Andrew W.K. - You're Not Alone Lyrics

Your journey's
Not over
It's just begun
Make your dreams
Your destiny
And do what must be done

If you're frightened
If you're worried
You're not alone
Hand in hand
We'll take the step
Into the great unknown

Your journey's
Not over
It's just begun
Make your dreams
Your destiny
And do what must be done

If you're frightened
If you're worried
You're not alone
Hand in hand
We're taking the step
Into the great unknown

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Andrew W.K. You're Not Alone Comments
  1. Ray Alberto Gutiérrez Balanzar

    Happy New Year Andrew W. K.

  2. Shin hyoung

    So spiritual, powerful and boost up song. This song help me get through end of 2019! Party hard!!!

  3. Pete

    This guy can fucken giver!

  4. Julius Holm

    Super Saiyan W.K!

  5. GlazedInfants

    based Andrew

  6. Aaron Allums

    This song helped me get out of a dark time in my life.

  7. R C

    That pizza guitar tho

  8. Eric Dahl

    journey on steroids

  9. lespuder

    apparently those "gamers" were never at a party hard

  10. Crank Lab Explosion

    This song is corny as fuck. But we like it. Kudos

  11. The Babadock

    This is so unsettling but like his voice is so sexy and I'm truly disturbed about how to feel

  12. Eric Winkler

    Genuinely touched my soul and reduced me to tears.

    I’ve decided that I’m going to wake up to this song every day for the rest of my life.

    Andrew W.K. you are a living legend and I would be proud to call you a friend!

    Lots of love from The Emerald Isle! ❤️

  13. Just-A -Guy-TV

    Thank you man... For real... You saved me in my darkest moments...

    When I was drinking a half gallon to a gallon of liqour every single morning, I would listen to this. It kept the gun out of my mouth.

    It truly felt like you were holding my hand while I bawled my fucking eyes out every god damned day.

    I'd love to meet you some day. Go to your show.

    I'm not sober, but I've quit drinking that heavily. My life is coming around. I still live in a shed. Still no vehicle. Just got a job working construction...

    I'm coming around man. Please come to Springfield Missouri sometime. I'll find a way there.

    Thanks again. Keep partying!

  14. Eric Winkler

    Love this song, but it’s too short. It could’ve done with a few more verses.

  15. Matt Tastic Music

    Andrew WK's preferred pizza toppings:

    Black Olives
    Green Peppers

    In case you're ever at a party with him and politely tells you to get what "you want." :D

  16. VashXTrigun

    Bit of nightmare fuel though, but cool looking

  17. VashXTrigun

    Ultra Andrew!

  18. Timothy Yo


  19. Robert Kingswood

    The Great AWK-WORD shall be remembered.

  20. wwyd4akb

    the Chiluminati sent me, hi mike steev

  21. seamonkey2010

    Andrew. Please. not you too,. please no,.

  22. Tophat Tyrant

    Which Andrew is this

  23. watereel

    Simple message but Deep touching

  24. Matthew Chrobak

    You're not alone Andrew. You've been a driving force in my life and outlook. Reach out, myself, your fans, your FRIENDS, are here. Together we can overcome anything, despite the climb.

  25. Palmer Redleche

    Andrew W.K is like Henry Rollins and David Lee Roth mixed with a shot of dopamine. On this album anyway.

  26. Tony Babich

    Came straight here from a bad day~ trying

  27. Amra

    When the rest of the world stops believing in each other... Andrew emerges from the ashes to spread good vibes and hope! Like a fkn messiah lol.

  28. marcus J Phoenix

    I'm trying to feel these words. Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm not alone. It sure feels like it though.

  29. YG Lee

    I can see Geralt of Rivia.

  30. None of Your Business

    I wonder if the video director had the idea for the negative image from the beginning or if they were just screwing around with filters during the editing process and decided it looks better this way.

  31. 김찬혁


  32. AppleBerryBLAST

    Thanks to everyone who was a part of bringing this to us. From the band members, to the video production, to the producers, the writers, anyone involved in this, thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Andrew, do this again. I have purchased this album and have encouraged others who have also purchased this music. It is important. It is just what we need, and we will support it.

  33. Mark Arandjus

    For such a positive song this is a really _negative_ video ;D
    It'd also fit as an epic Wedding song if you think about it!

  34. star gypsy 174

    I turned my phone to negative mode. It looks normal now.

  35. Reid Rousseau

    Metal Geralt of Rivia introduces you into his cult of positivity.

  36. Boyd Stough at Espy Revenue

    Somebody... Keanu Reeves... BT3

  37. Cole Wrathman

    we have to do this togather.. lets push this.. lets try hard... come on.. for real...

  38. Cole Wrathman

    omg.. I thought this was sappy as hell but no.. no...thank you.. thank you so much.

  39. Corky DeLarge

    Slurms Mackenzie lives! But he's apparently still not tired of partying.

  40. The DK

    Is no one going to talk about his vocals here? No? Just me? Fine. AMAZEBALLS

  41. Devon Burdeyney

    I feel so alone in this world. I have tried too open up to people that I care about and get shot down everytime. I've wanted to end it so many times. But Andrew W.K songs keep me going. I'm just done feeling so alone. I just want someone to take my hand and lead me through the great unknown and tell me everything will be alright. It's all I ask for...

  42. NeR3uL

    He is a Geralt of Rivia 🤔🤔🤔

  43. Sándor Rusz

    Geralt? Wth!? :)

  44. Atomic Joe

    You saved my life again.

  45. Just-A -Guy-TV

    I needed to hear this. My life is in the gutter on fire. Thank you so much...

  46. Flono

    the most impressive what ive heard in music in a long time

  47. Coalescing Tormentum

    You know those Fantasy books that have dragons shifting into a human form?

    Yeah, they look like this.

    I can picture AWK spitting fire and transforming into a big, kick-ass dragon and flying off into the sunset, each beat of his wings belting out sweet, sweet rock music.

    Fucking epic.


    And Boris Vallejo most probably painted those too!

  48. Jordan Forbes

    Anyone else think this kinda looks like 3D animation? I’d love to see an un-negative version

  49. screetchgamer

    Here from chilluminati podcast, good music

    Cow Chop

    Same dude this stuff was wack.


    Check out the album it's definitely one his best

  50. Roger Romero


  51. CavemanJesus4Life

    When did Andrew WK become Joey Lynn Turner?

  52. Aaron Morgan

    Andrew in his true form in this video! I've only just discovered him this year with party hard, I get wet, and she is beautiful. But I love you are not alone and music is worth living for.

  53. gruthakhul100

    I want this man to stand next to me and sing this song when I die...

  54. Neuroghastly

    yo why tf am i crying rn

  55. A Guy

    My goodness. . . Every time. Love you, bro.

  56. Mad King Cranyx

    Andrew W.K. is a benevolent God.

  57. emart88

    Andrew is like a cross between a zen master and a metalhead

  58. Christian Cruz

    Your journey's not over
    It's just begun
    Make your dreams
    Your destiny
    And do what must be done

    If you're frightened
    If you're worried
    You're not alone
    Hand in hand
    We'll take the step
    Into the great unknown

    Your journey's not over
    It's just begun
    Make your dreams
    Your destiny
    And do what must be done

    If you're frightened
    If you're worried
    Ou're not alone
    Hand in hand
    We're taking the step
    Into the great unknown

  59. Anthony Crown1987

    Watching this at 4:45 AM...
    What can i say....nothing Negative
    Who wants pizza?🍕🍕

  60. Adrian Montoya Illustrations

    Right in the middle of nowhere. No family or friends. So far away from home... I needed this.

  61. Tony Babich

    It's just begun!

  62. Boyd Stough at Espy Revenue

    It is my will to ride this song through to the other side. Thank you Andrew.

  63. D D

    How does a man with such amazing talent and with such a positive message not make huge, but cardi b who is a x whore and can't even sing, her lyrics are just disgusting and negative yet she makes it over night and wins all the awards! It's fucked up what the youth and people of today worship and adore!

  64. Aaron Hirsh


  65. urbanbushing

    Since I've heard this song I can't stop thinking about it. I'm not overly sentimental but the lyrics are speaking to me in a way that no song has done before

  66. emart88

    That guitar really slices through the competition

  67. Wendy Butler

    Good message. Just heard Andrew on an old RuPaul podcast. Talented man.

  68. Florida Trailblazer


  69. ChakAttack8

    I want this song blasting at my commencement!

  70. Alvina Gracia

    You're my Thor of Music 👑☇💛🍕

  71. Rebelwheels NYC

    wow. thank you <3

  72. NXYY Media

    epic music videos 2018

  73. Superd Mane

    Thanks Andrew WK!.

  74. Connor Hicks

    Geralt of Fucking Rivia......

  75. Nadav Drewe

    Take your watch off for the video bro. :)

  76. sentientsea


  77. Merrell B.

    In our darkest moments, walking hand in hand with our fears, we'll keep moving forward. As always, like it always will be

  78. David Lee

    I will conquer the world with music.


    I loved this song m8 😟



  81. Aulid Kawsar

    that solo tho

  82. Caesar E.J.W.

    Has anyone else realized Andrew WK is actually Dionysus

  83. Caesar E.J.W.

    PARTY HARD, rock steady, and keep on keeping on humans. I will find you and I will be eaten, accompanied by scrumptiously rapturous delight, sprinkly Parmesan, spicy pepper stuff, and extra cheese. - With Love, Pizza

  84. Devilman1977

    Andrew just needs to go full-on power metal. He's already so close!

  85. Tourettes Orc

    That pizza slice guitar 👍🏻

  86. Steven Chalifoux

    Full of positive power.
    Thanks for this Andrew.
    Really moved me
    Party on 😀

  87. csmack86

    andrew wk your the best!

  88. Uncle Owen TV

    i had a dream about destroy build destroy. that's why i'm here

  89. Benny McPike

    Tiny hearts that form a giant heart- from my wife to you.

  90. Prestidigidestined

    Thank you for this song, Mr. W.K. I know it means so much to so many and i guarantee you've said lives. Never stop the party!

  91. Yeets McGee

    It's weird listening to this after listening to his edgier songs

  92. Evan McGann

    He Looks CooL

  93. 41Djfu#lksdkjfd

    wow, I didn't know Geralt of Rivia could sing.

  94. John Hessel

    I love u, king of party!

  95. José Augusto dos Santos


  96. Brayden Kinder

    Who else remembe s when this dude hosted a fucking cartoon Network show?

  97. invaderhim23

    I'm in a really bad place right now is it weird that this song made me cry?