Androids - Wannabe Lyrics

You try, to look like you're busy
Your time's, aerobics and weight lifting
The wardrobe's perfect but the acting's obscene
Unwind, on rainy day's applying fake tan cream
And you wear those clothes

Cos you're a real wannabe
You're not indisposed
You're just a real wannabe
I've seen you rollerblade lately

Drop names and disco till tomorrow
And you wear those clothes

Cos you're a real wannabe
You're not indisposed
You're just a real wannabe

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Androids Wannabe Comments
  1. honey lavender

    The safe place where there is no viscos

  2. floofkin i guess



  3. Amon :D

    TikTok has entered the chat

  4. ღغزاله117ஐ

    Once sweet🐻


    TikTok is gay

  6. Jasmine Lola

    this song reminds me of my ex anddd i miss him alot

  7. hüseyin laleserp

    1:16 😘

  8. Robert’ Apostrophe

    Old ass memes aside, I legitimately like this song

  9. Skip XO

    this is actually really nice-

  10. I like stripes

    Ooo I accidentally hit the dislike button in soRRy ;-;

  11. MIMI :D

    Am I the only one who come from Gacha ? 😅

  12. jborowske

    I love this song

  13. Let's Go MSCL

    Very good song

  14. yusif nesibov

    Best times 1:19 2:15 3:01

  15. Dariana Rodriguez


  16. •καhσστ!•

    “Friendship never ends”
    My Lithuanian friend (my crush):”Hey Lola wannabe my gf”
    Me:”hELL YEAH”
    her:”actually I changed my mind”

  17. はやつぁん


  18. sadeem wessam

    *spice girls have left the chat*


    2020 awa

  19. Lucii Arts

    *-vsco girls has joined the chat-*

  20. Kitty The Cat Angel

    *Vsco Girls has left the chat*

  21. UnholyLove

    Here ya go E-Girls

  22. Lolis Tovar


  23. Emily Webster

    1:15 is the best bit

  24. peri kız

    Türkler nerede yav hiç mi Türk yok

  25. Саня Руслановна

    Хто то понял что я сказала

  26. мир моей фантазии

    Обожаю эту песню

  27. \/aleria chan

    Who is here by gacha life ?

  28. Bruce Jaraczewski

    Song: but that is the way it is
    Me: IlL tElL YOu whAt I ReAlLy WAnT

  29. Lila Soha-Wood

    can’t believe this was a year ago. e girls.

  30. Lucky _Ducky13

    who’s here for an old tiktok trend

  31. Įvãñê Žïkæ

    I don’t know if anyone came here but I came here from gacha life “shorty”

    •E L Y S I A N Wolfie•

    Oml same xD

    Įvãñê Žïkæ

    Wow! 🤯

  32. Lena Monroe

    Theres a tiny helicopter flying over the city:)

  33. Zoey Trent


    my favorite part ngl

  34. Kendra Inglis

    I'm here from my sister blasting this


    I might be your sister lol. that is how my brother found this song

  35. Periodt tea

    this hits different in the car

  36. Moisés campos González Moisés campos González


  37. Nutella ToastGirl

    gacha meme anyone???

  38. Андрей Андреев

    Who listening this in 2020?

  39. Yorucario

    That moment when that song from Spice Girls becomes a Stando and then it becomes a Gacha Life Meme.

  40. purplex gacha

    This song is so satisfying 🥰🥰🥰

  41. Gabby Benitez

    I preffer the spice girls version 🤢

  42. WeWereOnABreak

    Who else kinda likes this version more

  43. Glp_2.0 Büttinghaus

    All: TikTok or Spice Girls

    Me: loves the covers from Why Mona

  44. Lily_Gamez

    Everyone: I came from TikTok
    Me: I came here from animation memes

  45. MiChoki

    song: *exists*
    Egirls: *hold my depression*

  46. Rafael Sanchez Plata

    Estupenda cancion!

  47. mayas castillo rojas


  48. Hanky lanky Ko

    This may be unpopular but I miss this tik tok where there was no mean comments and good content fun dances and songs not this crap we have now cos it’s crap

  49. Zkittlez Sauze

    *80’s has entered the chat*

  50. Mr Nateless

    I miss old tik tok

  51. Bughead shipper

    Friendship never ends? What world do you live in? Cause... I want to live there..

  52. луна в аду

    Why everytime when I listen this song I remember Sally face?

  53. Weird cookie gacha :v

    “Friendship never ends”
    I heard
    “Friends *ship* never ends”
    Me: 0w0 YES MY SHIP WILL NEVER END UNTIL IT SAILS!!! _saw other comments_

  54. GAANA R

    Gikb so



  56. ねこですよろしくお願いします。


  57. Lili The Kitty

    this is a masterpiece because this is meg fave song 👌👌👌

  58. Mira ^з^

    Wait people came from tictoc ? Wut I found this way before tictoc became a thing

  59. Sofia Arpero Rodríguez

    Yes cool love tik tok

  60. Luiz Silveira

    I'm here from Tik Tok, thanks!

  61. Eno Lamaj


  62. DearerGriphon35

    1:17 <3

  63. -HiddenCracks-

    I searched up "wannabe but sad" and this appeared

  64. Hamdi Arslan

    Herhabalar AQ

  65. Martha Cipres

    Is anyone listening this in 2020???

  66. Louise Walace

    who came from tik tok?

  67. olivia 64


  68. Sivani Ravi

    Dylan o brien

  69. Dustin Baer


  70. Анаконда TV

    〣( ºΔº )〣

  71. Johanna Ortega

    Omg ápice girls😃😃😭😭

  72. Adele Mason

    Tiktok ruined it

  73. A Little Skeleton In The Universe

    Admit it, I'm not the only one who search for the lyrics

  74. I’m a human Uwu

    I love the spice girls thank you for this song HeHEhehE

  75. Craciun Yanis


  76. Sreejith Ks

    Malayali undo?

  77. Jazmin BelleneMarti

    Amo esta canción ❤❤❤❤

  78. Karime Ortega GUTI

    La canción de tik tok 😂❤️

  79. Ana alyce Da cunha

    E muito legal mesmo

  80. Grairene Ghigliani

    Y las e-girls donde estan?

  81. Grairene Ghigliani

    Alguien q hable español? XD solo yo?

  82. Yumeko

    Oh my god, I love this song <3

  83. {BLACK AZRA}


  84. iAm Abod

    NGL it is the most beautiful voice i ever heard
    She has a very bright future

  85. Diana Rafaela

    Tik tok ?

  86. 《 Hay! Hio. 》

    1:15 tik tok part

  87. •じゃがいも-CR

    *let’s vote*
    If you are an e-girl put: 🖤
    If you are a vsco girl put: 🐢

    *let us know in the replies*

  88. SickBoySkylar

    Me:I wanna.I wanna.I wanna.I wanna

    Little bro:I want you to shut up

    Big bro:You just dont understand music lil bro -_-

  89. PS4 GAMER

    3 things i want
    2: to be rich af
    3: i dont know

  90. Trap Nation

    *E-Girls have entered the chat*

    Jarecsy A.T

    almost 500 replies