Angel Olsen - If It's Alive, It Will Lyrics

My friend, you are unique but not always
Some stranger you don't know has surely felt your pain
Some stranger out there might even own your name
And say all the things that you said
Your thoughts existing in someone else's head

It's true you are one of my favorite books to read
I have to thank you now
You've changed the way I think
And with each page I turn, there you are
And with each word I read
Rings true in my heart
While I was waiting
I found something I was missing
Might not have been a man, but well
We still could live on wishing
Please don't confuse me
With your devastating stare-downs
I'll hold your mirror
All you have to do is turn around
So you can see the face you make
When are giving out your soul
Are you the only one who doesn't already know?

I used to think I was the only one
I used to think I was the only one
I used to think I was the only one
But I've learned quite a few things since then
I've learned that no one really is the only one

My friend, if it's alive, it will do anything
And if it's strong as well, believe it will go there
And if it's full of love, know it is capable of
Emptying itself out at any point at all
Just know the height you reach is the distance you could fall
Know your own heart well
It's the one that's worth most of your time
Know your own heart well
You could be surprised at what you find

My friend, you are unique but not always
Some stranger out there has surely felt your pain
Some stranger you don't know might even own your name
Has said all the things that you said
Thoughts existing in someone else's head

I used to think I was the only one
I used to think I was the only one
I used to think I was the only one
But I've learned quite a few things since then
I've learned that no one ever really is the only one

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Angel Olsen If It's Alive, It Will Comments
  1. Jon Hamblin

    Just discovered this song. I am super picky. And the more I listen to this song, the better it gets.

  2. Tungadunger

    Sister Loretta Tharp for the '20s.

  3. Simon Salloom

    One of my absolutely favorite songs of this decade. Like all things that are exquisite and exceptional, I have no way to explain why I love it so much.

  4. Simon Salloom

    I’ve been listening to this song for over year. More than any other song in my collection and I’ve never tired of it. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. I listened to it at least a dozen times today. I might be the only one. But I don’t care.

  5. lbetweenthebars

    is this in standard tuning? anyone? :) trying to figure it out

  6. waterwallets

    This song devastates me.

  7. Thought Frankly

    Shes obviously from a cold climate.

  8. Solaris#666

    that hair, that eyeliner....and still she is great ♥

  9. Islander oi

    Danke Olsen, may eternal love follow you

  10. mckelouis

    this video made me fall in luv with angel olsen

  11. Oxlip

    What does she use to sing and play live? The quality is so good!


    Oxlip Talent.

    Egretta Garzetta

    The mic looks like a Shure SM57 and the guitar is a 1421 Stratotone by Silvertone probably.

  12. Pablo S

    Sweet, very sweet

  13. Michael Bravo


  14. Sergio Lobato

    Angel is the boss!

  15. brgrmny

    Damn look at all of those DVDs.



  17. Johnny Boy Strikes Back

    Tommy Wiseau at the end of her guitar.  

  18. Maureen Hahn

    I love you, Tim

  19. Steven Cruz

    What a great voice singing into a great mic!

  20. Kevin S

    I came here for Frankenstein. 

  21. Katey B

    holy shit

  22. halfstep44

    this was exactly 3 years ago today, and its the first time ive heard this song!


    that's exactly what I thought

  23. Simon Lopez

    10/10 would bang


    Thesaurus? Please, kid, I could talk you off of life support with three-syllable words. God forbid I don't give a fuck long enough to not tighten my diction. What exactly was your point, though? That you found certain high tone words unnecessary once removed from their context? How the fuck is that a problem with my intelligence and not a problem with your inability to think critically?

    Intelligence isn't established by denigrating whatever mode someone chooses to address another in a public forum. And since I know nothing is above critique, I can always back my shit up. But you've already pulled the "insecurity" rhetoric out, so unless you're about to pay up with some Derrida-level deconstruction, I'd say you have nothing and ought to just skip along. You're pretty much done.


    It is a nice touch, that little term of abuse. It's sportive. But no, I'm not doing the same thing as you, since couched in my juvenile deliquent ad hominems are critiques of your bullshit (Socratic questioning, girl), which you've evaded from the start, and your rhetoric is all anti-intellectual pleading with the stone in so many accents. Are you a fucking programmer or something?

    Anyway. Saying words are unnecessary or without value isn't an explanation; until it's clarified, it's merely a complaint. I like that you took the time to rub your nose and bitch, but it makes no difference to me whether you shit yourself or rub your cock over what I say here.

    I'll give you the last word. Enjoy it.

    Marcin Ratajczyk

    +Simon Lopez Everyone shut the fuck up and listen to the song!

    Carl L

    5/7 would anally #rekt

  24. Evo Steveo

    You are an old soul being blessed with being beautiful this time around. You touch the world. keep that going.

  25. Gregorie Vincent

    i love you

  26. Lost Spaceman

    You ARE the only one, baby <3

  27. Bowincle

    2:23 Beautiful 

  28. mattie1da

    mega good

  29. matt wyatt

    "With each page I turn, there you are" my favourite ever

  30. Katey B

    I CANT

  31. SIRA063

    my prostate just exploded

  32. Thomas Mareel

    such a powerful voice

  33. Alina

    luv luv luv

  34. socalhippie hashman

    she has an amazing voice.

  35. Lol V

    Fucking flawless

  36. Jarred Beeler

    dvd of The Room in the background

  37. j-rae

    please go die

  38. jenna feldman

    female roy orbison

  39. kavkazip

    I have to listen to this at least once a day

  40. Josh Edgar

    Tommy Wiseau's dumb face peeking over the headstock haha.

  41. thinkt4nk

    Nico, Mamas and Papas, and everything else 60's garage. Good to see I'm not missing anything by ignoring the modern indie scene.

  42. ceourso

    This is exactly what I needed.

  43. pooinsky


  44. Mynameispigeon

    what is that guitar

  45. LoveRocketsable

    this song is so genius.

  46. FLCL

    So..Angel Olsen, how is your sex life?

  47. SergeantHymen

    Tommy Wiseau is watching you

  48. Josh Healey


  49. KuroVespertine

    Thank you Anthony Fantana of theneeddrop !
    Gorgeous song. I keep playing it over and over.

  50. icecubatron

    that was the first thing i noticed

  51. o0LanternLight0o

    yeah definatly plate, but as for the amp, i have no idea, lots of older amps with a reverb have that plate sound, for all we know shes useing a pedle. i just bought a shure sm 57, when i saw this i was all "HEYYY, THATS MY MIC :D" lol

  52. Cristian Muñoz

    The Room DVD at the background turns this video from good to epic.

  53. John Severa

    Tommy Wiseau is staring at me.

  54. hmac2222

    Female Roy Orbison. Just beautiful.

  55. Duchessandhammer

    Dont you have a twin or something?

  56. Greg S

    Downloaded, converted, and added this amazing song to my infamous roadtrip playlist

  57. waxdataz

    she smells like coconuts.

  58. Billy Bouchard

    is the 57 going through a Fender twin or something. Sounds like a plate reverb...anyone?


    nice.. this girl is the full package. She has talent, charisma and really seems to sing from the soul. Good luck with your career.

  60. Protomang

    Beautiful. Reminds me of Mary Martin.

  61. Kent Jones

    This voice sounds like it was transported here in a time machine and I mean that in the best possiblle way. Loved her when did she did backup vocals for Bonnie Prince Billy and I love her even more on her own.

  62. LordWhittle

    will u ever come to frisco?

  63. Brian Wilbur

    @jkbosh: Do you think this song is lyricaly deficient? I'd be surprised to hear so.

  64. rikstar23

    Beautiful woman, exquisite voice, sexy guitar... can't go wrong with that combo ;-)

  65. rikstar23

    Def SM57

  66. frankryte

    i love the Tommy Wiseau DVD behind her

  67. Alex

    @Munco68 Not 100% sure but it sort of looks like an SM 57 from here. Kinda hard to tell though. Hope that helps!

  68. Just Another Betrayed Brit

    this song really is just too beautiful

  69. namesmaryjane

    Oh Angel, I adore you

  70. Spooky Dad

    i can't handle how pretty she is

  71. LordWhittle

    i keep coming back to this. its so good

  72. Betsy Nix

    so refreshing to see a female musician with such a classic yet unique vocal styling and original lyrics.

  73. Spooky Dad

    holy moses

  74. LordWhittle

    why hasnt this video got more views?!?!?!

  75. LordWhittle

    this song is awesome its been in my head all week!