7. dani7silver

    I love the allusions to Tarkovsky's Zerkalo. Lovely video!

  8. Brian Martinez

    Last episode of the first season was like a knife being plunged into you

  9. Bsp Productions

    so, what happens next?

  10. Joseane araldi


  11. varin wiz

    Just loveeeeeeeeeee with her voice

  12. The Buttery Hippo Show

    You can’t love someone back to life
    You can try

  13. electrical subs

    Visit my channel guys

  14. Rue Dwyer

    Not in the eyes sweetie....

  15. Fahad _Kreem

    Many reasons why brought me here

  16. Robin Barton

    Reminds me of the Cocteau Twins. ♥️👍🏻

  17. Brianna Cardenas

    I was having a bad day but discovering Angel Olsen made it better ❤️

  18. Abhinav Yadav

    True artist.... Respect you

  19. Engineer Adventure

    I couldn't tell her, I couldn't hold her. How am I supposed to live with that((?

  20. Jaap Malan

    Everyone's saying 13 reasons brought them here, am I the only one here because of Zane Hijazi.

  21. venice bitch

    Unhelpful yoda! Unhelpful yoda!!

  22. iLoveEbola

    no too hipster for me

  23. wax and wane

    Beauty...aldous harding brought me here❤

  24. Boyke Ramdhani

    bagus banget. album barunya kapan mba. my woman udah bolak balik diputer.

  25. Jackie

    Hey it’s Hannah, Hannah Baker
    Don't adjust your...whatever device you're hearing this on. It's me live and in stereo. No return engagement no encore, and this time absolutely no requests. Get a snack, settle in because I am about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically why my life ended And if you're listening to this tape, you're one of the reasons why...

  26. Michaël X

    Feelin' like God put an *Angel* on Earth just for you, who could rescue you from the depths of hell.

  27. Michaël X

    This has always been one of my most favourite songs of Angels, I couldn't begin to explain why. Must've played it a thousand times.

  28. rahul sisodia

    Never gonna get this voice out of my mind.

  29. LambertTV

    13 reasons why ;c

  30. J Lansdale

    So gooooooooddd

  31. N. Silva

    God, I used to be obsessed with this song a few years ago. Glad I'm back to listening to it. I love Angel so much.

  32. Arthur Fleck

    Terrible song name choice. Every time someone looks this up, YouTube's gonna bombard you with windows 7,8, and 10 installation videos.

  33. sagorika sarkar

    "You did an evil thing hannah"....

  34. Abhinav Yadav

    Beautiful voice ❤

  35. iamSuicideStation

    Amei isso

  36. Shardul Nikam

    3:10 That is so beautiful.

  37. Alyssa sadhours

    are you blind? No, they are. To not see the pain I'm in. And to see the suffering in my eyes. To see the things I have been through. In my shoes, not theirs. Why can't you see? Why can I only know ? Why are you blind to this? Please. Give me an answer.

  38. anurag lko

    13 reasons why brought me here

  39. ☾Street Light☽

    You will be an apple tree among all the ash coloured buildings of this city.


    Destroyed me...

  40. Angel A

    Love love love ❤️🦋

  41. Joan Samson

    I looked up saddest songs, this was the first.

  42. Ğ Ğ

    All hail the glow cloud.

  43. Da B

    R.i.p. M.Z.

  44. Nandini MJ

    13 Reasons fan where are u??

  45. Dave Noland

    If you somehow managed to ask me that concerning my first poem. I would have to do that drug on the movie (forgive the reference) Hannible Rising, in which he injects a drug and is able to miraculously (if fictitiously) remember the past. "What's so wrong with the light" hahah Love the song.

  46. Fernando Roberto

    13 reasons why 😥

  47. Anonymous !!

    Bryce: Entonces...nos vemos?

    Justin: No me volverás a ver...

  48. Nilanjan Paul

    the woman in the video reminds me of Sylvia Plath. Tragic! 😢

  49. kalakar

    Loved this its just freakin awesome i dont have words🙏🙏

  50. robotic_panda

    windows 10 +

  51. Liam

    13 reasons brought me down.

  52. Yung Vandal

    "Ok Google whats the saddest song?"
    "Ok Google how to not be sad?"

  53. Mostafa El Masry

    2019 ? ❤

  54. Android Marshmallow ahh

    Where are the Windows
    Oh wait
    I have a computer that has Windows
    On it called Windows 8
    But really what you they mean?

  55. Android Marshmallow ahh



  56. Ernest Luis Garcia

    its like windows xp startup full song

  57. Youssef Lakhdhar

    Oh man!!! one of the best songs I've ever heard. Eargasmic !! <3 <3

  58. J Lansdale

    I love this fucking song

  59. Yen Zarandin

    Some of you cared. Just not enough.

  60. luna sanders

    Angel Olsen – “Windows” This is a sad song with a secretly positive message.

    luna sanders

    Also anyone listen to in 2018 December?

  61. vycanis majoris

    Best song everrrrrrrrr

  62. Bonnie Moore

    Some of you cared, none of you cared enough

  63. The Black Hood

    Sorry angel for 13rw...

  64. dipika dipika

    I don't know why but this song is linked with rainy season in my mind ,like when I close my eyes while listening to this I feel its rainin out side ! I know it's weird !

  65. shaban arif

    i just finished tape 7, side 1 #13Reasonswhy

  66. J Lansdale

    Her lyrics are so fucking good

  67. Saurabh Singh

    These "13 effing reasons why" people should be banned from this comment section. I've been listening to Burn Your Fire for No Witness since the day it came out. These songs, the meaning they hold, all has been ruined by such stupid shows as 13 effing reasons. This song is not for you idiots who watch such idiotic shows! Get lost!

  68. Sanjay Patil

    Mr Bean brought me here

  69. Leather Neck

    Why did this get rocommended to me?

  70. MindOF MiNE

    after watching Lamb movie i searched for this song like for 5 days and i found the real vedio finally. the video is totally different and Amazingly deeper then my expectations.


    LAMB also brought me here. 👍

  71. Mounika Varada

    Only very few can understand this song, those who suffer with depression like me feel it as the song of our heart.That choking pain we can't share with anyone but feels like if there's a shoulder for us to cry.All the alone battles inside where every time we loose and the tears conquering us.It's worst to mold that pain in words,cause that pain is indescribable with words.

  72. Caos Stein

    She's like a russian woman in the 18/19 century

  73. Blahkabelison

    I hated 13rw, but it had a great sound track. I about screamed when this song came on (as well as oh starving)

  74. Anıl 2020

    what happens at the end

  75. thom cash

    fuck 13 reasons why

  76. f t

    " so its the end of tape 13 there's nothing left to say"

  77. CaminoMuerto

    Are you blind? :c

  78. urvi vyas

    I just came here.. After 13 reasons why 😔😔😔depressed af..

  79. Mira Anisova

    Я одна не поняла смысл клипа?

  80. Wiktor Bergmański


  81. Horses addict

    13 Reasons Why 😢❤💕

  82. Horses addict

    We miss you Hannah Baker 😢❤💍

  83. Elad Rinad


  84. Laina Reid

    this song always makes me cry. her voice is always so soothing to me. let this song be a reminder to all of you that things DO get better. whether you've been sexually assaulted, feeling suicidal,, or something's just bringing you down. lift your head up, the light will come again soon.

  85. carl0101

    Forever in love with her voice .... ❤😻

  86. J Lansdale

    Joan Baez

  87. Miestevie III

    Who's here for 13 reasons why? :)

  88. Mariano Hernandez

    The main chords kinda remind me of Lightning Crashes

  89. Recep Mutlu

    Sevdiğim kız önerdi beğenmedim ama yine de dinliyorum amk

  90. Stephanie A.

    Growing up with a mother with sever depression this video is one of the thing I'll most appreciate ever

  91. Salisha

    13 reasons why

  92. Nath Girlgamer

    essa música e mt triste e linda ao mesmo tempo 💔

    CHUY 6IX

    Nath Girlgamer cristiano Ronaldo

  93. Asif Rana Akash

    Unmatchable lyrics and music. The mixture of peace and emotion...really heals my heart and brain.

  94. Ash Gill

    13 reasons why brought me here ❤

  95. Evan Obar

    This song was playing when Jessica told her dad what happened to her😭😭