Andy Williams - Moon River Lyrics

Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters, off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end, waiting, round the bend
My Huckleberry Friend, Moon River, and me

Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters, off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after that same rainbow's end, waiting, round the bend
My Huckleberry Friend, Moon River, and me

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Andy Williams Moon River Comments
  1. James Mccall


  2. Gomer Hanger

    The fact that kids/teens from the 90s know this song because of The Simpson’s is great lol

  3. Karina Dias


  4. NeWorld Fool

    Most of comment section: *sentimental stories*

    Me and 5% of other viewers: I was brought here by a pole dance.

  5. Denise James

    Listening this to memories of my mother, Ruby James Conwell, who I only remember her liking this one song.

  6. h o n e yツ

    Vengo de "Elevándose al cielo azul" ;v

    Ana González

    Por dos JAJSJ

  7. Kennith Tubbs

    Life is good your in our hearts

  8. Emelita Perez

    "" MOON RIVER "" 🌹💞

  9. Reginaldo Lazarini

    Uma das músicas mais lindas que já ouvi .... e Andy é maravilhoso cantando !!!

  10. ธนฑล เพชรแก้ว


  11. Ronald Nanni

    A True Crooner. I hope the genre comes back. Some day.

  12. Westmount Legal

    Almost 16 MILLION views. That says quality. 29Jan20.

  13. Angela Johnson

    🌞 🌈 🌤 🌈 💛 🌈 💛 🌤 🌈 👍

  14. Ani Tchlikadze


  15. Jean Albano

    i heard this song came from breakfast at tifanys i dont know what the song had to do wth that movie

  16. Sterlin Manwaring

    This was definitely my favorite singer in the60s 70s

  17. ธนฑล เพชรแก้ว

    เสียดายที่ปู่ Andy จากไปร้องเพลงบนสวรรค์

  18. Manuela Moraes

    Música que faz meu coração bater mais forte. Linda... poesia para a alma.💜

  19. Danylo Pullay

    Vine por NELSON MUNTS

  20. Sue Blackwood

    Love this song but makes me cry

  21. Davivi :v

    I prefer the Bayonetta 2's version, buuuuut this song is very good

  22. haaen daaz


  23. Pirjo Haapsaari beautiful and sensitiv music. Thanks Andy William,!

  24. Diego Sáez

    El idolo de Nelson jajaja

  25. Maite Mike

    Esta la bailan Carrie y Big 😋

  26. Luciano R

    Wonderful song!

  27. Connor Carrigan

    Clive from Benidorm?

  28. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    My mother used to love this song. Then they amputated her legs. She still loved it, but she no longer had legs.

  29. Sunghwei Park

    My huckleberry fried.... That's it.

  30. Reno Bronson

    Audrey Hepburn brought me here!

  31. Sheelz

    My mother sang this to me when I was only 5 I think. That was in the 70s or early 80s. She past away, but every time when I hear this song, I cry and remember that moment eons ago.

  32. Ginger Haydon/Piano

    I saw him perform many times in Branson, Mo. My fav....

  33. Donald Tran


  34. Isaac Pantti

    You hear this some all the time in China. Still don't know the source though...

  35. Moon Talam

    I love this so much. So endless

  36. dave fishbro

    im 24 years old and i love this song (and version), but its amazing to see all the individually unique stories of those who are older and were more connected to this song.

  37. wieslawkarl

    dont try copy

  38. Brian Mullan

    truly Timeless

  39. tigr Flwer

    My god, that man's voice could wring emotion out of a stone.

  40. Spicer LDN

    A beautiful song ruined by a shitty video made by inept cunts with zero class.

  41. George Vreeland Hill

    Moon River is one of the greatest songs ever.

  42. Daniel Harness

    I remember president Reagan saying Andy William's was a national treasure

  43. Aivis Pukitis


  44. ddavisrr1

    This song always make me feel calm and dreamy!! I am a dreamer. I love to get lost in fairytales and there's no better song to help me get to fairyland!! Absolutely priceless!!

  45. Hyper Boy Tkl 107

    This song will be most wonderful if sang by a male / female duet.

  46. Patrick Sawyer

    s asking is any one listingWho is this rerun that keeps asking is aningy one listing?

  47. BleenBlock 85

    I was born 1985, this is one of the best Songs i´ve ever heard! And i love this Song! This is real beautiful Music!

  48. Jorge Mario Rubio White


  49. T H

    The Great Awakening ..WWG1WGA

  50. Rafael Vicente Roanes

    Fantastico y Maravilloso!!!!

  51. Diego Franco

    Yo vine aquí por Nelson de los Simpson jajajajaja

  52. Christopher Clarkin

    These men had class. Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Tom Jones ,etc. Did they write their own music?

  53. les mester

    Great Classic

  54. 門馬美紀子


  55. Tracy Stumpf

    My Memories of 60 years

  56. Nameless sickness

    The best thing about Youtube is that i can listen to Slayer in one second and just end up here.

  57. R G

    My mom’s favorite song

  58. Lorenzo Brasco

    32 years and still no huckleberryfinnz to dance with.. 🌔

  59. Nn Nn

    Anyone listen in 2020?

  60. Melissa Barnosky

    My mom's favorite song ❤

  61. -nazjae ocasio

    13 and I love this song from the movie breakfast at Tiffany’s 🥰

  62. Diplomat 034

    I really didn't think this was a real song..I thought this was just in Bayontta 2.

  63. Charles Chungus

    The real question is, where are all my Flash and Supergirl homies?

    Neo Payne

    Right here. Came here because of Supergirl!


    So beautiful 🧡🦋🧡

  65. soundwavs1961c

    Who the Hell gave thumbs down.. jealous devils...millennials..

    X t h r a x

    k boomer

  66. TomsTarantulas

    I didn’t think he was gonna do Moon River, but then, Bam!!, second encore!

  67. Kim Scioloro

    I was in Old Sacramento on the Riverfront and I heard a singing cowboy, a public performer, sing this song to a group of people standing outside a candy shop. It was the most beautiful rendition I have ever heard, besides this one by Williams, and it made me cry beneath my sunglasses.

  68. Ali Pardis

    سالی همیشه بیادتم

  69. Lawrence Beach

    Great song but Danny Williams was the best

  70. Dog World

    What a voice! Can’t hear voices like this nowadays.

  71. I'm Dead

    I came here from bayonetta

  72. just me

    Just imagine the love and the dates in this time, like fairytail 💫

  73. FaNbOy ArMy

    I'm only 16 but i really love this song 😄😄😄

  74. Vinand Vinand

    Remembering my lovely n superb Dad... Today is his birthday.. inshaa Allah, he is in heaven now, ameen

  75. Dianna Whyte

    My daddys song . Miss him always x

  76. D J

    I want to dance with MY Mr. Big..... ❤️ This song got so much classe!

  77. Cynthia Parado

    The song I always sing to my son to send him to sleep..

  78. Lee Sandro

    I'm 57 years old and I always get misty when I hear this song. still waiting to go off to see the world. this old dog is getting soft.

  79. Luis Enrique Sanchez

    In 2019 la escucho, grasias

  80. Vuldriel

    Who here after hearing Jacob Collier’s arrangement of it and finding out it has been nominated for a Grammy?

  81. Sunwoo Park

    Damn Andy Williams covered a Frank Ocean song

  82. Júlia Guimarães

    Sex and the city.

  83. Cat Man

    A giant talent and a decent man

  84. Mark Clark

    such a lovely song

  85. Ethan Rasmussen

    I had a piano teacher in college who played on Mr. Williams’s TV show. It took me weeks to work up the nerve to ask him if Andy was a nice guy in real life. I don’t think I’ve ever breathed a bigger sigh of relief when he told me that Andy Williams was, in fact, a nice guy.

  86. doomslayer

    Bayonetta: *ITS GROOVIN TIME*

  87. The Mister steve

    Beautiful song very easy to listen to and envision two drifters.

  88. ...that generation's "Born to Run"......

  89. Esra Serim

    Timelesss ❤️😌

  90. Abu Rabaah

    I come here from NETFLIX I'm mother movie. But I've heard this song when I was 8 year's old 1980s.

  91. Gregory Powell

    I've always loved this song. Takes me back to my childhood. 59 years old now.

  92. Stefan Palicki

    Came here after listening to the Jacob Collier one

  93. Salomea Gabliani

    December 2019 ❣️

  94. DalekSupremeWithCheese

    What genre is this, I am moved in a way I can’t describe and I want to feel this more

    Michael Ward

    Oldies. It has a way of delicately 'unsettling' you, doesn't it? Me too!

  95. Augusto Goldschmidt

    Fallout Cascadia eh

  96. Constance Matthews

    Goose bumps , beautiful song .

  97. AndreV N

    so yt recommended me a video about Paris Jackson fav in music and here I am...what the heck you tube???