Andy Williams - A Summer Place Lyrics

There's a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I'm safe and warm
For within that summer place
Your arms reach out to me
And my heart is free from all care
For it knows

There are no gloomy skies
When seen through the eyes
Of those who are blessed with love

And the sweet secret of
A summer place
Is that it's anywhere
When two people share
All their hopes
All their dreams
All their love

There's a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I'm safe and warm
In your arms, in your arms
In your arms, in your arms

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Andy Williams A Summer Place Comments
  1. Juan Correa

    The Simpsons brought me here

  2. Vanda Nogueira

    Essa música ficará para sempre em nossos corações. Vanda & Hélio.

  3. Felicia Wijnaar

    Ik moet een zucht slaken..sometimes i feel so .. 💃🏽*🔥blessed 💖

  4. Felicia Wijnaar


  5. Felicia Wijnaar

    *MY TRUE💃 LOVER* 💖 !! I Think💫 Is You 🤔 i feel it's not a dream.

  6. Fraspa

    Ah! I felici anni '60! La mia giovinezza, il mio amore... Si, li ho vissuti grazie a Dio!!

  7. Anzar Kunhi

    I wish sir Johnny Mathis could sing this song. It's very beautiful this song.

  8. Анатолій Дмитрук

    (Ukrainian version):
    Чудовий край,
    Відкритий він штормам,
    Я щасливий там.

    Саме в ній,
    Тій стороні,
    Ти руку дала мені,
    Який сох
    Від тривог.

    Серце знає -
    Там немає
    В небі хмар
    Для очей отих пар -
    Для отих,
    У яких
    Є любов.

    А секрет його в тім -
    Секрет не в нім.
    Що воно будь-де,
    Де тебе знайде
    І надія,
    І мрія,
    І любов.


    А секрет його в тім -
    Секрет не в нім.
    Що воно будь-де,
    Де тебе знайде
    І надія,
    І мрія,
    І любов.

  9. Luis Ortiz Garcia

    I get goosebumps each time I listen this song. Andy's and Percy's are definitely my favourites but no matter who plays it there is something special about this song.

  10. gail ives

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this tune and so does my cat little Georgie

  11. Maria Helena da Silva

    Essa música na voz de Daniel Boaventura, deve ficar tão linda quanto🤗🤗

  12. Das Vogel

    Im 17, and thats my fav Song! Im in the wrong generation

  13. Kennith Tubbs

    That's life we love it will miss you andy

  14. Jeffery Allen

    The man ,the voice, Andy Williams !! surely and truly one of the greats.

  15. Don Michael

    The voice....

  16. Osmar Gonçalves

    Tempos bom q não voltam mais.

  17. Cindy Christie

    Some people live the dream, but for most it remains a dream

  18. Greg Brassington

    Mum & Dad's all time favorite song .
    Rest in peace.xx

  19. Edwin Cancel II

    I would sing that song in that key.

  20. jocelyne gacuma

    This song brings me back in time 20 years ago in my memories when this was one of the music I used to listen to. Then I met my dearest late husband/friend who I could share this song with. We had shared a wonderful and unforgettable moments of our 20 years together. This was a song for him.

  21. mario tapia

    Grande Master Andy williams

  22. diuskas

    Ouvir a voz de Andy me faz feliz

  23. diuskas

    Ouvir a voz me faz feliz.

  24. Jose Sanchez

    Gracias ,Andy Williams, siempre te recordaré , querido amigo!!!😀😀😀

  25. J Lee

    ♥️🌺 My Love

  26. mario tapia

    Lo mas Grande Andy Mario De conchali

  27. Arkaan Naufal

    The best song ever for me...🌻🌻🌻

  28. Karl Pursch

    Andy Williams had an Amazing modern Art collection.....This Kat was Kool

  29. Carrie-Anne R.

    Wow, amazing

  30. William Li

    I of my most loved album, and Andy I love most of his albums.
    Can any one tell me why the nice oldies like this, will hv to gv way to the modern silly singing?
    Today new songs cud hv nore then a billion views, why the oldies have so few views?
    What went wrong?

  31. Corentin M

    Why does it reminds me a lot of Koopa Beach

  32. Greg Dingo

    Whew, eyes full of melancholic tears listening to this and following the words to the song! What a beautiful song!

  33. Joesep Andrea Lutfi

    I am thinking of Cannes

  34. bjpd1111

    Brings back happy childhood memories.

  35. K L

    I always assumed this wonderful melody was instrumental.

  36. Diane Orrvar Stone

    Loved Andy williams!!♥️

  37. RavingIWAKI

    I"m here because of Dark Wood.

  38. mckavitt13

    I loved this guy, his beautiful voice, his beautiful songs. Miss him. R.I.P.

  39. Teresa Virina

    I sincerely hope Hollywood does a remake of this movie, A Summer zplace. The original actors here are long gone. This was a nice LOVE story in the 60's.

  40. 郭淑芬

    幾年前第一次聽到時 就很喜歡了 現在聽 還是很喜歡這個旋律

  41. GodIy Instinct

    2019 im still listen his music

  42. Linda Phillips

    my first love, first kiss, wonderful 'summer place'

  43. Rajib Sinha

    Tonic before sleep.

  44. Rebecca Paul

    A summer place was shown years later in my country..i was 9 or 10, remember sitting with mom trying to understand the story. The theme stuck in my sniffling into a tissue at the sad bits. Shes gone but the memories remain of a simpler time.

  45. Ange Ortiz Felix


  46. Robin Wright

    The movie was good, the instrumental version of the song is great, but Andy Williams brings it all to life.

  47. Haus Meister

    Very nice !🙂🙂🙂

  48. Steve M.

    Best of the vocal versions of this song.

  49. Christopher Sobieniak

    Bet people didn't know there were lyrics to this!

  50. victor inostroza inostroza

    Como para seguir soñando ...

  51. Victor Chuchenko

    wonderful voice and man

  52. Phyllis Dobbins

    Love this

  53. Oliver Delica

    2019?? Anyone?

  54. JMarcella Garcia

    Love this song, reminds me of hearing it on his TV show..It gives me goose bumps of happiness and LOVE which brings tears of happiness and a time with my teaching me how to dance.miss you mom

  55. Junior Rocky

    I am 57 now. My mother had this album when I was growing up. This is still my favorite song from this album.

  56. sabrina ponnet

    nice hits

  57. Abdul-karim Khan

    I can totally see Seth MacFarlane singing in this same voice

  58. Saffron's World

    I was in the 8th grade when this song came out (the original orchestra version). Andy put more beauty into when the lyrics were added.

  59. Acrciadel Acuña Rodríguez

    este bello tema lo hizo único en ésa época ochentera que tremenda recuerdo

  60. shanlu mo

    I was born in 1985,but it is my favorite song.😊❤

  61. Ruth Holmes

    Beutiful song so many memories of 1962 to precious to forget

  62. Soumitra De

    An immortal number....

  63. Flormar Jimvilla

    mi favorito de las voces clásicas Andy Williams

  64. Jennette Slade

    Stunning !!!!!!!!!

  65. Roland Guyonvernier

    Cet homme avait une très belle voix merci 😅 Monsieur

  66. John Bryant


  67. Imani M

    I come back to this song every Summer, and I have since I was 15 years old 💞 I also watch the movie every Summer! I'm 22 now and I still adore Andy Williams 🎶☀ and this song! I am sure I will for the rest of my life.

  68. Combro Bro see Jennifer oopkop her Dr

    Misteri beautiful voice I like so touch my hurt.

  69. 4Cabin

    The year I was born. I can hear it now, music like this playing on dads stereo back then in the 60's. A much better time in America.

  70. Ange Ortiz Felix

    What who is that Humvee Williams with the faith of the summer time tell everybody thank you very much enjoy it and have a good one and two the next program. Reset premeditation concentration meditation program thank

  71. James Mccall

    Monk needs a summer place

  72. skinbackyourpeel

    One of my favourite artist's, I'm hoping my wife has secretly got tickets to see him live in Las Vegas next year (2020) for my 50th.

  73. Mark Alexander

    audio valium :)

  74. Janet Hu

    A summer movie?

  75. Janet Hu

    He can sing both Christmas songs and movie theme songs, plus others

  76. Ange Ortiz Felix


    Ange Ortiz Felix

    Dramas that I must say right the same song that is in through master that I played before and now by the Andy Williams in the same equal song the face of the summer Faith. Of the SOMMER.

  77. Barbara Dailey

    My all time favorite song, music, & singer since 1962!

  78. Ange Ortiz Felix

    Okay everybody goodbye no commands no nothing or lie by by that I have to do some things that I have to take care of myself you have to take care of yourself so everybody God bless you bye bye

  79. Ange Ortiz Felix

    What did miss a call video you can fly around the sky close to God you can imagine to see all the people from all the way up there do looking down like a NFL policy building that you're like the Way Thrift Center on top of the 200 I see story. Was tremendous make that bill and I work about two blocks from the World Trade Center hit that every day I see those towers and I still miss him because I thought the government over the president voice Journal WV Bush jr. I thought we going to make it bigger I like your full visit together so nobody can destroy or only God but any president race those same doors building that

  80. Mario Tapia

    Grande Master

  81. Ange Ortiz Felix

    So we're going to start with the idea where they are the most beautiful song that I going to play instrumental and vocal he's used his power for men with the Beautiful song Thank you very much enjoyed it

  82. Ange Ortiz Felix


  83. Ange Ortiz Felix

    Dad is saying in this afternoon of these I mean in this if then did I tried to going slow slow down with the flow the for now accomplished Sun going to be completely classic music instrumental music for at least 10 minutes so you can experiment. The singing music and classical music that they perform an aspert Honda Classic field I bring it to you did your mind to go in and get impish with that with this beautiful sun that the men performing to the love of God thank you everybody expecting that you appreciate what I bring it to you including the Walmart Walmart is the most weather for around the world. They inviting people for here there chlorine they get some Missy for they store from the music from yesterday I'll bring it up and they have 30 special because. Love is from God spear gravity does Buick warranty

  84. Choff C

    reminds me of ma and dad...RIP Dad and Ma is still going strong... : )

  85. liberty Ann

    Love the 60s vibes here....

  86. Hermes Iai

    Sure, it will be a great idea if you add the lyrics . Great record snd congratulatinos and thanks for share this material here!!

  87. John707 Ritchie

    More,much much than a so called crooner. Andy had an absolutely golden voice. I must have 40 albums of his,mostly from the late 60s and 70s. His versions were often far superior to original artists recordings. Born free,the impossible Dream are superb examples.But checkout Imagine,John Lennon's classic by Andy,it's a flawless arrangement and Andy's smooth voice gives the song a special quality

  88. falconflight98

    What an era!!

  89. Gary K. Nedrow

    The lyrics are by Mack Discant, the music by Max Steiner. The song was written as the theme for the 1959 movie of the same name. Today, the 1950s are remembered for rock 'n roll, but in reality, big band instrumentals and singers were also very popular, and this song was played at every sock hop in America, when boys still held girls in their arms when they danced.

  90. Johnny Debeltz

    Every year at this time I always think of this song and listen to it.

  91. Alan Fox

    I more familiar with the Percy faith orchestra instrumental version.

  92. Nancy Newberg

    The best year of my entire life ♥♥1962

  93. Roland Guyonvernier

    Quel talent ce Monsieur Andy williams merci pour cette belle chanson

  94. Sergio Pellejero

    There are no more songs like these

  95. Das Berserker

    There's a quality in his voice that's so relaxing... It transports you to a better place.

  96. Loony Linn

    beautiful song...sipping my hot coffee and this

  97. Joanne Smith

    such a talent man with a voice that makes you feel so wonderful. one of a kind

  98. Josivan Alves

    Cantava com a alma, raridade hoje.

  99. Judie Sims

    I had such a crush on him. He sings beautifully.

  100. T A

    I would waite for his TV show on Sunday night along with Perry Como Not a worry in the world. Very best time in my life. I simply time no computers cell phones even no calculaters.