Andrews, Meredith - I Look To The King Lyrics

On the battlefield where the fight is waged
My enemy is real and my courage fades
I lift my eyes, I lift my eyes, where does my help come from

I look to the King
Eternal, Immortal, Invincible God
I stand on the Rock of Ages,
My Savior, He conquered it all
I look to the King, I look to the King

On the battlefield of all that lies ahead
Here Your blood will speak
A greater word than death

I lift my eyes, I lift my eyes, where does my help come from

Victorious, victorious
Reigning over us, forevermore
Victorious, You are victorious
Reigning over us, forevermore

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Andrews, Meredith I Look To The King Comments
  1. Don Mayer

    Hello, this is Donald.  What a precious song this really is!  I really just heard this for the first time tonight on WMHR in New York.  I'm totally blind and use a talking computer.  I know I need to look to the King as the song says we must do.  You know Saturdays are a tough day for me.  My wonderful wife died on a Saturday in December of 2016.  In addition, my dog was put to sleep a little over a month ago on a Saturday.  Finally, we lost my brother to a tragic accident on August 11, 1978.  He was only 17.  Tomorrow happens to be August 11.  And yet, this song applies to me as well as anyone else.  I look to the King!  I also cope by encouraging others by providing suggestions for music that might be comforting for them.  Well, I will sign off for now.  If anyone else wants musical selections, please let me know.

  2. masamba mumba

    Beautiful song❤️

    Don Mayer

    Hello, this is Donald.  Maybe you are going through hard times.  So am I.  I am typing this and listening to a baseball game.  I am typing this from Coplay, Pennsylvania.  I love good music and drama.  Right now, I'm enjoying Lamplighter Theater.  I would love to give that program to someone who would enjoy it.  Interacting with others helps me.  I have been blind since birth and use a computer with speech software.  I do not use a phone to send these replies.  I guess I'm just old fashoned.  I will be 62 in October.  Well, let me proofread this and send it right out to you.

  3. Ashley Mungroo

    Absolutely beautiful words... this album shows the beautiful way in which Meredith interacts with God... a relationship with depth and admiration for God ❤

    Don Mayer

    Ashley, thank you for your reply.  The reason I can type so clearly is that I can listen to every letter as I type it.  It just makes things easier for me.  I began typing when I was in third grade.  I'll be 62 in October.  What a beautiful song this really is!  Also, to answer your question a Phillies game is a major league baseball game.  Right now the Phillies are winning against the Pirates.  But, I want you to know I turned the game off again to send you this reply.  You know I live in an empty house since my wife died in December of 2016.  Therefore, I love this kind of interaction.  If you want, I will tell you how to access the drama they're playing on Lamplighter Theater.  It's called A Peep Behind The Scenes.  The drama is really powerful.  Ashley, thank you for asking me about the game.  For me, any question is a good question.  Go Phillies!!

    Ashley Mungroo

    @Don Mayer Hi Donald, I'm so sorry to hear about your wife, may God be your comfort and strength. Nice to hear about the game. And yes the song is indeed very beautiful, Meredith Andrews usually has really amazing ones. All right well do enjoy your game, I am off for dinner. Take care, Donald.

    Ashley Mungroo

    @Don Mayer Hi Donald. How are you? How can I access the drama from the theater?

    Don Mayer

    Ashley, this is Donald. I tried to type a reply but I'm not sure it went through. You asked me about the theater and I want to help you. Go to and go to the listen on line button. This week's drama is Quicksand episode 6. If you find that, enter it and you should be able to hear the drama. Ashley, there is a new drama on every week. I'm totally blind and use a talking computer. But, I really want to help you find the drama. Again, go to and follow the prompts.

    Ashley Mungroo

    @Don Mayer Thank you Donald! Nice... hope you're well...

  4. Sharon Kerketta

    I love this song. God bless you.

    Don Mayer

    Sharon, this is Donald.  I read both of your replies with my talking computer.  You see, I've been blind since birth.  I heard this song several nights ago on in New York State.  If you are looking for someone to talk to, I am here.  My devoted wife died in December of 2016.  This is such a wonderful song I had to look it up on youtube.  My screen reader helped me find it.  Would you believe I use a computer instead of a phone.  I really feel I have so much I want to share in terms of music and drama.  Please let me know if you want to know more.

  5. Amanda Delfina Vasquez

    I look to the king

    Don Mayer

    Amanda, that was my responsewhen I first heard this song.  I heard it on in New York State.  I think this is a beautiful song.  I was listening to the song for the first time.  I came out to my computer with speech software and looked up the song on youtube.  I was superglad when I found it.  I've been blind since birth.  Let me know if you would like to know about more music and drama.  I love to provide that information for people who are suffering.  Well, I will sign off for now and send this to you.

  6. Sharon Kerketta

    Words cannot express the beauty of our God in this song. It is .....


    such a wonderful song! with the true meaning.

    Don Mayer

    Yes, I will agree with you. Would you like to know about other uplifting music?

  8. Kmg Goddess

    Amazing!!!! So beautiful! I'm so glad I found her!!!! It's all amazing!!! God bless everyone🙌🏼💐!!!!

    Don Mayer

    Yes, this song is amazing and powerful. I heard it for the first time on a Saturday. Your name is fascinating to me. I read it on my talking computer. I've been blind since birth. Please let me know if you want to know about more good music.

  9. Sigey Sigey

    loving the song

  10. aaron roy

    This entire album is such a blessing to listen to. Great job Meredith.

  11. Jennifer Capite

    I'll pray for you now and forever, AMEN

  12. 1BlueStarRising

    I felt very moved here with this Very deeply ! A real Soul Winner ! Amen.......

  13. Déborah Campos


  14. S.A. B

    I want to build Meredith Andrews a great big nest. She would make the best mother, and she would sing her many chicks to sleep. And I would be the father bird, building a great warm nest.

  15. Minnie 80s

    Awesome song 🙏🏽

    Ricar Motas

    Meena Raj. juan

  16. John Thomson

    This is a great song

  17. Brian Gómez

    All glory to our eternal, immortal and inbencible God.

  18. Marcia Carvalho

    Thanks for sharing the chords! :) I'm learning and practicing, better than to perform is being able to add to my intimate moments of worship at home with God, since He's the one allowing me to understand music as no one has ever taught me to play guitar. :)

  19. Jeanette Hernandez

    Lord Jesus, I pray for Ken Hill that you give him strength and courage and be blessed in a mighty way. His hope is in you Lord, for he cries out to you knowing that everything is possible in your hands. Your word says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you for your goodness and mercy Lord Jesus, Amen.

  20. _1990_babyface

    will someone pray for me? I pray someone out there will understand me on a spiritual level.

    StrongerThan ILook

    thats an awsome story!!! i pray often so i'll add you to my pray list....have you prayed pryers to close the doorways of iniquity and wrong desicions over your family? every family has a river of iniquity flowing down to the generations thats why sins and situations keep repeating themselves...also usually when u pray and ur in a spiritual battle it gets worst before it gets better because th devil is trying to discourage you....the battle for your family is intensifying but that doesnt mean the battle is being has it been getting worst or better?


    +stacy gilbert I've been feeling a spiritual healing inside from time to time daily. I feel Jesus touching me. I just continue to pray strongly and read my bible daily. Please also pray and ask Jesus to please touch the soul of a angel that's here on earth named Renee and please make a way for me and her to be more than friends for life.

    Rita Ray

    Ken Hill

    Rita Ray

    Ken Hill ....


    @Rita Ray yes??

  21. Glenn Hubble

    Truly great.

  22. Bob Marshall

    Not only is this song wonderful, the entire CD is superb. You know how when you buy a CD and listen to it, you end up really, really liking maybe four tracks? Maybe three other tracks you say "eh, those are OK." And the rest are throwaways. This is one of those rare CDs where I really, really like every single track. And I don't think it's just a personal taste thing; this is really, really good stuff. Not just Meredith's singing, but the arrangements and the instrumentation and the musicians. And the songwriting.

  23. stdfreesteve

    moved me so much. I'm recovering from an opiate addiction. and I feel like God doesn't care. or that he's so disappointed in me. but then I realize this is my saviour I'm talking about, and he will NEVER leave me. I thank you Lord for saving my life. literally saving my life. I owe so much to him it's impossible to pay him back. but my life's mission is to bring people to this amazing God we serve. thank you all for taking time to read. may the Lord bless you and keep you.

    Caleb Hill

    +stdfreesteve Always hang on to the hope of our Savior and His work on the cross for you. I, myself, am a former addict and I can understand with you the grace of God and the intensity of His love for us all. Cling to the words of Jesus when He said, "It is finished." (John 19:30) His death put to death all your mistakes and the penalty that came with these same mistakes. Cling to this truth and let it motivate you to continue in your new found vision and purpose in life. We truly serve an amazing God. As Meredith sings, "Look to the King." (Hebrews 12:1-2)

    Recovering Baptist

    God bless you! "I will NEVER fail or forsake you," He promised!

  24. Rev. Tim George

    Great praise and worship Video

  25. Bill Miller

    awesome song, great lyrics!