Andy Grammer - Blame It On The Stars Lyrics

Sometimes you need a reason
A bit of a love you can believe in
A little hug, a little big dreamin’
Apparently there’s some correlation between
Hearts and outer space
And all I’m really trying to say is

That I’m just a Sagittarius
And we’re kind of spontaneous
So lets head out to vegas and find an elvis to marry us
Don’t try to argue with the moon

We can blame it on the stars
So c’mon let your heart just breathe
Stars, oh c’mon let your guard down
And we can blame it on the stars

We like to think that we’ll weigh in
On a previous reservation
It’s all written in the constellations
Now I don’t know, but either do you
Truth is, its a good excuse
For both our hearts to let loose

And I know that you’re a cancer
Which means you like holding hands
So show me how to do this dance
And spin me like a ceiling fan oh
Don’t try to argue with the moon

We can blame it on the stars
So c’mon let your heart, just breathe
Stars, oh c’mon let your guard down
And we can blame it on the stars

I read your horoscope
And baby you should know
Just what your future holds
Let your hands move
Let my fingers find you
Wrap my arms around you
Here we go

The stars,
Oh c’mon let your heart just breathe
The stars, The stars, the stars

We can blame it on the stars
So c’mon let your heart, just breathe
Stars, oh c’mon let your guard down
And we can blame it on the stars

We can blame it on the stars
We can blame it on the stars

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Andy Grammer Blame It On The Stars Comments
  1. Jeff Lambright

    Probably the most versatile artist of our time... love this guy!

  2. Natalia Sullivan

    Ik this song came out a long time ago but I still love it

  3. 88junor

    Jesus if nothing this is a catchy ass song!

  4. Hans Adriel Gabriel

    Hey boys and girls, anyone know a bad song from this guy? He's holding too much of a perfect streak that I'm starting to think he's a damn robot...

  5. Donna Donohoue

    I know Right

  6. KeepinTheBSBPride

    Literally my favorite song he's done so far <3

  7. Bob the Cupcake

    haha I'm a cancer but I hate holding hands

  8. Zenny


  9. Michael Dorr

    U legend Andy I went to see you in Australian and man u were amazing u can tell how much u have changed since this song was made u put wayyy more passion in it and now ur revealing new songs everywhere and I am looking forward to this new album u will do well
    Wish u the best all the way from down under

  10. sadie k

    thank you bath & body works for playing this


    sadie k same


    for me it was ross

  11. Sarah Boktor

    one of his best songs

  12. Zander Frack

    Dance 123 dance 123 dance

  13. Gabriel Magloyuan

    who is still listening in all his songs in 2017??

    Owen Bean21

    Gabriel Dan me

    Bendy PenciL

    Gabriel 2018, for me

  14. ii Snuggly

    I saw Andy at a concert on "Wednesday Nov- 9 -2016"

    Timberdruid 75

    ii Snuggly where

    Hamilton Trash

    ii Snuggly how was it? :)

  15. Fabio calle

    esta cancion es muy buena yo le doy 5estrellasy se las recomiendo mucho

    Fabio calle

    de david calle fue enviado eso

    Fabio calle

    su hijo etc y ya

  16. FairyNalani

    I wish i could do the tango to this song. :(

  17. Rishabh Bhattarai

    so when u went to vegas did u find anyone????

  18. Jenny Cargill

    I saw him in concert and it was so fun! he's a great live artist!

  19. Shauntel Gill

    rhapsody ad brought me here?

  20. Sophie Cloutier

    Proud Sagittarius right here

    Ashley V.

    me too 😘😎♐

    Ryan Montes

    Me too :D!!!

  21. Unique Muffin

    my jam in fast and original

  22. Klessum

    I'm a. y outuber

  23. Klessum

    l love him

  24. Ludovico

    NICE !!
    Andy, you have a new (Italian) fan now !! 😃😃
    I love so much songs of you

  25. A crazy Bunny rabit

    He the best singer in the world

  26. Mmd The beast

    I love dancing to this song

  27. Red-Eyed Freak

    I love this song.

  28. Escaping Rosalina

    who's been a fan since keep your head up?


    Me favor singer

    Emilee G

    Escaping Rosalina me

  29. neko mist

    Who came here from Pandora

    Gerardo Moran

    neko mist meee

    Goldenoortan -YT

    neko mist me

  30. Alexia H

    I love this song! I'm a Capricorn ♑️

    Kaleb Gardner

    Lexi Holmes ♋ CANCER BABIES.......wait


    Lexi Holmes I'm a Leo.♌

    Music Trix

    Blu Goomba I'm a Cancer ♋

  31. jamiee. t

    Who came here from

    Elijah smith

    I did lol

  32. planet me

    Epic performer...I have seen Andy 10+ times in concert and this song live is a fave...

  33. Kev

    Day 723

    I have yet to find a not good song from artist. I don't think the artist knows how to make a bad song.


    still true

    Anthony Kase

    This is such a good comment lol

  34. belize Segelstrom

    best song ever......

  35. •bella•

    I love this song

  36. JacobB477

    great song!

  37. nya •

    Rhapsody ads brought me here ✌

    The nerd next Door


    Vishwaman Rai

    same here😄😄👍👍

  38. Karen Felix

    Awesome song

  39. Lexi Bridenhagen

    This song is so much better in person but still sounds good!

  40. Nicole Behdad

    See him in concert people!! He's amazinggg so worth it

    Nicole Sophie

    +Nicole Behdad IKR I just saw him like half an hour ago and it was so BOSS

  41. cora graves

    I'm a cancer ♋️💕

  42. Jessica Miller

    Love his music!!!

  43. Liam Baumer

    Wow great song

  44. Delfi su

    soooo GOOOODDD!!!!! Heard this in Macdonalds! Just had to shazam it! :D

    OMGiTz TAnner

    @bubulala la its McDonalds

  45. Aquafinastic

    John Green would approve of this song.

  46. Taylor Nappier

    I love your music

  47. Watch NEINEI

    his voice is like maroon 5.. :)

    one of a kind last of a loyal bloodline

    Watch NeiNei
    Not quite but almost lol

  48. Anna Clare Roach

    On a Scale 1 to 10 what would you rate his songs? And What is your favorite song out of all of his songs?

    grace up in yo face

    @Anna Clare Roach 10000000000000000/10

    Either Sinner or Co-Pilot, Oh, I like all of them!

    Nicole Sophie

    +Anna Clare Roach 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 AND I LOVE ALL BUT FOREVER IS REALLY FUNNY

    Victoria Lopez

    Broke my scale 😀

    Hamilton Trash

    a million :)

    Owen Bean21

    Anna Clare Roach 10 and this is my favorite song of his

  49. Kok-Mun Thong

    How can this song not be on the radio???? It's like so good

    grace up in yo face

    @Kok-Mun Thong YES!

  50. SK303

    this song is my fav now


    just bought his album Great!

  51. i_dunno_what_to_call_it

    adam levine much? (:

    Bob the Cupcake


  52. Epic XYZ

    the subject, are donna like Anaconda, thats what great

  53. Isabella Streeter

    Of any of his songs I thought this would be the most famous

  54. Space Tunes

    why is this guy not known by everyone?

    grace up in yo face

    @Jarrett Mertz I know!


    he's actually pretty popular from what I've heard. he is really good tho :D

    Harry Vuong

    Heard this in a bar after work and I was like hotter than Shazam

    Owen Bean21

    Space Tunes ikr

    Donna Donohoue

    Space Tunes right

  55. thawesnerd

    so great on my phone

  56. Devante Jones

    Great song