Andrew W.K. - Your Rules Lyrics

I don't care what you say
And I won't hit the hay
I don't know what you do
But I know I'm not you
We've got something that you'll never have

And we will never listen to your rules, oh
We will never do what others do, oh
If you want a fight, we'll fight with you, oh
Cause we will never listen to your rules, no

You're not my mom and dad
And even they watch their backs
Cause they know what I hate
Any rules that I can't break

I don't care (I hate work) What you say (So let's play)
And I won't (And don't get) Hit the hay (In my way)
I don't know (I like people) What you do (to be cool)
But I know (I like people) I'm not you (To break rules)
We've got something that you'll never have.

We will never listen to you

And we will never listen to your rules, oh
We will never do what others do, oh
If you want a fight, we'll fight with you, oh
Cause we will never listen to your rules, no
Your rules, no way

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Andrew W.K. Your Rules Comments
  1. ららんど


  2. 火拳のピース

    We are REDS!!

  3. Theophany CG

    Soundsike it's meant to be an Anime

  4. Rasool Lewis

    Stickman football 2004

  5. John Hessel

    Happy new year

  6. Mordecai The Awesome BlueJay


  7. DanT

    lyrics are like party hard

  8. Luiscarsamuray

    I Dont Care(I Hate Work) What You Say(So Lets Play) And I Wont(And Dont Get)Hit the Hay (In My Way)I Dont Know(I Like People) What You Do(To Be Cool)But I Know(I Like People) IM NOT YOUUUU(TO BREAK RUUUULES)

  9. ADazeInTheLife

    I bet that room fucking skinks

    Adán Mendoza

    If it doesn't stinks, it's not a good concert.

  10. Sun Terra

    Perfect song

  11. RedTV8888

    I get wet

  12. Spencer Reltub

    This song made my malaria even worse

  13. Bones of Gold Skateboarding

    seems like they were having fun!!!!

  14. EntheogenShaman

    Didn't we say we would never listen to this?

  15. jawdropperTV

    What venue was this at?

    I wonder how much water weight he lost at that show.  So jawdroppin'!

    Iain Cowell

    jawdropperTV probably Santos Party House

  16. Eddy Edd

    kick ass!!! wtf it rocks!

  17. Xv6vN94

    Andrew WK you are something else...

  18. lim yong sheng

    this is the ac/dc, kiss, alice cooper all into one 


    Leave Alice Cooper out of this.

    George Loach

    @EntheogenShaman Leave all of them out of this..

    lily verschnaetti

    They don't come even close.

  19. checkurbrainfly

    I can relate,I drove 2 hrs. to go see Andrew W.K at the Viper room, best concert ever, was amazing & so worth the drive, lodging expenses & all the overpriced booze #awesomememories

  20. Vance Kauffman

    And that my friend is why he is the fucking man.

  21. A Chaps

    whats with the kid in his fruit of the loom underpants with the soiled stain in the front at 1:09??

    Adán Mendoza

    A Chaps
    Jajajaja I watch this video everyday and never noticed

    Kimberley Brown

    Partied a little too hard😂

  22. checkurbrainfly

    Andrew W.K Is not Real, it's a FEELING

  23. Alfredo Consoni

    un grande !!

  24. eddieNothing

    Andrew w.k. Is not music its a life style

  25. killeryellow123

    Excuse me, sir. If you don't like him so much, why are you wasting your time on his videos and insulting him when you can be doing something productive?

  26. Rai Maj

    sellout? just a guess not, you know a fact yet, at least I think so.

  27. Le Poof

    DUDE! I Just found this video. I was at furnace fest which seems to be all of this footage and it's amazing and I miss it!

  28. TheLast Dodo

    More likes than dislikes, f#%* yeah!

  29. RoSs3897

    now that looks like a good time!

  30. petr buriánek

    He also had his own panel about partying.

    Awesome Sauce

    He wrote a book about partying too

  31. Cute Guy

    I love AWK bcaue he IS punkrock. Sort, fast, hard songs, with rebellious, brain dead lyrics. He IS sex, drugs, and rock n roll. He is the enbodyment of an anti-establishment rocker. He is the party.

  32. youpooper1234567890

    Because it's party

  33. mattmun12

    He also is a brony!

  34. Yoyoto Yoin

    he always wear white T shirt


    He once answered that it just "showed up well in the darkness." ;)

  35. - Ashai -

    not anymore

  36. Domenick Stewart

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  37. Philip Jackson

    What show does Andrew W.K. Host on Cartoon Network?
    Cartoon Network was the stuff of the 90's!!!!

  38. Road_OW

    Remove the singing from this and I could see this song being used as a cartoon's intro theme.

  39. brianintn

    I Get Wet and The Wolf.......we miss you AWK!!!

  40. checkurbrainfly

    Hi everyone how's everybody doing? I hope you enjoyed this vid. as much as I did ,it's so Energizing]]]]]]]]]]]]!!! :D

  41. Imperiom

    "The Wolf" and "Get We" => Best albums.

  42. Z52

    R.I.P. jumper.

    Adán Mendoza

    Best way to die

  43. Cute Guy

    Your name is wierd. That's all I have to say. I know what it means but not how it makes me feel.

  44. Haro Frug Grenad

    what show!!!!!1

  45. misterbigertyman

    what show

  46. Scrub Ness


  47. ikenneth

    yeah... they were great when they were called The Misfits! Fuck this shit

  48. Luis Octavio

    You suck!!! BEYETCH!!!

  49. Marc Poirier

    this guy sucks wow you re dumb hes not the greatest singer but he can play any instrument in that band so no he doesn't suck

  50. Aunt Jemima

    This guy sucks

  51. léo winckel

    the music is shit but the ambiance is good!

  52. ryan c

    That looks like the best concert ever to be at.

  53. jbdfj djfjkdhf

    Brohoof to that. /)

  54. Flurgle

    I can agree with that.

  55. Ashley Pullen

    That doesn't mean he makes no sense. It just means he's the most awesome person on the planet

  56. Flurgle

    Rockstar, TV show host, brony, motivational speaker.

    This guy doesn't make any sense, and it's amazing.

  57. SlimeyDragon

    There is something u can put on mozila for commercials and adds not to show.. i love it, i dunno about chrome and interner explorer though

  58. TheAlmightyLoli

    he blows shit up so hes happy

  59. Sour Potato

    Which show?

  60. Gidgett H

    Cani watch a VIDEO WITHOUT WATCHING a God DAMMM COMMERCIAL ADD?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. P1776

    Its a party anthem!The lyrics change change your life, but inspire YOU to change your life!!! PARTY HARD!

  62. Scott Hastelow

    And that's what makes it genius!


    this music is so fucking cheesy

  64. Gregory

    This video's footage has pushed me to do something.

    Yesterday I ordered tickets for my first ever concert, an Andrew W.K. concert that I need to ride a train for a couple hours to get to. I have never been more excited in my life.

    Thank you AndrewWKVEVO

  65. MrJDucky

    Sorry, But that looked Awesome!!

  66. Jesse B.

    great song, great video!

  67. MarHaiYoyo

    0:45 head bang against guitar

  68. FRiCTiON just

    @drum2survive Destroy Build Destroy.

  69. Jill Sandwich

    @thisisnoturaccount He sounds nothing like Smash Mouth...

  70. Salty_Sailor68


  71. Ray Booth

    The cartoon Network Rebel

  72. Myriadman


  73. zadrenas

    @blackened247 Because he is a genius :D

  74. CollinInMono

    how did this guy get to host the golden god awards?

  75. vinyl

    he is underrated by a lot

  76. Jun Sarino

    I wish I was there

  77. Jun Sarino

    you guys dont like moshpits do you haha
    i already miss the Rock music in year 2006 below

    BTW some of the band you mention are good bands actually not musically but in lyrics i vote for them ^^ just an opinion

  78. JawsTheSickboi

    @Katamaridoodi But all of those bands are horrible.

  79. PanginooTV

    AWK doesnt need security becauuse theyre joy killers!

  80. laurier51

    @LWHAH Haha thats awesome you say that because i was talking to my friend about the song party hard and i described it as a "feel good" song. Anyways, every time we have a kickback or party we blast this song at some point and it sets such an awesome vibe throughout the party, ppl love it.

  81. harpo meh


    You're shit!

  82. Cale Winningham

    Who looked up Andrew Because of ATHF?

  83. CreepnightFilmsOffical

    @MrHashawa but the show is awsome atlest

  84. pwnerer1234

    andrew WK is shit

  85. JawsTheSickboi

    There are very, very few reasons to waste your money on the Warped Tour. Andrew W.K. is one of those reasons.

  86. ThaGlitch

    @c2rugger i think its called feel good metal

  87. c2rugger

    I love how their music is hard yet upbeat and just makes you feel good

  88. skiddlecrumms

    @rednoseroxy He contributes more to society than you do.

  89. cxpunx666

    Dear andrew W.K.
    You fucking rock ,your possibly the coolest person i ever meant at vans warped tour
    and yes we will bring watches back!(inside joke)

    sincerly your fan mikel w.k.

    Guess Whocifer

    Take heed, for someone is always 'watching'

  90. c0nd0rd4myt

    You know your show's an adventure when the only safe place is the drumkit

  91. Yum Kimil

    Este mae Andrew W.K. apesta BIG TIME

  92. cxpunx666

    best concert I ever saw was him at warped beat the hell outa any deathcore bands ive seen

  93. cxpunx666

    @Breadfan866 andrew wk is awsome live though he didn't play this song : (

  94. Meh Duncare

    @rednoseroxy "We have something that you'll never have"

    That line from the song is so true, especially when addressed to people with such low IQs like you.

    And Andrew W.K. has made much more of a positive impact on the world than you have. What have you done lately, called someone an asshole and asked them to pull over?

  95. alma negra

    @frididjurhuus are better than this

  96. alma negra

    @frididjurhuus sao melhores que isto

  97. alma negra

    @ShannuhHeartbreakk ok i dont watch

  98. Shannah Bee

    @blackNwhite2008 I didn't say anything about it not being hard rock but if you don't like it, then don't fucking watch. Simple as that.