Angel Olsen - All Mirrors Lyrics

I've been watchin' all of my past repeatin'
There's no endin', and when I stop pretendin'
See you standin', a million moments landin'
On your smile, buried alive, I could have
Die to stay there, never have to leave there

All this trouble tryin' to catch right up with me
I keep movin', knowin' someday that I will be
Standin', facin', all mirrors are erasin'
Losin' beauty, at least at times it knew me
At least at times it knew me
At least at times it knew me

Standing, facin', all mirrors are erasin'
Losin' beauty, at least at times it knew me
Standin', facin', all mirrors are erasin'
Losin' beauty, at least at times it knew me
At least at times it knew me
At least at times it knew me
(At least at times it knew me)
(At least at times it knew me)
(At least at times it knew me)
(At least at times it knew me)

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Angel Olsen All Mirrors Comments
  1. Giorgos karathanos is alive!!!

  2. Marco De Rosa

    This song is a masterpiece.

  3. Locker72

    Influence of many but this Angel Olsen nothing else.

  4. The 9th Spade

    Jeez ... when did Stevie Nick's voice disembody itself and enter the body of Ms. Olsen here?


    Powerful stuff.. melancholic immediate beautiful simple. contemporary yet it feels like we're back to the year 1981, with this at number one instead of Bette Davis' Eyes ^^

  6. Isaac Bobonis

    Anyone here after Nancy Drew?

  7. DCcalling

    I will never complain about a new Angel Olsen song but I think this particular song does not play to her strengths, no matter how beautiful the visuals of the music video are.

  8. Leslie Dickeyy

    Lol gonna comment again. Angel Olsen (you bleeding heart ♥ ) You ARE my inspiration and FAVORITE In the game ! Never stop spilling! For fucks sakes we need you

  9. amguardi

    reminds me of Goldfrapp

  10. Vanessa Hunter

    Addictive song. Haunting, insightful.

  11. Randal

    Them titties though.

    Oh yeah, good song I guess.

  12. Magnus Krakue

    What genre of music is this considered? Im a hip hop head and this for some reason caught my ear. I want more!

    Navid Rojiani

    Magnus Krakue - honestly the genre is a bit hard to pinpoint. Art Pop/Chamber Pop if you had to categorize

  13. The Vinyl Truffle

    After seeing this on multiple AOTY lists, and El-P of Run the Jewels naming it his #1 this year, I had to give this album the listen that it deserved. I hope to see more do the same.


    Shawn cee

  15. Absolutely Vestigial

    Crooked jaw.

  16. Tom

    she will go down as a fucking legend.

  17. John Heppenstall

    Old gits, like me, are fond of saying there's no good, modern music anymore (like my dad, grand-dad, great grand-dad, etc, etc, etc). This is proof there IS!

    seth mishne

    You just have to look beyond mainstream music to find good music as there aren't too many mainstream songs that I can consider to be good.

  18. Daphne Diab

    so grateful for a fellow busty queen

  19. stephopal opal

    Much love ◇ StephopalOpal ◇ New Orleans Louisiana

  20. Li Vivian

    Can be kindly support of me

  21. Li Vivian

    I am Vivian

  22. Bal Sagoth

    Listening to this song is simply important.

  23. Silas Pitch

    Olsen brings us a solid confluence of styles and influences and delivers a mesmerizing personal vision. This is not merely revisiting.

    If Siouxsie Sioux, Julee Cruise, and Elizabeth Fraser collaborated on a project, this might be what it would sound like.

  24. Natividad A

    this is sooooooooo goooooooooooooood

  25. Joana Gil

    I'm so proud of myself for making this remarkable discovery

  26. Diogo Oliveira

    The "revelation"scene gives me "Suspiria (2018)" vibes...

  27. Urban Lourens

    How is this classified as rock?

  28. Kathryn Connelly

    Definitely Kate bush vibe, little bit of a similar string arrangement as Madonnas “frozen”. I love it.

  29. Magnus Krakue

    If I were to upload my entire library from ITunes, nothing would come close to this genre of music. Im a black dude who listens to mostly rap so it just goes to show you, music knows no bounds...just pure love.

  30. Aubrey Sanders

    "All Mirrors" is a work of art at its finest. The lyrics and music video complement each other to tell a wonderful story. 2:10 to 2:55 artfully expresses the challenges (dark figures) we face in life, that undermines our innocence and beauty. 2:55 onwards describes the great self (inner) struggle between innocence and power, that is a direct result of the hardships in life. The story itself is moving, but the choice of instruments and Angel Olsen's voice adds even more drama to the scene. Its reminiscent of the 80s, yet perhaps told in the perspective of the future (it reminds me of the style Blade Runner created). What a beautiful song and film! Truly a moving work of art.

  31. Alexis

    Nos Alive 2020... Here i go!!

  32. Thomas Rainbow

    The vibe and beat reminds me of Kate Bush meets George Michael.. Love it

  33. Matt Keto

    Sign her up for the new Bond title theme.

  34. Bernard Meaney

    The B and W is Schindler's List looking. This is a hellafied effort.

  35. Jonathan Flandinette

    She’s incredible!

  36. Cathode Roy

  37. joanna sierra

    love this song

  38. William Sandell

    you’re right . It’s more Bond than most Bond songs

  39. William Sandell

    what a song! sooo amazing

  40. K Busby

    Definitely time to revisit 80s Dark Wave. Enjoy!

  41. Kawa Moka

    oh no! not u! mGbu


    *BROOKLYN STEEL ...* 🌹

  43. kat hayes

    This owes a huge debt to Goldfrapp..

  44. secretdrone

    A picture of this woman was on a pitchfork thumbnail for a month. She seems very unique and beautiful, So I checked out her music. And then...

  45. youbringlightin

    Utterly beautiful. The best Bond theme that wasn't.

  46. Kimchi _


  47. Black Songbird

    I'm getting more and more convinced by this song with time.
    Check out a singer-songwriter-guitarist currently on the move to get songs out:

  48. leonardo

    ‘A woman lost in a labyrinthine dream reflection climbs upward and traverses in and out of passages, afraid of the many selves that she carries, clouded and unable at first to face who she is meant to be: uninhibited and aware, unashamed and at peace, in control of her own universe, yet calmly leaving space for the inevitable possibility of change and inward shifting.’

  49. Alaina Brynn

    chills. literal chills.

  50. Bobby Orbit

    Video seems heavily influenced by Kristin Hersh's Your Ghost!

  51. Drunkenmo

    damn wish they'd cut back on the strings. great stuff tho xx

  52. Ever Martinez


  53. Ever Martinez


  54. Carol Keck


  55. avi4iva

    the video is as powerful as the song
    this is beyond great.
    I thought I became numb but THIS touched me to the core...

  56. Sachmo

    Dude I’m obsessed with this song.

    Kimberley O'Neill

    Rightfully so

  57. TeddyLeppard

    Huge Cocteau Twins vibe from this singer.

  58. Nhat Le

    Love the sound palette. Amazing direction here
    For all the fans of Angel Olsen, I'm glad if you can help me on this Form for a school class of mine regarding Angel Olsen and "All Mirrors". Thank you all <3
    #angelolsen #allmirrors

  59. Marcus Alexander

    Blimey its good saw it on facebook , these days i despair if new acts being a sixties child , big surprise today ,shame you use synths , good enough song & singer to avoid synths , big difference

  60. Reo Ri

    those outfits are amazing

  61. Brandon Clarke

    ❤️❤️ Queen.

  62. gra4ce

    She is powerful

  63. Mark Dootson

    Epic, utterly f*cking epic!!!

  64. Kevin Fearance

    Loveee loveee loveee! So beautiful !

  65. Annie Wissner

    Finally, some really moving and beautiful music coming out. This has so much emotion and depth. True art.

  66. Derek Hille

    I love it!!

  67. Leslie Dickeyy

    I think it's time for YouTube to get a Transcendent button to smash

  68. That Kid

    This reminds me of something you would hear in the 80s

  69. Jen Duvak

    Perfect 😍

  70. Poop StopsHere

    The song needs to start at 1:41 with synth music. The beginning is too bland/dull with just the vocal singing to make it a good song. The performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was much better. Just need to cut the solo singing at the beginning of the song. So redue the song adding the Tonight Show music + get rid of the solo singing upto 1:41 and extend the song.

  71. james wills

    wonderful breasts.

  72. Juan Fernandes

    Best song of 2019

    Juan Fernandes

    @Deleted yes

  73. Fiona Riches

    not of this world, is she

  74. Alexandre Fernandes

    Gothic ! LOve it

  75. Reijo P.

    I just listened to her music for the very first time. She has an amazing, original voice and the melody is beautiful. She should win some Grammy Awards.

  76. Poly Princessa Doll

    It is kinda Kate Bush!😊 Very good song I ran into. I love Darkwave so deeply anyways.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  77. adrian sibley

    Weird vampire queen

  78. ashen thorn

    I concur with everybody.

  79. Gd Y

    Having just listened to Lana Del Rey (NFR), there's another influence, especially the video

  80. Tiago Lima


  81. henry riley

    Just discovered this amazing talented lady!! She gives me Kate Bush vibes but if she was more darker and gothic I mean 👏🏻🖤 I stan

  82. troyundroy1

    Im getting Top Gun love scene vibes

  83. Mailbox Spiders

    Nice to see I'm not the only one who got strong Kate Bush vibes.

    Also some nice Annie Lennox/Twin Peaks/Wye Oak vibes.

  84. glmr f


  85. Karen Moody

    Shades of Lida Husik.

  86. jump da

    Шикарная исполнительница

  87. Cesar Perez

    Beautiful song and video... I LOVE IT. So deep. ❤❤❤

  88. Mark Warren

    Wouldn't sound out of place on a This Mortal Coil album. Wonderful.

  89. Honey Mayhem

    This vid is like a dream. I’m fucking obsessed.

  90. David Ram

    Heard this on triple R, I lost my mind! This is what today’s music should be, crazy/80s feels meets moody vocals - I’m in love!

  91. It's A Wonderful Life

    A favorite artist at the moment. That voice!

  92. ShaansLife tm

    Fooking fire 🔥🔥. That little bridge of strings and synths in the middle 🥰

  93. Parker Hughes

    This is the type of shit that makes you feel like you're on another planet.


  94. Igor Cansino

    I loved momy

  95. Bettie Bacall

    I cant wait to literally see this Angel live

    Cathode Roy


    Bettie Bacall

    @Cathode Roy For me Its only in January!

  96. Josh Elijah

    Fuck this is so good

  97. Moon Turns The Tides

    Labyrinth vibe