Angel Olsen - Tiniest Lights Lyrics

Another winter, another spring
Another old and restless thing
Another tremble, another shake
Another sleeps while the other waits
Bear your burden, the winded balm
Bury it down and down
Who had to put his trust in one so lonesome and so proud

And don't forget to say a word of fire-headed prayer
And if it's not within you, well, ask someone who is there
To turn you out toward the sun
Now that the season's begun
To lift these shadows from your heart
To shine a lightness in your dark

I'm looking out for the tiniest life
I'll be looking out for the tiniest sign
I'll be looking out for the tiniest light
To shine, shine on down
Won't you shine, shine on down?

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Angel Olsen Tiniest Lights Comments
  1. znubzz188

    I still dont understand this video doesnt have hundreds of thousands of views...... It's by far the most powerful and haunting folk song every to be put on record

  2. JcoolV

    Music from a different world.

  3. yea haa

    im crying oh baby angel

  4. znubzz188

    Hauntingly beautiful, hauntingly beautiful. Its amazing! Her voice runs up and down my spine towards the end of the song!

  5. Edmilson Angelo

    No Dude !
    I found these videos from rare stuffs from Olsen.

  6. JeffersonBrownie

    Where did these clips come from? Did you record them?


    I found this information regarding this videoclip: "Last month, Angel Olsen re-released her 2010 cassette Strange Cacti on vinyl. The video for “Tiniest Lights,” the album’s haunting leadoff track, features the song “played three times and filmed on a single roll of celluloid,” providing an ethereal spookiness befitting of the song. Visit Bathetic Records for more info on the 12-inch." You can find this in