Androids - Automatic Lyrics

I push so hard they hardly push back
Instinct has led me to a man trap
Divorce my conscience to be undone
Throw down my ladder so you can get up
It's automatic

I just can't help it
Part dopey dog and one part steam train

On the back foot I see that look again
I push so hard they hardly push back
And you say, alright
It's automatic

I just can't help it
I tell you what to do

I'll do the work for you
I'll tell you what to do
It's automatic

I just can't help it
It's automatic
I just can't help this place I'm in

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Androids Automatic Comments
  1. fred eric

    Please turn your screen 90° degrees.

  2. HckMurg

    Saw 69 NICE

  3. Ahmad Jassem

    Why you don't test on click game like roblox wheightlifting simulator

    Review Kraze

    Sorry but I hear robolox 1st time


    No 3 FRAP (ROOT+NO ROOT) what does that mean can u pls tell me.....?


    The no. 4 is working but how do i repeat auto clicking?

  6. Mud Motor

    Thats creepy 😓

  7. Elite Gamer Army

    The background song makes me feel like I’m going to die when I download this stuff

    Grizzle YT

    Hahaha so true

  8. A man with a biGHeart

    I want to use frep to repeat races for me in real racing 3 simulator .. Will it work, i mean does it records how much i tilt the screen when I'm racing?

  9. Tirta Adittya

    How to root polytron 4g503

    Review Kraze

    1st try with king root apk.
    But I still think there hard to root unknown phones ://
    If not done then you need try with pc

  10. Trainfan 2019

    Ummm... The last one that you said no root and no pc...


    Review Kraze

    Yeah it's the prob

    Icey anims

    @Review Kraze Oof!

  11. Wild Gaming

    Can it work on samsung j2 prime?

    Review Kraze

    But you need root or android 7 or more than it

    Wild Gaming

    Aww men

    Wild Gaming

    How did it not work for me?

    Wild Gaming

    @Review Kraze how did it not work? i tried it several times.

    Review Kraze

    @Wild Gaming you has android 7 or more than it? If not then you need root your phone. For useing autoclicker

  12. Thats My Rafael

    Where can i dowload the automatic clicker???

    Review Kraze

    For android?

    Review Kraze

    And is your phone is rooted?

  13. Thats My Rafael

    Automatic clicker link
    Does not exis

    Review Kraze

    Yeah I see 1st app link not working
    It means Google play store removes that app form play store
    It got new id

  14. josh the doge

    this vid not helping all I see is ur STUPID FINGER TAPPING

  15. Omar Bashi

    Who is here for growtopia? And his version is poop

  16. Tall Feature

    Is their anyone that go faster then the other Autoclicker???

  17. 1 subs with 1 video

    which one taps faster?

  18. frenz malbas

    Hey cn you make a video how to make it work on the Chinese version that would be great . ;3

  19. Zaroon Khan


  20. FKX Wolf

    What ''root'' means?

  21. Boba Cota

    This song sounds like it would be in a snuff film where marco polo is forced to blow genghis khan

    Wild Hunter


  22. Chill

    I don’t know but the system turns off the autoclicker permission whyy

  23. crazykid William

    You suck

  24. gaming sans hernandez

    Does it work with roblox

    Review Kraze

    Ahh I don't has idea what's rolobox :/
    Is it game on android?

    gaming sans hernandez

    @Review Kraze yes it is

  25. Miraz Ahmed

    Background song is killing me😑

  26. Gustavo Valentin

    Gracias por tan buen vídeo

  27. Abhinav Pandey

    nice video but i hate this background music

  28. BLK. Fenix

    Tendi foi nada

  29. Marcky Aranas

    Hey! The first recommendation (Fast Tap (auto clicker) ) I have it and got it installed. So I followed your methods but mine wasn't working for some reason. Yes I have root and yeah can you give me your opinions ?

    Review Kraze

    Did you allowed all conditions of app?
    Or try other app,s same like that.
    If you want app link comment me

    Marcky Aranas

    Yes I did all the things for the app to work but still, it won't

    Marcky Aranas

    Also I just have the jellybean version (it's low) how do you update that btw? Maybe that's the problem?

  30. Dark Ace

    mine has the battery icon show up everytime and it tells me to drag it to unlock after a couple of clicks, how do i stop that from showing up?

  31. New Kidd Games

    it didn't work

  32. Arthur Morgan

    This is creppy af

  33. podemos yegar a los 1000 sub sin vídeos?

    Que buscas aquí :u

    Review Kraze

    I don't know what you say but thanks for comment :)

    Darikson Melo

    Nada :v

    podemos yegar a los 1000 sub sin vídeos?


  34. Lil Zue

    Tips: if you are not rooted u can use virtual space so you can use autoclick

    Review Kraze

    What is virtual space?

    Lil Zue

    Is an app create a virtual phone so u can manipulate the app into rooted(but not) just the 4th one in the video it create virtual and auto click at the same time.

    Lil Zue

    Its like matrix thing 😝

  35. Top Song

    why macro wizard not work for me):

    Review Kraze

    What's your android version?

  36. LIL Beast

    What do yall use to root your device?

    Review Kraze

    @UIO game which phone you has (company)

    UIO game

    @Review Kraze I have a vivo

    Review Kraze

    @UIO game is it abel to install twrp recovery on your phone model?

    UIO game

    @Review Kraze yea

    UIO game

    Hold on wait for 3 or 4 weeks because my laptop will finish at 3 or 4 weeks. why? Because my laptop broke so I fix it at shop

  37. Isaiah Warren

    U said free second one cost 12 dollars

  38. ••

    Do you have an auto clciker app for Vivo Y51 v5.0.6


    @Review Kraze 5.0.2

    Review Kraze

    If your phone is rooted then it's easy. But if not then you need try
    4th link. I've not try that link yet on 5.0.2 android


    @Review Kraze the 4th app is just a screen recordee


    @Review Kraze its ok though. Thanks for your time bro


    Thanks you are great

  40. Moodi playz03YT

    Well the final one can't open any app on it why it's just letting me record the menu of my phone

    Review Kraze

    Sory bro I see comment late
    & I can't abel know what you saying

    Moodi playz03YT

    @Review Kraze that shines app that do auto clicker idk hoe to use it I can't use it on apps it's just letting me use it on screen with out leting me enter any app why and how to solve that

  41. Prisoner PS

    No.4 is work for android 6.0 No root, but i cant Speak Jackie chan. App langguage was china

    Review Kraze

    😉 Yeah.
    But Chinese some software are good. And they are away form our common Internet.


    How to use

  42. Luis Lagos


    Anas Malik


    Δημήτρης ΜιΤαφ

    @Anas Malik LOL

    random channel

    @Δημήτρης ΜιΤαφ XD

    camilo andres alvarez oñate

    Google translator is ass lmao

  43. Ryan Rea

    Lol all am gunnar say is they don't need permission for to add or remove Google accounts

    Review Kraze

    Ahh I can't get what you tell bro 😅

  44. FOCUS 2019

    Bro how to use no 4 auto wizard app (repeat touch) plz tell me it's totally understood language

    Review Kraze

    Hey bro it's chinese language.
    You need Google translet to use it.
    And don't give useless permissions to app if they ask.
    Can you abel tell me your android version? I try look for you English autoclicker.

    FOCUS 2019

    Bro my android version is 6.0.1 (no root)

    Review Kraze

    Hmm my phone version also saame but rooted but no problem with 4th Chinese app
    You need Google translate to use it.
    You find littlel features in that app like touch 1 area continuously.

  45. FOCUS 2019

    No 4 link can't work

    Rutik Koshti

    Hey bro try again I just see it working perfectly.

  46. Justin Chandra

    can with growtopia?

    Review Kraze

    Sure but you need rooted phone or high android version.

  47. Rifzkhy

    what is best app for Growtopia

    Review Kraze

    Hmm it's hard get autoclicker without root but
    Try 4th link given but it's chinese they has littlel good software market but not in English
    You need use Google translate
    If 4th working comment me :)
    Or you need root your phone and its easy root old android phones by King root


    @Review Kraze i will upgrade my phone

    Review Kraze

    You need android 7 or upper for autoclicker no root
    App available on playstore

    Review Kraze

    Yeah it works but Chinese and you need use Google translate.
    If you learn it littlel you can easyly automate :)



  48. Sothayu Rohman

    Aku mau tanya kalo hp di root apakah semua data di hp akan hilang seperti di kembalikan ke pengaturan pabrik plisss jawab

    Review Kraze

    Hey bro sory 😅
    I know only 3 English, hindi, marathi languages
    Can you abel talk in English
    Or I think need use Google translate


    itu restart cuk

  49. Piffy

    Should I make a vid on how to get a real kne

    Review Kraze

    Kne means?
    My English is a bit bad....


    I meant one sorry my typing skills are bad lol

    Review Kraze

    Np bro
    Real one app? You means
    If that 😅 than I always use Repetitouch Pro. Apk or Ankulua I has rooted phone so.


    Well like one that I know works in positive on android


    Yes an app

  50. XGabies 123

    I don't understand 4th one

    Review Kraze

    Yeah Beacause it's chinese app
    You need Google translate for use it

    I got 2 app form my Chinese best friend.
    One is forth and
    second is touch wizard

  51. Heavy Potato

    worst background song.. its annoying and really large

    Review Kraze

    Sory bro it's my 1st video so :-:

    shadow clones

    @Review Kraze its fine

  52. franz asequia

    how to unrooted it?

    Review Kraze

    You need pc for it

  53. franz asequia

    the ankuluad app is rooted

    Review Kraze

    If you wanted to use Ankulua with no root you need install demon(software) for run
    It's complex method by computer.
    Whenerver you want run
    Ankulua with no root you need install demon for per use

  54. joni deep

    Why can't on my xiaomi red mi 5 plus

    Review Kraze

    Hmm I can't get what you tell?

    joni deep

    I try download all auto clicker but cant start it :/

    Review Kraze

    Can you tell me which xiomi
    Android version
    I try will give you link
    I also has 1 xiomi phone redmi 5A
    Whuch had android 9 oreo (I also record all videos with it
    Android version depends much
    I has more no root + No pc but need high android versions
    Try update xiomi it has much software update options of your android 7.0 low

    joni deep

    My xiaomi is red mi 5 plus and my android version is 8.1.0

    Review Kraze

    @joni deep

    Try that tow apps it will work
    I personally tryed that app today on xiomi 5A

    If it work don't forget to tell in comments) and, like video

  55. Owusu Prah

    Add more videos

    Review Kraze

    Yeah I am working on it)

  56. SkyTeK

    Want game

    Rutik Koshti

    Want game?
    You mean what game is it?
    If that
    It's Forgotten tales MMORPJ


    @Rutik Koshti sorry for spelling want game and thx for the game

    Review Kraze

    No prob bro :)

  57. channel untitled

    You need better fucking background music

    Review Kraze

    Sory bro it's my first video I hope I make better videos in future
    :) hope you like content
    Thanks for comment

  58. Limited Edition

    Anyone out there who still need one more member of their growing channel? Beap me up and we'll grow together.

    Review Kraze

    Idk if you really likes my video and content you can subscribe me

    But I has much bad editing I am trying learn

    Saleh Saleh vlogs

    @Review Kraze ur Trash jk

  59. xFlezy

    I cant use 4th app (6.0.1)

    Review Kraze

    Which message you've got?

    And it don't works on highly secure apps like playstore Facebook what's app ect.


    @Review Kraze im trying in game, but i cant record any touch and stop record, do you know any (ENGLİSH) no pc no root + (6.0.1)

    Review Kraze

    Sory bro my Chinese friend give that app idk but it works in Samsung j5 and mi
    But I am looking for app no pc+No root
    Can you abel tell your android version if has higher version of android their lots of possibilities to get no root + No pc app
    I am try get all links and provide in comment sections


    @Review Kraze my android version is 6.0.1 or 5.1.1

    Review Kraze

    Can you show me which error you get
    Sent me screen shot at fb my name is Rutik Koshti

  60. Maverick

    I have android 6.0.1 and cannot get any of these to work. Can u plz help? Thx


    Oh. That sucks... thanks tho


    Also I used google translates camera feature to see the buttons in English

    Review Kraze

    @Maverick hey bro what's your name in face book I'll try add you


    Review Kraze oh, I don’t have Facebook, sorry m8.

    butt hurt

    @Review Kraze Hello, I installed that chinese app, but somehow it's hard to follow cause I don't understand chinese lmao. please help

  61. GH Joker

    Thx you

    Review Kraze

    No problem bro

  62. Review Kraze

    Where 4th link is!3cEFTaqZ!Lpz-ti-FrvDE_ymtaOqvKYoV7Y6AW2UCjfVAaVsjyTk

    Review Kraze

    Ahh I need look (telling Chinese friend).
    And I always like and love comment to show I am still online on channel:)


    Review Kraze u like wayyyy too many comments I mean u are active I guess that’s good


    Quick question can you stop liking my comments I was trying to go to sleep and just got a giant flash of light
    It’s nice at ur active BuT Let mEh ZlEeP

    FøX_ PH

    How to repeat?


    This look veeery suspicious for me, just look how much permissions did we have to grant to this app, imma not install a virus on my phone srry