Andy Williams - Stranger On The Shore Lyrics

Here I stand, watching the tide go out
So all alone and blue
Just dreaming dreams of you

I watched your ship as it sailed out to sea
Taking all my dreams
And taking all of me

The sighing of the waves
The wailing of the wind
The tears in my eyes burn
Pleading, "My love, return"

Why, oh, why must I go on like this?
Shall I just be a lonely stranger on the shore?

The sighing of the waves
The wailing of the wind
The tears in my eyes burn
Pleading, "My love, return"

Why, oh, why must I go on like this?
Shall I just be a lonely stranger on the shore?

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Andy Williams Stranger On The Shore Comments
  1. Adrina The Great

    The music was originally called Jenny it was written for his daughter.
    The music was then used for a tv serial called " stranger on the shore" so the song was retitled to that of the tv show.
    Obviously never written with any lyrics, but a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic.
    Interesting to hear it with lyrics

    Stephen Andrews

    Adrina The Great. Sorry Adrina, Acker Bilks daughter is named JENNY. Merry Christmas to you 🎄

    Adrina The Great

    @Stephen Andrews I knew that, not sure why I put Annie, its corrected now.
    Merry Christmas to you :)

    Stephen Andrews

    Adrina The Great. Hey Adrina can I just say a big congratulations to you, for probably the quickest response I have ever had on YouTube 🥇💐

    Adrina The Great

    @Stephen Andrews yea that was pretty quick and thanks

  2. Warner Athey

    What is the company with that driverless car?

  3. The1UcalledaSinner

    Man I love Tae


    Just wondering why if Acker Biilk wrote this, & Andy recorded it in '58... why did it take until '61 for Biilk to record & release it?🎸

  5. John Norman

    This is a great song and this version by Andy Williams terrific, but then listen to the Roger Whittaker version and make a determination on which is best.

  6. k shao

    This Beautiful song keep on coming back to my mind even after 50 years!

  7. Harry Dwinduono

    My favorite song ... nice voice

  8. Strawberry Tae

    Thank you babyboy taetae💓I have the same music taste as him so I enjoy this very much. Time to sleep 😴🌃

  9. Jeff Aldridge

    Crushed it!

  10. Evangeline Burton

    One of my favorite songs!

  11. God's Princess

    이 노 래 좋 네. Btw sounds like Elvis

  12. Hafid RAHASIA

    remember my dad n mom i love you rest in peace.

  13. md Khawlhring

    This song is better than sleeping pills😴😴

  14. Doris May

    Great song and good singer

  15. Pauline Smith

    I love Stranger on the Shore. This is the first time hearing the lyrics. Beautiful...and sad.

  16. Jack Tarbell

    youre just not used to real music you've been listening to noise

  17. christopher fothergill

    Acker Bilk said he wrote the tune in twenty minutes for his daughter in his lounge while watching his daughter.

  18. EC Musngi

    I love this lonely song!  ( SIGH)

  19. dog duck Chikin

    thanks alice,its the first time that i have ever heard the lyrics to a wonderful song thank you !!

  20. 97PEACHES

    Just imagine
    "That one lucky girl that Tae marries. They both will dance to classic songs wearing Gucci sweaters (that Tae bought her) infront of the warm fireplace as the girl puts her head on his shoulder.
    Then he hands out a boquet of her favorite flowers from the local flower shop downtown.
    Then she, surprised will wrap her arms around Tae and he hugs her even tighter.
    yea, I just wanna say hello and please take care of taehyung to that one lucky girl. Hope you make each other happy ((:


    I see you everywhere with the same comment 😂

    I’m so sad

    Dealms you’re literally ruining the song with that comment

    taehyung's abandoned shoes

    LMAO I just replied to your same comment in another song

  21. 김지닌

    Taehyung's recommendation songs brought me here. I can't take this anymore!!! it makes me sleepy 😪. This song is so classical.

    Sunshine Chim

    김재닌 Lol TaeTae brought me here too 😂😂 just curious of my bias's music taste

    Ana Aline LC

    김재닌 me too

    Bruce Drezner

    김재닌 I

    Armys Fire

    Me too 😴



  22. Boon Hui

    i love this melody i just 17 i think i have old soul

    taehyung's abandoned shoes

    Same man

    Wesley Cragun

    I think you just have good tastes in music.

  23. MTN Productions

    I have the 45 of this, but it was originally an instrumental hit for Mr. Acker Bilk.

  24. uppon2

    Karl Pilkington brought me here

  25. Celestia of the Stars

    Rest in peace, Grandma. We love you

  26. Jack Tarbell

    we will never hear music like this anymore

  27. tackless

    this is a nice rendition by Andy Williams. and for those of you who have not heard Roger Whittaker sing the same song I urge you to look it up Roger Whittaker does a wonderful job with this song.
    thank you for posting this song very nice

  28. Larry Dickman

    Lovely song, one of the tunes I heard in my childhood that stuck with me through the years. I'd actually never heard Andy Williams sing it, only Acker Bilk perform the instrumental version. Nice photos and thanks for posting!

  29. Robert Silvestri

    Very nice, Alice. Always liked Andy Williams, and of course, Acker Bilk. Nice to find this vocal.

    Alice Poon

    So glad you liked it Robert! I like them both too :)

  30. eileen hoppe

    This was the theme tune to a programme about a young French Aupair working in England, back in the early 60´s. She would stand on the shore looking across to France at the end.

  31. Dudley

    Very nice. However, as a former sailor, I like hearing Ruby and the Romantics singing this song.

  32. Radika Punilal

    why o why indeed. love this song

  33. VisualVirtue

    Very nice vid!

  34. Dunhill Will

    How I loved this tune. Thanks for giving me a chance to listen to this lovely music.

  35. Arthur Harrison

    This piece was originally titled "Jenny," in honor of Acker's daughter.

  36. MrJazkiller

    Rest in Peace Acker Bilk...and Thank you Andy for singing this amazing song...I am 34 years old but I know what music is...

    Derrick C

    MrJazkiller you should be around 37 now

  37. - Skylark

    A beautiful, beautiful melody by Acker Bilk, heard here with an unfortunately substandard lyric; simply unworthy (in spite of Andy Williams' fine voice).

    Thanks for posting, and especially for the informative text. ;^)

  38. William Murray

    William and Bilk  ,  can't do better than that !   RIP to both

  39. Dan Williams

    One of my favorites

  40. Born2BeMild

    perfect !!!!    How can a couple listen to this piece of music and not get up and waltz together in the kitchen

  41. David Chernofsky

    What a discovery one my all time faves instrumentals sung by One of my fave singers thanx a milliom

    Alice Poon

    You're most welcome David! Glad you liked this version!

  42. offal

    never realised williams had such a great voice. would have loved to hear dean martin sing this to, but i prefer the clarinet bilk version.

  43. Helenaville

    Words overwhelm this beautiful music.  It was meant to stand alone and words just interrupt my imagination.

  44. Emerson McCallum

    Still a great song.

  45. alnot01

    RIP Acker Bilk (1929-2014).

  46. Di Taylor

    Oh wow, never realised there were lyrics..has given me goosebumps! RIP Acker.

    Alice Poon

    I like both this version and the instrumental one!

  47. Tony Ray

    I never knew this song was made with to say after 40 plus years im impressed..thank you for this.

    Alice Poon

    My pleasure! Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to check out my other uploads.

  48. Xiang G

    I like this video very much!

    Alice Poon

    Thank you! Glad you like it.

  49. Alice Poon

    Thank you for dropping by, Bob. Like you, I love both this version and Kenny G's interpretation - thanks for sharing it.

  50. Bob Silvestri

    No matter the version, I've always loved this song. Thanks for the sub on my other channel, Alice.

  51. Alice Poon

    Thank you for watching!

  52. spoonr47

    Beautiful song AND splendid selection of imagery!