Angel Olsen - Forgiven / Forgotten Lyrics

All is forgiven
Alright, you are forgiven
If there's one thing I fear
If there's one thing I fear
It's knowing you're around
So close but not here
So close
Oh, but not with me here
So close
But not with me here

All is forgotten
All is forgotten
I've made up my mind
I've made up my mind
I've wasted my time
Making up my mind
I don't know anything
I don't know anything
I don't know anything
But I love you
Yes, I do
Yes, I do

Will you ever forgive me
A thousand times through
For loving you?
For loving you?
For loving you?

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Angel Olsen Forgiven / Forgotten Comments
  1. jalen collins

    This’s great to skate to

  2. Pascal Janssen

    holy shit she looks so much like my ex-girlfriend, it's really uncanny to see.

  3. Jeannie Jeannie

    I Think that lady and Ace Frehley should make a song together ✔️

  4. Fernando Alencar

    New wave🎸🎭

  5. uruky b

    great !!

  6. Sierva María

    Angel tiene casi el mismo hijueputa despecho que tengo yo... :(

  7. David Wolf

    Where did all the attention on this kind if music go within just a few years...?

  8. Rukkola Brokkoli


  9. miguel j


  10. Bar Barian

    5-4 years ago, I listened to radio and Angel was playing. I saved it in my I'm listening to it and I understand, why I saved it. Not because I only liked that song, but because she is singin it about me. These neverending screams in head, these neverending fights and arguments in my head, just because I'm not satisfied with who I am and taking it to my boyfriend? Maybe this is not what Angel ment. But everytime I put this playlist on, I start realising, why I love/hate it so much.

  11. waylandsphere76

    This song is so damn good - love Angel Olsen !

  12. legion

    I'd let that girl give me AIDS

  13. Vladimir

    туц туц 😞

  14. Haiku

    Best girl.
    Y alto video

  15. Gunnhild Edwards

    What I love about fall is the outdoor aesthetic.

  16. Russell Lamb

    So angelic in every way. And she's not even trying that's what blows me away!

  17. Christopher Griggers

    God I love her sound!

  18. quanathan

    zia anger did great directing this video

  19. Papipersephone

    i love love love this song!

  20. smitt9

    I Love You

  21. Michael LovesTruth

    do you also dig WarPaint?

  22. Daniela RM

    Lola brought me here

  23. Leia Castelo

    Ash - a life less ordinary

  24. Daria Eliseeva

    Sounds just like my mood right now

  25. Scottie B

    this song hits me hard in the feels.

  26. Crusader


  27. upsidedownh3art

    i want her:(

  28. Facundo Molina

    TE AMO ANGEL <33


    I'll throw my panties on your stage I swear.

  30. itwaszombies

    Every single one of her videos is magic

  31. Lucas Mendes Gabriel

    I always sing "all is for Gotham" and imagine Bruce dancing to this Angel's tune.

  32. Gravey Davey

    I've missed this style of music for a while now. This is grand. 🤗

  33. cam

    so much like a more tuneful Liz Phair . . .

  34. Richard P

    musics good too

  35. threadeology

    Sounds like Hot Fuzz by Supergrass


    Caught By The Fuzz shirley

  36. dinos66

    She's fucking awesome!!!

  37. Heather Gay

    How did I just find out about this girl

  38. Dom's Sketch Cast

    Them skratchez

    Alexander Von Der Bessett

    Your comments are under all of my favorite music videos. pls stop.

  39. Cheyenne Myers

    my latest music obsession. plus, best earworm.

  40. Ethan Anderson

    she's so fucking pretty and talented

  41. Amanda Araújo

    my new religion is angel olsen

    VNV Girl

    Ditto! Swoon! <3

    DJZwart Broek

    What was your old religion?

    Darrien Day

    the old religion was bad religion

  42. Naira D. G. N.

    muito bommm!!!

  43. mrjayarr cortez

    this video was so sick!

  44. Joan L

    Love this! It's like a wonderful mashup of Deborah Harry and The Runaways and something unique!

  45. beuhtrix

    gah she's so fuckkin pretty!

    Sean Barrett

    i was just about to leave this comment Succubus!

  46. Rick G

    Vid reminds me of Dino Jr.'s 'Little Fury Things'.. I hope Angel collaborates with Isobel Campbell, singing and playing the cello.. Both are beautiful and talented women.

  47. Music lover

    Great album in my collection!

  48. PeepsILoveEllie

    so good <3

  49. Kalyan Venkat

    hawribble music video, absolutely incredible music

  50. Futures

    is that her actual boyfriend on forgiven forgotten? stalker pop

  51. noirkiss3

    Feels like the Pixies in the best way possible.

    Mike Schneider

    second best way possible but yes

  52. yikes

    she is so beautiful. just glowing

  53. rolltod

    thrasher part was great with this song

  54. Mohsan Lin

    anyone know how this video was film? special kind of camera or effect?

    I'm in love with the style and wanna try it!


    16mm film

    David Vincent

    @RollingBomberSpecial Unless you make the movie yourself, you'll never be sure... it could be 35, 16, 8 mm even computer, the best softwares did it good.

    David Vincent

    @RollingBomberSpecial and considering the really cheap texture of the film, it really looks more like 8mm... 16 is already a good quality.

    VNV Girl

    Just saw this in an article, this statement from the director Zia Anger - “I traveled to Asheville with a couple rolls of 16mm film and a Bolex camera,” Anger said in an official statement. Here is the article - I hope that helps! :)

    Mohsan Lin

    gnarly. thanks

  55. Dayton Robar

    dave mull rewild brought me here

  56. robinheil

    Reminds me of the video for "Would Know" by Mount Kimbie

  57. Ryan Morra

    I constantly expect for the song to come back on once it cuts out..

  58. Olivia Norman

    she has the voice of a siren

  59. Ryan Junell

    perfect video for a great song... the scratch-outs are glorious...


    +Ryan Junell they ARE glorious! :D

  60. Alfred Butler

    The scratched-out boyfriend is brilliant.

  61. Squeedily Spooch

    For some reason the filmography reminds me of Pete and Pete.

  62. pinche gringo

    Dig it.

  63. InProgress

    I do … love this song!

  64. nerkoids

    She is going to be around for a long time.

  65. TheDkjayjay

    i respect her very mouch (but)
    i liked her better when she was alone with her fender
    in library like surrowndings.
    but again, all my respect and thumbs from here..


    @Handsome Squidward
    yes, Squidward, i admit that Facebook, Twitter and many more are not only a bad thing. The bad about these are only when they are used as substitute for personal contact. a good old phone call, a postcard or even something as not-hot as a handwritten letter. also pictures, we take. in the good-old-days we had them for generations, now we erase them if hd capasity is going low.
    my first photographic device was a so called double 8 camera. it was fed with a plain 16 mm film. i still have these films, but they can't be recalled by a click on a mouse. that's the magic they possess. and also the waiting for the film to be processed was a fascinating thing, that is gone with the ccd.
    don't misunderstand me, former fascination has been overruled by far more fascinating fascinations :o)
    however a human is missing here and there.

    Dorian X

    @TheDkjayjay i totally had the same conversation about this earlier. I get ou as much as possible. less screen time is better for your mind


    @Handsome Squidward
    "less screen time is better for your mind"
    not necessarily. learning is as born for the digitally world (or around).
    but the most wanted response from the user is nowadays a credit card number.

    i am not anti digital - i am (was) software developer, but old-scool and low-level (firmware) programmed directly to a processor to make it handle a process: train door controller, soft-ice machine dispenser, fork lift controller, large display controller (horse race), ir remote control converter and many more.
    all these things are today not programmed (coded) - a framework is buyed and configured, and then it's called firmware.

    so you can see why i hate AND LOVE the digital world.

    Dorian X

    well I mean you dont have to take my words so literally. I use the internet to it's fullest advantages. I use google more than any school notes. and I like to stay involved with the world as much as possble. that's when you should limit yourself though, because the world moves so much faster now, and things you are exposed to, sometimes its good to take a breather and let things catch up if you know what I'm saying. 


    I agree about the good old days. I, for one, wish I had grown up during them. Before I had the chance to own a digital camera, I felt I took more meaningful photos. Now, I just take so many different ones and keep the good ones. It's horrible. I feel like I have become a cyborg photographer. :S

  66. John Furman

     forlorn tale of a someone who's "so close, but not with me"  

  67. Calcifer Boheme

    Discovering this song today. Th look and the sound match what I grew up on in the best of ways. :D


    ich auch!

  68. elaine m

    liz phair feel. dig.

  69. Vidupa Samarasinghe

    The lo fi actually makes this sound better!

  70. Daniel G

    Gosh I love this

  71. Dazed

    Angel Olsen is part of the DAZED 2014 Top 20 Albums!
    Check out who else made the list at

  72. RobotsPiratesNinjas

    what's up with recording the audio with a potato in an echoey room

  73. Johnny Cat

    I love the editing on this video, reminds me of MTV in the 90's. And Angel, this is such a badass song!

    David Vincent

    +Luis Millan This is more velvet underground , in fact ;) the beginning and the end at least...

    Johnny Cat

    Now that you say it, I can see that!

    Dillon Mendoza

    +David Vincent I get a Sonic Youth vibe from em. I do hear The Velvet Underground though!

    David Vincent

    @Dillon Mendoza

    We aren't really talking of the sound...more of the visual effects at the end and the beginning ...scratched celluloid ;) but yes the drum sound a lot like'em ;)

    Norma en busca de Zion Golan

    Johnny Cat i remember The breeders-Cannonball and yes 90's style 👍
    also 80's.

  74. West Coast Experience

    I dig you Angel Olsen

  75. Brian Ashley White

    PJ Harvey-ish. Solid.

  76. jenna foster

    Couldn't be more relevant to my life 

  77. Phillip Jeffries

    <3 you angel

  78. Fabian Varela

    mira  que lastima che, es bonita al pedo. Ojala alguna vez aprendaa cantar!

    felipe mancilla herrera

    .... ??????????????????"!!!!!!????

  79. v2kable

    damn damn just class!!!!!!

  80. Will Brown

    Nice bath tile.

  81. Fernandez Bacalov

    My gamer tag on xbox is Angel Olsen :)

  82. doyster

    I think I am in love

  83. Joseph Mason

       Marc Maron tweeted about how good she is. That lead me here. Marc Maron was right.

  84. maria flores

    she's a babe <3

  85. Alex .Lyall

    this was released on my birthday

  86. galaxy

    This is really rad as fuck

  87. Adrian

    Loving this

  88. Facethunder

    Olsen: Holy shit! My music video's due tomorrow.
    Manager: ...We could use your Nokia camera phone?
    Olsen: *gasps* good idea.


    Clearly shot on 16mm film.

    Gunnhild Edwards

    @ArtSpeech It is shot on 16mm film but it could have easily been shot on digital and then made the grainy effect in post-production.

  89. John Ted

    Hey Angel, just wanted to say thanks for ignoring me and walking away when I asked you to sign a record of yours that I bought. Glad to know how you treat your fans. I would've understood if a bunch of other fans or even one other fan was also asking u but there wasn't one other person who even recognized you. I've honestly met musicians way more famous than you who were a lot nicer than you while having a bunch of fans around them. You obviously don't appreciate and realize that your fans who buy records and go to your shows are the reason you can even play music for a living and keep you from having to get a shitty full time job. I'm not sure if other people will wanna support you knowing how you treat your fans but I won't. I'm just glad that I found out how you are aside from your music before I went to a show or bought another record.

    michael williams

    Is this a meme?

    William Collier

    oh fuck off John, musicians aren't your fucking servant, they are people too jesus christ, honestly glad she lost you as a fan, go harass another band


    she doesn't owe you anything and btw musician is a full time job sometimes harder than you could imagine

    Egretta Garzetta

    I saw Angel Olsen at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything.
    She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
    I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing her hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in her hands without paying.
    The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Lady, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
    When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

    James R

    Sucks for you....I just said "hello, big fan" at a Publix about 5-6 years thing you know, I'm back at her place. DM me for pics/video

  90. Jenni Nexus

    beautiful voice!  just discovered u <3

  91. Phil Lynn

    Super cool

  92. Twain Driver

    new crush incoming. activate countermeasures.

  93. michyrock1

    Love it, reminds a bit of Liz Phair/Breeders

  94. Underground Sofa

    what kind of camera was used to film this? anyone know?


    its called post production

  95. Trouble8Strife

    It's like Liz Phair + Thee Headcoatees + Shangri-Las. Love it.

  96. juliancisthebest

    Anyone else get here from a Sky Ferreira interview? It was a good recommendation, I really like this song now.