Androids - Hey You! Lyrics

I spend most every night just me and my TV
I eat my cookies and I sip on my warm tea
I'm never ever ever ever gonna make it
Never ever ever ever gonna shake it
If I get the guts to say hello she'll say to me
I think ya kinda cool but I don't think of you like that

Hey you, I'm getting through it

Yeah you, you never should have done it [x2]
I don't like to stand in crowds

I feel all outta place
And I go to the corner store
Supermarkets make me sweat
I'm never ever ever ever gonna make it
Never ever ever ever gonna shake it
That check-out chick has got a flirty pout
But if I ask her out
I think ya kinda cool but I don't think of you like that

Hey you, I'm getting through it

Yeah you, you never should have done it [x2]
She says,
I'd love to chat but he's with me
Any other time would be fine you'd see
Leave me alone if you don't I'll scream
Hey you, I'm getting through it

Yeah you, you never should have done it [x4]
Hey you!
Yeah you!
Hey you!
Yeah you!

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Androids Hey You! Comments
  1. Burn Angel

    Man, Vocaloid was really weird in 2009.
    Edit: Wow, that's a really wholesome description.

  2. ツRachel_Ray

    ????? Wtf

  3. •Mïnty. .Pøtatø•

    I came here from TIKTOK XDDDD ANYONE ELSE? <3



  5. Rachelムーンチャイルド

    Damn Taylor Swift be looking different these days

  6. DailyINternet 89o

    I dont under stand its just a robot singing why every one scared

  7. Junko’s Art

    No one:

    Australian people: 1:41

  8. xXMark OwunXx


  9. •アボカド Arianã•

    Im quaking because of the comments

  10. XXLSpiele

    "I fell fantastic Hey Hey HEY BUILD THE HELICOPTER..."

  11. pipi ana

    i dont know who his name that girl after died

  12. Goober

    Bottom Text

  13. Paul Cecchetti

    Sex robots have come a long way

  14. Anilzasuhani Hakim

    The robot: you feel fantastic
    Me: thank you

  15. Craig Hennessy

    When you buy tickets to a Taylor swift show through wish...this is what you get

  16. Black CryBaby

    Hatsune Miku looks different here

  17. Husain al jaberi

    Why tho?

  18. Scary Anime666

    Well I don’t feel fantastic because I’m done with the robot ***

  19. Dora Tešanović

    2020 anyone?

  20. Salem Watkins

    windows with no curtains at night is so fucking scary

  21. J F

    Claustrophobic room - ✔️
    Old creepy ass wallpaper - ✔️
    Blacked out windows - ✔️
    Low camera angle implying helplessness - ✔️
    Uncanny valley looking robot - ✔️
    Unsettling poses and unnatural movements - ✔️
    Unsettling lyrics you imagine a serial killer might write - ✔️
    Random ass shot of a wooded area - ✔️ (wtf!?)
    Dancing serial killer with dick tucked - ❌

    The fact that the creator of this doesn't seem to understand how it might be perceived as creepy, makes it even creepier.
    If you're not put off by this, even knowing the supposed backstory, then you have no proper threat response, and that's not something you should brag about.

  22. Kyle the file

    Hey vsause Michael here

  23. EXO- L

    Tự nhiên coi Bắp reaction r qua coi video gốc dell thấy sợ j cả

  24. Lucas Donnie Anderson

    In the end aren’t we all fantastic

  25. Brissa Rivas

    Her: who want me? NBA: we want u😂

  26. HEE HEE!

    The dislike is from the people who dont feel fantastic

  27. Jennifer Avalos

    me trying to convince my suicidal self I'm okay

  28. XxxFoxythegamerxxX

    Curious? It’s a white robot who’s saying she feels fantastic. Basically the person who recorded it was a killer

    Witch Cult

    it would be more convincing if his name on youtube was just a normal "Name, but no the name was purposely to scared us!

  29. 친친친

    저년 노래잘부르네

  30. Corr and the Creators

    This is actual vaporwave you cannot tell me otherwise

  31. SF2

    Send this to your crush with no context: 1:03

  32. YaboyREPEAT

    Me: Mom can we get Taylor swift
    Mom: no we have Taylor swift at home
    Taylor swift at home:

  33. park emilia min


  34. pasta- guts

    Me in 2015 when i saw this: omg this is so scary and creepy
    Me now: ayy yes preach girl 👏👏👏

  35. MaJoChipper uwu

    El collab de taylor swift y vocaloid está buenísimo

  36. Kayleigh Alice

    Tall Girl: Your life is hard?
    Her: I feel fantastic.

  37. Jeremiah Sherman

    That Android thing be better at singing than humans

  38. xboxdish

    im immune to this

  39. Pšÿçhôpãth 33

  40. Pšÿçhôpãth 33

  41. Pšÿçhôpãth 33

  42. Pšÿçhôpãth 33

  43. Pšÿçhôpãth 33

  44. Pšÿçhôpãth 33

  45. DONTOLES ¡

    Русские вы где (Даша Полина даня я знаю вы здесь)
    Upd : и вика тоже


    Ну я)


    @dbdllddssldsdssdsdss салам бродяга

  46. DeathVaniSh

    2:25 I See Santa's Dick

  47. Carolina Frenkel

    1.14 she be really feelin herself tho like Yas queeeen

  48. iiixshaa a

    this is creepy


    Hey hatsune miku, nice dick.

  50. Evolight

    No i dont feel Santas dick!

  51. danny ky

    She do be vibin feeling fantastic and what not

  52. Anna Chibisova

    РУССКИЕ ОТЗОВИТЕСЬ🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  53. Jojawi

    creepyblog probably made this ngl

  54. Hypnotic Marine

    When the manaquins from forever 21 get possessed

  55. Shiny shield

    I feel santa's d#ck

  56. wiktorie

    me after taking hard drugs day by day for like a week

  57. K A N E J I

    Idk why tf I’m laughing

  58. your husbando is mine

    Hatsune Miku sounds really good here😍

  59. Carlos S

    Hey Vsauce, Michael here

  60. GJVPOWER22

    Sims 4 characters be like

  61. moriya rokah

    Hey there too!

    you can stop saying hey now...

    leave me alone...

    I'm calling the police

    oh okay then


  62. Galaxy fox

    Ich habe Angst vor diesen Scheiß warum machst du das ich zitter gerade ich will das nie wieder von dir hören und dich lecke ich dich obwohl ich schon längst getan

  63. 이지

    Great music

  64. Kira

    This song is a bop ngl she’s just Vibing

  65. D XxKawaiiChanOTPxX D

    This is hatsune miku after murdering hilter the second in ww3

  66. ASO king

    whats that fucking bich

  67. 천유진

    0:52 T.T

  68. madkeymaster778

    really good autotune
    *why i love it?*

  69. ゴマサラ


  70. i’m a bread cat and you can’t do nothing about it

    2009: *creepy video*

    2020: *A MEME*

  71. MusicIsSoMuchFun Piano

    North Korea

  72. Brandon P.Q

    Uno block card

  73. dragonboy101

    she passed the vibe check

  74. Moonlight Edits

    anyone 2020?

  75. Jazzy_ _milo

    Who here for the tik tok

  76. Joeljr07 Jr

    Why she sound like the wii singing tho? Idk but she do be singing doe😳😳😳

  77. Theona T

    💀 lmao this generation is a wreckkkkk💀💀

    LoveYummy Cat

    Theona T last*

  78. Kelsey Schafer

    Taylor Swift

  79. Coin hunter 2011

    I feel like I’m gonna get nightmares

  80. Sarah Clark

    ....what tf is this

  81. Miguel Aleman

    I’m sure is not sure the Robot doll will kill you

  82. Every name I wanted was too long, sad hoe

    Does anyone remember when all the talk about this video was that there was an underground chamber in the backyard that the robot was connected to where the owner would torture/murder people and their screams would make the robot sing? The comments section of this video is so different now compared to how it was in 2015.

  83. Enyxella -

    And when I tell you I SCREAMED-

  84. Zen Cakes

    4 ok this is getting worse

  85. Jasper Mitchell

    my little sister at 4:00am 2:00

  86. nope why

    Me: mom can we have a CD of music?
    Mom: no we have a song at home
    Song at home;

  87. Lilia Taniguchi

    I need holy water

  88. Chelsea Rivera

    My mom:


    I'm not feeling fantastic.

  90. Cho Chang

    That range though...

  91. Raffael Streza

    Yes Taylor your new Album is a bop

  92. Natalhie Baca

    Who else is hiding in the comments because there scared??

  93. Julei Cruz

    What a wonderful new song of Disney ❤️