Angel Olsen - Lark Lyrics

To forget you is too hard, there's still so much left to recover
If only we could start again, pretending we don't know each other
I could not come back the same, this city's changed
It's not what it was back when you loved me
Walking down that path we made when we thought
What we had was such a good thing

Hiding out inside my head, it's me again, it's no surprise I'm on my own now
Every time I turn to you I see the past, it's all that lasts and all I know how
Learn to look me in the eyes, yet I still don't feel it's me you're facing
Say your heart is always mine, what about old times, you can't erase them

Wishing we could only find one another
All we've done here is blind one another
Hate can't live in this heart here forever
Have to learn how to make it together

The way you scream like something else as a man
The way you scream like something else as a man
The way you scream like something else as a man

Baby, I was there and I held him, I was there and he put it all on me
Baby, I was there and I held him, right there where no one else could see
Took me into his arms, told me that I was the reason
Told me I was the woman he'd always be losing, always be dreaming

Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on
Dream on, dream on
Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on
Dream on, dream on
Dream on

You say you love every single part
What about my dreams?
What about the heart?
Trouble from the start

Trouble with the heart
Ah, trouble with the heart

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Angel Olsen Lark Comments
  1. Ryan Merrill

    I think this song just gave me an orgasm...

  2. Craig Tela

    you get to the 3 and a hlaf minute mark and its getting deeeeeep....this song is soooo flippin good!
    F$#K me Angel Olsen wow!!

  3. AmbearMarie

    So good

  4. Chris Ryan

    This here is aural magic

  5. just-me

    Angel, thank you so much for gifting us this beautiful song and album. Sending lots of love from a big fan in Ireland, you are ridiculously talented!

  6. David O'Byrne

    Addictive 😍🤩

  7. ej b

    Having come in at around 1:40- never heard this woman before- just stunned out of a lazy day. My God.

  8. Friedrich Von Thüringer

    This should have 1m views by now. Such an amazing song/video/album. Tearing up as I write.

  9. Midna Strauss

    Nice voice, nice body.
    Prob she´s truely an angel.

  10. Samu93c

    What a stunning song and album.

  11. cHAse CARteR

    Her sound reminds me of Billie Eilish, but I think Billie Stole her sound

  12. Isabelinha Cruz

    Bought already the ticket for the NOS ALIVE'20 ! Looking foward for your concert!

  13. Anraí Duine

    Goddamn she done did it again!!!!!!

  14. Iago Santos

    Best song of the year, period

  15. Morgoth Bauglir

    yeah this has an awesome Scott Walker meets 80's goth/post punk vib to it.

  16. naywho

    i really like it as well at 1.25x speed

  17. Sunfucker

    Nice tits

  18. Stan F

    Cocteau twins again ... with a little twist ... to all the young go listen ...

  19. Krasnaya Koshka

    After having worked in record stores for the majority of my life, I thought I'd heard nothing new. I have chills. I welcome my new overlord!

  20. Moon Turns The Tides

    How does one produce such a great song?

  21. Mar De Fondo

    Dear Angel: could u make the rest of the album available in Venezuela in youtube?

    Spidy qda

    usa vpn xd

  22. Fox Brambila-Bernal

    Her nose is so cute I want to kiss it!

  23. Eric Gill

    Thicc Angel Olsen boi i can dig it

  24. Louis Gray

    she looks like a person you might know singing about the truth.

  25. Annie Aylward

    This song is beautiful! I especially like part 2:24-3:24. Well done Angel Olsen.

  26. Rimita Ginting

    My God this is beautiful.

  27. João Gabriel Tavares

    unfuck the world

  28. JDMime

    To me, she’s up there with Fiona Apple, Tracey Chapman, PJ Harvey, Bjork, and Lana Del Rey. No one sounds like them. All the other pop people I can never tell the difference between them. Taylor Swift sounds like everyone else and has no depth. Bjork is the most genius and Taylor Swift is the opposite end (low brow- a five year old can write it)

  29. Jonathan Flandinette

    This woman is so talented.

  30. Dylan Alford

    holy fuck

  31. arubybluebird

    Fucking Angel Olsen, man. Just fuck.

  32. Von Clohk

    I still say she's Jodie Foster's secret daughter.

  33. GoldHayes

    Why hasn’t this video received due recognition??

  34. Perturbada entre Lilas

    Angel te amo

  35. Daryl Bryant

    This lady is a uniquely pure force in our world. Her talents are of magic, and appear to transcend over many ages & styles...As if she had experienced those lives before. I am forever a fan.

  36. Simón Uribe

    THIS is the BEST music video of all TIME

  37. Ed Wise

    Angel Olsen standing on a hill singing, almost beckoning you to come to her, might be the best thing of 2019.

  38. Lincoln Souza

    the best song of 2019

  39. Daniel Atherton

    When it hurts to listen to but you keep going back.

  40. Sara Magdy

    I love this song.
    It has so many layers...the disappointment, the nostalgia, the anger, the need, the regret.
    She touches on all the mental highs and lows that go with a failing relationship.

  41. Gregor Barclay

    Wow, this is terrific!

  42. muribs

    we crying

  43. Ever Martinez


  44. Michelle Bittencourt

    1000 likes for this song :D

  45. 순정

    i’m so into this song. definitely my lifetime fav


    I don't think I blinked and feel like I may not have even taken a breath during this entire song/video. Anyone broken will never be the same after experiencing this....amazing artist.

  47. VinilicaMente

    love this song / love this album / love this voice / love this girl

  48. Max Encinas

    Sea Change of 2019

  49. Bertie Brown

    The fucking drama

  50. Jade Lemke

    Wow...this song is amazing! So Is the artist!

  51. andrew knives

    holyyyyyyy shit job well done

  52. Rumble Book

    Best track of 2019 for me. Astounding in every way.

  53. blake cutrer

    On the way to the concert, cant wait to see her live!

  54. ww wifi

    God the milkers on this one. The music is fantastic as well

  55. tris gallagher

    This is incredible...

  56. Ali L

    This gave me goosebumps... true artistry ❤️

  57. Carlson Berry

    well, if you've never been to the mountains of north carolina, she just took you there

  58. Диванный критик

    тема сисек не расскрыта

  59. D Leo

    Her bangs are fuckin tragic. Altern chick mess!

  60. Rachel Fausnaught

    Just saw her last night, AMAZING PERFORMANCE. Her voice is so haunting and the strings are unreal on this track. Love her!

  61. Nhat Le

    OMG this album is probably one of the best albums of this year #angelolsen #allmirrors
    For all the fans of Angel Olsen, I'm glad if you can help me on this Form for a school class of mine regarding Angel Olsen and "All Mirrors". Thank you all <3

  62. Maddy

    every time i come back to this i get something different out of it

  63. aman


  64. Paul Degrande

    I am totally overwhelmed!

  65. Taco Bell Valet

    Man the North Carolina Travel and Tourism Board sure did get extra.

  66. Jim Blackwell

    Filmed/video near Asheville?

  67. Maddy

    god, her emotions.. the juiciesttt

  68. xxDSP

    I would it never thought a girl had my first name and last name lmao

  69. Chris Bridges

    I can’t believe only two days from now I’ll finally be in the presence of god herself

  70. Greg Schoonmaker

    Like many others this is a wrecker. Angel has a way of blending sound and lyrics and wrenching right into the heart. And leaving you feeling not so wholly alone. Like you shared something until the musics over. Shockingly beautiful.

  71. Nathan Meadows

    This song blows me away. Can't wait to see her sing it on Nov 13th!

  72. Mario Germes

    she should look into trimming her cat's nails, she's all scratched!

    Tuna 69

    Lmao I just noticed that, poor Angel is always getting into cat fights

    Himanshu Gupta

    @Tuna 69 That's scratches from kitty? I thought she used to cut herself! 😂

    Tuna 69

    @Himanshu Gupta
    Yeah she has a big ass cat lol
    Well it probably seems like she used to cut herself, because of her style of music, but nah Angel is Angel

  73. Baker John

    you have reached a new level with this sound..the vast scope and the impressionistic journey. You are an inspiration to me>< keep doing what you do...

  74. Enzo Rocha


  75. Derek Hille

    This is powerful. She’s tapping into something new... this format of video, the song, the style, everything, it’s very original but relatable. I am the same age as Angel Olsen and I feel she’s the voice of my year group.

  76. Manc Casbrera

    1. Gran disco de Ángel Olsen, evolución en todo sentido, sonido, vocales y sintetizadores, está canción es un claro ejemplo de ello.
    2. Que buena está por Dios!!, que muslos, nalgas y que tremendas chichotas tiene, en el vídeo las muestra para toda toma y ángulo, corre, salta, su blusa casi transparente muestra sus pezones negros. Esa blusa mojada en más del 50% del video hace lo hace 10/10

  77. b e d l o v e

    this is so. amazing

    how can i explain how i feel..

  78. Spencer Read

    the 80s esque feeling of this album makes it hurt so much. like the nostalgia hits you hard and the lyrics hit even harder

  79. bonnie bianco

    (*) (*)

  80. tomhrio

    what a qt

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  82. Scruzzer

    An incredible song.

  83. Tiago Fernandes

    This last album is so beautiful!!! Goddamit I'm not crying you are crying

  84. Eddie Landreth

    I'm at a loss for words for how beautiful this is. Stunning.

  85. abi rose

    5:08 this part makes me go absolutely feral

  86. Walter Bail

    I'm obsessed.

  87. Bliss

    Fantastic artist. And the fact she's gorgeous looking is a bonus.

  88. Rasta Man

    Why do u block ur videos in other countries
    .. I was making lyrics 4 u n u blocked me

  89. Daniela Garcia

    God the strings here make me think of Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool

  90. Scott Randall

    Anger Olsen

  91. S Angelo

    This is perhaps the best crescendo ever made. I just want to burst open, run away and never, ever come back.

    Shame about the scattered, indecisive, all-over-the-place, hodgepodge music video, though, which doesn't do the song justice.

  92. Cak Redi

    She's going to be a star.
    Mazzy Star.

  93. roberto talin

    best song of the album probably

  94. henry riley

    I just love the nostalgic sound to her music and her voice 👏🏻🖤 gosh people need to stop paying her dust. She is the future of alternative indie music