Andy Mineo - Shame Lyrics

[Josh Garrels:]
You fly in circles around my head
While I sit on the edge of my bed
I cry, oh what have I done again?
'Cause I'm 'bout to hate who I am
'Cause I'm 'bout to hate who I am

[Andy Mineo:]
I chase the moment that when I had it I felt alive
But now that the thrill is gone I feel dead inside
I feel like everyone know the secrets I wanna hide
And everytime they ask me how I'm doing I just say I'm fine
Too embarrassed to share it or maybe too much pride
I create my own prison, holding the keys inside
Punishing myself for all of these crimes
And I'm trying to convince God I'm not a waste of his time
What's wrong with me? Am I defective?
I keep on making a mess
Why can't I ever get it together?
Soon, people gonna find out I'm not what they expected
They see who I really am then I end up rejected
I try to stand tall but these knees are collapsing
Instead of asking for help these apps distract me
So lonely, but so many people friended me
While I post, I hope one day to be happy as I pretend to be

[Josh Garrels:]
You fly in circles around my head
While I sit on the edge of my bed
I cry, oh what have I done again?
'Cause I'm 'bout to hate who I am
'Cause I'm 'bout to hate who I am

[Andy Mineo:]
Uh, I was thirteen the first time my momma caught me watching porn
She started screaming, she couldn't believe her last born
Was dappling in something so destructive
I wish I could have said it was my last time but naw it wasn't
And the more I thought about it
The more I got bothered
These women I'm objectifying are somebody's daughters
I really never thought I had a problem until it followed me to college
And I felt debilitated by it's bondage
Became a Christian, heard about God's power
Couldn't see it in my life but I could tell you all about it
Overloaded with knowledge, making so little progress
Became a public figure but my struggles were in private
Only started tasting freedom when I'm being honest
And I learn that when I am weak is when I'm seeing God the strongest
I know some people gon' be quick to throw stones
But I'll take all of those hits to know that you're not alone
And after 28 years of life I decided
Everybody's crooked, some just have a better way of hiding it
Oh how good does freedom taste
I hope they gon' give me the forgiveness they gon need one day
I pray

[Josh Garrels:]
Jesus He washes away of all my sin
Washes away all my sin
Jesus washes away all of my sin
Jesus He washes away of all of my sin
Washes away all my sin
Jesus washes away all of my sin
Jesus He washes away of all my sin
Washes away all my sin
Jesus washes away all of my sin
Jesus He washes away of all my sin
Washes away all my sin
Jesus washes away all of my sin
Jesus He washes away of all my sin
Washes away all my sin
Jesus washes away all of my sin
Jesus He washes away of all my sin
Washes away all my sin
Jesus washes away all of my sin

[Choir & Andy Mineo:]
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
He washes away all of my sin (oh)
Oh oh oh

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Andy Mineo Shame Comments
  1. Samson Lugambo

    What a song!

  2. 천사 Angel

    This made me really tear up man. Wow

  3. Chomp Sofía

    I still loving this song!

  4. Christian Hudson

    This might very well be the realest rap song I've ever heard in my life. Props to you Andy for keeping it real.

  5. TheBros2theend

    God bless

  6. Sammy Fash

    I'm looking for that Andy mineo song where he says vroom in the bridge. Can anyone please help me out?

  7. OustFoX

    You probably never see these since you have social media managers, but on the off chance, just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking those hits so I know I'm not alone. Love you and love your work. Thank you.

  8. Monyeia West

    i can really relate to this song

  9. Jeremy Cruz

    Struggling with pornography. I’m still believing God can help me get free. I will continue to pray. Jesus can set me free from this addiction.

  10. Tim Michael

    I'm positive this song fits my life almost verse for verse.

  11. Melissa Ochoa

    My my my.....I'm speechless....I.clicked this life giving song just in time. When you feel you don't deserve anything God reminds us that He sent Jesus to wash away all of our sins. Bless Yahweh!

  12. Micah Morgan

    My private Christian university recently adopted the slogan "Stand Tall" which most of us students really don't think accurately represents our community. (Humility and meekness are what Christ calls us to exhibit) So I love the line "I tried to stand tall, but these knees are collapsing." We can't stand tall without God

  13. BeachMaster Tim

    Love you brothers and sisters! We should feel open to confide in one another. Reach out if you need prayer.

    Love in Christ,


  14. noah dansby

    Mineo just out here talking facts. Appreciate the music that makes me think about what I can do to glorify Him❤️

  15. Jesus Christ is King Eternal

    This is real genuine rap. It's crazy how those who encourage drug use which leads to disastrous drug addictions and ungodly sex which leads to all types of immorality and violence which leads to murder and money which leads to selfishness and pride is considered rap...but truth and encouraging rap is thrown under that rug nowadays

  16. Jawon Ryan

    All glory to God

  17. Isaiah Morrow

    One of the best songs ever made

  18. Junior Nguema Ndong

    When I heard this song it was like He was with me all my life in all my secret moments. Trying to please Jesus but addicted to porn.

  19. iz sinx

    God is good!!

  20. JWAL Beats

    Wow the hit me so hard....

  21. saimone sakisi

    That last beat felt angelic

  22. Kelvin James

    The second verse got me 😭

  23. C NK

    We all have a title of crime and sin that we’ve done .

    My sin is hurting myself . Putting myself through bullshit along with bully my self worth .

  24. Bobzilla661

    Great song and collaboration. It speaks to me more than anyone will know.

  25. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you God bless

  26. TheBros2theend

    God bless heal and save you Jesus loves you

  27. Kenny OmegaMan X

    real rap

  28. Robert Kyle Thomas

    'Jesus He washes away all of my sin' 10 hour mix please?

  29. Nate Sommer

    Going through this hard. I've been on the edge of the bed crying too much, wondering why I cant change. This is exactly how I feel put into words. Been going strong for a little while now, please keep me in your prayers. Feels like temptation is arround every corner.

  30. Lua Bleah

    Dude, I cried listening to this song.

  31. Paul Nthoba

    Josh Garrels.....Ohhh!

  32. skippy

    God are savior plz give me a bath I'm dirty

  33. stephanie ada dozie

    When Josh Garrels came in with the "JESUS, HE WASHES AWAY ALL OF MY SINS', knees on the ground, hands in the air! He does, He does, He doeeessss!!! I love You, Abba! Thank You!!

  34. Jason Roman

    Just 3 secs into this sound and it stirred the Holy Spirit...... instant fav on my list..... in just a mere 3 seconds.....


    praise god

  36. Austin Horton

    I actually cried. This hit very close to home. Thank you, Andy, for this song.

    Domine Jesu Christe, Filii Dei, miserere mei, peccatoris. Amen!

  37. La CBA

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 God is so good. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  38. Jeth messi

    what a breakthrough.

  39. Lyfestyle Muzik

    Man u prolly my favorite CHH artist

  40. Luke W-R

    Who played the drums in this song😱👊🤘🤘🤘

  41. Yuuki Hikari

    Andy this is your best song I have heard.

  42. Yuuki Hikari

    Seriously man I'm about to cry at work. I needed this.

  43. Yuuki Hikari

    God hear me. This hits my heart too hard.

  44. The Joker

    DEEP Song!!!! I thought i was the only one that felt like this. #ICanRelate

  45. John Felton

    This is a great song and great message i needed to hear this song

  46. Yemeni Flowers

    Josh Garrels' singing hit me so hard I wept... Beyond the tears I felt my soul crying out to Jesus...

  47. Thais Noleto

    Tradução da música para o pt 🇧🇷
    Vergonha - Andy Mineo
    Você voa em círculos em volta da minha cabeça
    Enquanto eu sento na beirada da minha cama, eu choro
    "Oh, o que é que fiz de novo?"
    É difícil não odiar quem eu sou
    É difícil não odiar quem eu sou

    Eu procuro os momentos que quando eu tinha, me sentia vivo
    Mas agora que isso se foi, eu me sinto morto por dentro
    Eu sinto que todos sabem os segredos que eu quero esconder
    E todas as vezes que eles me perguntam como eu estou, eu só digo que estou bem
    Muito envergonhado pra dizer, ou talvez muito orgulhoso
    Eu criei a minha própria prisão e estou segurando as chaves dentro dela
    Estou me punindo por todos esses crimes e tentando convencer a Deus que não sou uma perca de tempo
    O que há de errado comigo? Eu sou defeituoso? Eu continuo fazendo bagunça, porque é que nunca consigo me ajeitar?
    Logo as pessoas vão descobrir que eu não sou o que elas esperavam, verão como eu realmente sou e eu vou acabar rejeitado
    Tento ficar de pé, mas meus joelhos estão falhando
    Ao invés de pedir por ajuda, esses aplicativos estão me distraindo
    Tão solitário, mas tantas pessoas são minhas amigas
    Espero um dia ser tão feliz quanto eu finjo ser.

    Você voa em círculos em volta da minha cabeça
    Enquanto eu sento na beirada da minha cama, eu choro
    "Oh, o que é que fiz de novo?"
    É difícil não odiar quem eu sou
    É difícil não odiar quem eu sou

    Eu tinha 13 anos na primeira vez que minha mãe me pegou assistindo pornô
    Ela começou a gritar porque não conseguia acreditar que seu filho mais novo estava imerso em algo tão destrutivo
    Gostaria de poder dizer que foi minha última vez, mas não foi
    E quanto mais eu pensava sobre isso, mais me incomodava: essas mulheres que eu estou objetificando são filhas de alguém
    Eu nunca realmente pensei que tinha um problema até que ele me seguiu à faculdade e comecei a me sentir prejudicado
    Me tornei cristão
    Ouvi sobre a palavra de Deus
    Não conseguia vê-la na minha vida, mas podia te dizer tudo sobre ela
    Sobrecarregado com conhecimento , fazendo tão pouco progresso, me tornei figura pública, mas minhas lutas ficaram em privado

    Só comecei a experimentar da liberdade quando fui honesto
    E aprendi que quando estou mais fraco é quando vejo Deus mais forte
    Eu sei que algumas pessoas serão rápidas pra jogar pedras, mas eu tomo todas elas se for pra você não se sentir sozinho
    E foi com 28 anos que decidi: todos somos falhos, alguns são apenas melhores em esconder isso
    Quão bom é o sabor da liberdade
    Espero que eles me dêem o perdão que um dia vão precisar
    Eu oro

    Jesus me lava de todo pecado
    Lava todo o meu pecado
    Jesus, ele me lava de todo pecado (4x)

  48. Seelua Aumua

    This track literally played out my story...this is empowering, coming face to face with my sin. If this is anyone else, im here for you! By God's Grace, I've honestly been saved! I'll journey with y'all! God is GOOD

  49. Dalton Davis

    I wanna cry listening to these EP's ..
    Such meaty content.
    Not the same ol' recycled trap rap, simple bar, etc, type music.
    Keep being THE LORDS hands and feet, Andy.

  50. Darryll Murphy

    Fuck the Earth

  51. Darryll Murphy

    Why doesn't this song have a billion views.

  52. Kelelo

    Man, thank you

  53. Jose McKenzie


  54. marn200

    Andy Mineo and Josh Garrels? Well that was the last combination I expected.
    Sounds Good

  55. Travis Anderson

    Favorite song because I’ve been there

  56. MusicMan1

    Josh's voice..... 🙌

  57. Tobi jimoh

    Why does this song bring me so very close to tears????........100%

  58. Blaise Leonards

    Song on repeat until I literally become a puddle of tears

  59. Luwa MA.

    I cried listening to this.. Am amazed at how much I relate.

  60. Noah Ingram

    Praise GOD my brother this song was needed

  61. Shekinah Marisa

    thank you Jesus for this song. thank you Andy for allowing the Lord to use you.

  62. Chelsea Rampal

    Preach it HE WASHES ALL MY SIN hey I want to go to heaven

  63. Chelsea Rampal

    Hey I fell you Andy and I feel you girl down there I’m a girl to

  64. jowusuboadi

    ❤️ this openness heals and has set free souls ❤️

  65. Destiny Jeannett

    Thank you for this song Lord ☝🏻

  66. LittyOff DaTitty

    I see josh Garrels, automatically click like 👍🏽

  67. Don McAllan

    I can relate on all leves,, head bowed, Dope song

  68. Jackson Moore

    I saw this in Kansas City on the “Better Late Than Never” tour the day it came out with my two best friends. Let me tell you something...that was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. He started this song right after he mentioned the fact that his mom passed away, that took courage to stand up in front of that crowd and be so honest. At 4:00 he jumped up from his knees and showed everyone that he wasn’t gonna be held down by shame anymore. By the end of his performance...the crowd chanted “Thank you Andy”. Guys... I’ve seen a lot of concerts...but that was one of (if not the) coolest things I’ve ever seen on a stage.

    Thank you Andy.

  69. Steve Kleinheksel

    Wow! What a real raw transparent song! Can't stop listening to it. Great job Andy Mineo 💥👌🤜🤛

  70. Jeremiah Johns

    I am listening to this while I am writing a communion meditation and I'm 15.

  71. Noe Flores

    Wasn’t expecting to connect today

  72. Ban Kai

    ..."all are crooked, some just do a better job at hiding it"..

  73. KevinMeets Grace

    His word is Truth , even when my doubt says no , His word remains true. It’s Grace. The Creator , Elohim, is Good.


    “Jesus, he washes away all of my sins. Washes away all of my sins,” is such a power part of the song! Thank you for this song!

  75. B.T RISING

    this song hit me hard ...

  76. Sydwell Tlhola

    Thank you Andy and you all for your comments and replies. I'm truly encouraged...

  77. Omertà DocTones


  78. Nadasha-Zahkai Kennedy

    poll: what do you think the next album name is gonna be? I think The Shield or The Armor.

  79. emmanuel kuti

    i hope one day i will be happy as i pretend to be .... what a song JESUS WASHES AWAY ALL MY SINS

  80. Cris Pineda


  81. James Muema

    This song speaks to me. Realest song I've listened to in a very long time. God bless you Andy.

  82. Bruce Lee

    This song hit me hard I'm struggleing with porn it's like, I lose myself when it comes to porn

  83. xLuxBabyx

    This is like Part 2 to Trip Lee “Fallen”

  84. Richard Jackson

    This track is so fire 🔥!


    So powerful Andy!

  86. Damipe TIWO

    This hit me at core of my heart .

  87. Luke Stedifor

    “I’m trying to convince God that I’m not a waste of his time” oof

  88. Eduardo Henrique


  89. Cademon Cramer

    That's RESPECT.

  90. cheese

    That moment when the song fits and you stumble on it but it dosent suprise you but just reminds you gods there and he cares just like hes done before

  91. Poop Poop

    You have talent hope make out there

  92. Poop Poop

    This is making me cry

  93. Matthew Muli

    man thats powerful, wow , Jesus He did wash away all of our sin!

  94. C Heart

    It takes REAL guts to talk about the struggles that many go through, in hopes that too many stones won't come your way in the midst, but willing to take it, if necessary to help yourself or others. ALL of us have SIN but the difference IS when we "are in Christ," HE DOES WASH US CLEAN in His Salvation within all he "already did on the cross." STAY CONNECTED To the ONE TRUE GOD & You WILL Make it! Thanks Andy for sharing, this hits home, as we also lost my dear brother recently, who apparently was not able to be as transparent in casting his cares unto the Lord (with other factors involved with others affecting his life as well). Hopefully, those still living, will catch these many lessons and make that change.

  95. Peace Zeme

    It’s 2019 and I just found it. In love with this song now......

  96. Kim Kumar

    i really needed this. thank you.

  97. Gidii's UNIVERSE

    This song came at that right time man...May God bless you and your family Andy Mineo....I dream to be a christian artiste just like you !