Andrew W.K. - Thrill Lyrics

Baby Baby Baby Baby
Can't You See That I Am Yours?
Can't You See You Have My Heart?

Baby Baby Baby Baby
Take Me Far Beyond This World
Take Me Far Beyond My Dreams

Everytime Our Eyes Meet - There Is Pain
See Right Through My Heart - Like I'm Semi-Nude
Being Here With You - Just One On One
Gives Me Such A Thrill

Underneath The Table - We Connect
A Theater Of Darkness - Where We Can Play
Fingers Tangle And Touch
And It Drives Me Crazy

So We Count To Three
After One Long Kiss From Me
And Like Clockwork It Begins
And Again The Night Is Ours

The Passion Lies - Like A Plastic Rose
Dangerous - Like Caressing A Gun
My Life Flies Away On The Blowing Wind
But It's Such A Thrill

Dazzling Love - Like A Million Lights
You Burn My Eyes - But I Like The Pain
You're Blinding Me With Your Laser Fire
And I Don't Care

With The Stars Above - I Will Give Myself To You
And My Hungry, Hungry Heart
It Will Never Hesitate
It Will Never Wait
It Can't Wait - I'm Crazy For You

Baby Baby Baby Baby
Tonight Is Ours, And Ours Alone
And The Moon Belongs To Us

Baby Baby Baby Baby
The Only Lovers Left The Earth
So Jump Into The Last Great Love

Tears Are Falling In The Moonlight
Here We Are
The Sound Of Sad Song Melodies
Plays With Our Sighs

Midnight Is About To Break Our Lonliness
Please Embrace My Passion Because
When It Begins To Grow
It Begins To Show
I Can't Wait - I'm Crazy For You

Baby Baby Baby Baby
Can't You See That I Am Yours?
Can't You See You Have My Heart?

Baby Baby Baby Baby
Take Me Far Beyond This World
Take Me Far Beyond My Dreams

Baby Baby Baby Baby
Tonight Is Ours, And Ours Alone
And The Moon Belongs To Us

Baby Baby Baby Baby
The Only Lovers Left The Earth
So Jump Into The Last Great Love

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Andrew W.K. Thrill Comments
  1. Metalisha

    "who gives a shit, they're nazi's"

    this made me laugh like the fucking joker, oh god that is a funny line

  2. The God Emperor

    Anyone remember the song's name at 2:04 ?

  3. GamerJosh2611

    I mean, not much is gonna top entering a war zone while “Get Ready To Die” plays on some really large speakers

  4. Robert Garcia

    "That's for the Rhineland massacre ya schmucks!!!"

  5. Hilani

    World War 3, huh?

  6. Ian Bramble

    Tfs should be allowed to write for the actual shows. The line Alucard used when he goes lv zero is pretty cool.

  7. Dr. Bright

    Jeb Forrest is actually in the show. He is the guy who gives Maxwell the Pope scarf. That's what I'm thinking anyway

  8. ThunderChild247

    TFS gave us a better dramatic entrance than WWE have ever managed.

  9. dragonoid34456

    Ha! Even Nazis don't care about Nazis.

  10. pokemonmanic3595

    You know the irony is that the only reason Alucard could sail up the river is because they burned down London Bridge :D


    This just so perfect and joyful : D

  12. RumcajsRozbojnik88

    I'm only here, because of the multiple comments under the songs of my favorite artist Andrew WK. And to be honest, I think I'll watch the anime now :]


    This is the abridged series. Which some say is better than the original

  13. Asriel Gamer12

    I haven't watched the anime or the abridged but this is great

  14. CounterSkil

    Every time Ready to Die comes on I have to go back and watch this

  15. marxxplaysgames

    "Who gives a shit? They're Nazis"
    -A Nazi

  16. Brenda Miranda

    Me during this scene in the original: Wow that’s cool

    Me during this scene in the abridged: HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!!

  17. WillRennar

    _That's_ for the Rhineland Massacres, ya *_schmuck!_*



  18. Sean Stephenson

    0:44 when alucard gets serious it’s terrifying

  19. Final Advance

    2:41 alucard brought the WAAAGH! Convince me otherwise

  20. ShadowBlade34


  21. ltloxA

    Alucard vs Mr Popo


    They're both agents of chaos. I get the feeling that they would be friends if they ever met

    Ivar Boström

    @LORD TWIGO Nah, Alucard would anger Popo.


    @Ivar Boström this begs to differ

  22. cabinboy1031

    I never saw the original anime. But i realised that this is probably way more awesome than it originally was... its probably meant to be absolutely horrifying in the original.

    So i very much prefer this.

  23. Zak Kaufman

    How to enter like a big dick in a locker room....

  24. Mesadeath C Cube

    "It's too bad your blood sugar-daddy won't be here to see it."



    The sandwich


    Aaron Brine


  25. MIHAI S.

    Better watch out for hMmmMm

  26. Wisdom For All


  27. wildefice1

    Out of this entire exchange my favorite bit is how the major says ~World War Threeee~in a sing songy sort of voice :)
    Almost like a mother excited about the plans she made over the Holidays.

    Green Skull 3

    Lol, that's a good comparison! The scariest thing about this character is that in spite of being genocidal maniac, his joy is so pure and infectious that it brings a smile to you're face! I can barely stop myself from quoting his speeches right along with him!


    @Green Skull 3 I know! Even the original voice actor for hellsing ultimate is loveable ( i know the guy is supposed to be hated because he and his army had killed millions of innocent people and performed heinous experiments) but the way they are portrayed is absolutely fantastic and the TFS team managed to encapsulate that perfectly in their series.

    Green Skull 3

    @wildefice1 I also like how TFS brings a kind of identifiable, everyday blue collar attitude to Millennium; just how casual they can be about the horrible things they're doing, like it's just another day at the office. It makes them more human and believable, and therefore more scary.

  28. Jo Theunissen

    Their health plan must be great

  29. marko bleach

    "When hope is gone, undo this lock. And send me forth on a moonlit walk. Release Restraint Level... 0."

  30. Béla Málnási

    Alucard: Anderson, what's this guy's name?
    Anderson: *HRRRRNM*
    Alucard: Oh, better watch out for HMMM HMM!

  31. TwoJonz T.V.

    My favorite as well.

  32. Cari be glitching out bro

    Im pretty sure this is everyone's favorite

  33. Matthew Longley

    US forces enter Fortress Europe (1943, colorized)

  34. DwayneHicks426


  35. DwayneHicks426

    When hope is gone
    Undo this lock
    And send me forth
    For a moonlit walk.

  36. Patt Uy


  37. the_ nugget

    When i watched this scene and i squeeld like a rat it was awsome

  38. Pizza Rat


  39. Alex Bleth

    1:53 everytime gives me goosebumps

  40. THEDestendGem

    This is like when wrestlers makes a surprise to save someone getting beat down.

  41. CamArrow 02

    Thank God for bringing Andrew W.K.'s music into well as an awesome tv show that he hosted

  42. Guts

    There is nothing more dangerous than alucard going for an enthusiastic walk

  43. Extra Spooky

    He comes floating back to England on a Ship who's members had all become drained corpses. Thats straight from Bram Stoker.

  44. Alec Wyse

    Eh... Who gives a shit they're nazis.... 😂

  45. MR!! EITAN!!


  46. JayJay 06

    I searched up time for a fucking crusade and got reminded of wonderful memories

  47. Maple Hound

    *Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing* ALUCARD! Go for a walk...

  48. jackson nightmare luner

    Helsing ultimate: "I am the bird of Hermes, eating my wings to keep me tame"


    Helsing abridged: "when hope is gone, undo this lock, and send me forth on a moonlit walk, release ristant level zero"

  49. JimmY MarleY

    holdddd your horses i dont know who yall think u are but my name is jim forest from the south carolinaa baptist confesional chur.... do u hear that? do ii heear whaat?

  50. John R. Timmers

    Somehow I feel like the abridged is SO much better than the real deal

  51. Captain Hans

    what the fuck u said to me 1:20

  52. Captain Hans

    jinks it 0:02

  53. Sleepy Shadow

    better watch out for hmmmmm

  54. Seth Laffey

    Just hit random. That. Worked. Great.

  55. Regimate 37

    1:23 “Oh, better watch out for hmmMMMmm”

  56. Brady McCullough

    0:07 Seras' face tho

  57. Yuki _

    I love how the jews just left



  58. Zoe Oboe

    cracks me up everytime 😂

  59. Connor

    For those of you looking for the song like I did, it’s “Ready to Die - Andrew W.K.”

  60. Connor

    I know this is just the Abridged but I like to imagine him taking the time to set that song up on the loudspeakers for his entrance

  61. Renier delos santos

    Can anyone explain the difference of Ultimate and Abridge. Thank you

    Tenno Shenaniganizer

    Abridge is a parody with less dialogue and more humor

  62. William Engelbrecht

    Hey, Anderson, try not to choke on your own foot!

  63. SoA is better than TWD

    If that's what happens on a walk, what happens when he's on a trip?
    Edit: Wrong spelling

  64. T&D Films

    Just wanted to say that here in 2019, I still watch this on a regular basis. So epic.

  65. UDGM TV.

    Acts 4:12 KJV ♥️😌

  66. Zane Dotson

    who else uses alexander as a religious character in discord?

  67. Vicente Dìaz Manzanet

    1:55 me in ever morning.

  68. sam mcburney

    Oh, better watch out for HRMMMM

  69. Guido TITIRO LEMUS

    1:55 name song?


    @Mion can a make u a baby? thanks !!!!

  70. That Filthy Weeaboo

    At 1:30 "Do you believe in God?" "Yeah." "Do you believe in *my* God?" "Um..." *shoots dead* "Trick question."

  71. Jacob Day

    He sounds just like Mr. Perfect Cell...

    That makes a whole lot of sense actually...

    Tenno Shenaniganizer

    Same voice actor

  72. zack r

    2:35 he jinxed it!! the idiot.

  73. zack r

    1:44 that is why some people should never talk.

  74. gekkokkid

    and there he landed and you know when you think about it he is a lot of that last line of the song right there was GOLD

  75. Blue Man

    The nazis: wh... why do I hear boss music

  76. Burns burnson

    because of course the supreme shitlord alucard would play that song

  77. RoD H

    Alucard went to his most enthusiastic walk.

  78. A Fiery Mess

    "They expected all of us.... ¡DIOS MIO!"

  79. Jayce D'rick

    1:22 is the best line ever

  80. Umbra Howl

    🤣🤣🤣 3:42

  81. therandomguy 187

    You know your a serious fucking threat if you have both armies attacking you

  82. Best friend

    “Ha who gives a shit their nazis” best line

  83. Norlanth Tiemeth

    That last quote XD

  84. The Red Skull

    I wonder what the piano bit is called

  85. Spartan0941

    Why are the Catholics the KKK? The KKK hates Catholics

  86. Dr. Limbo

    The abridged series introduced me to this song, and now whenever I hear it I can't help to see that(0:31) face in my mind.
    Not complaining though, I love them both so much XD

  87. Artificial_Dragon

    Should've called the spanish inquisition

  88. _ShadowShot _

    “ALUCARD! Go for a walk....”

    Me: *Looks over to the enemy* “At this moment they knew, they fucked up.”

  89. iReap UrSoulDIE

    "Also I believe our forces are quite literally being slaughtered "

    "HEH, Who gives a shit, they're Nazis"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  90. Dr. Bright

    See even Nazis hate Nazis

  91. ink199570


  92. SuperLuckEli

    It's too badass the way Alucard just stands at the nose of the deck while the ship tears its way through London Bridge.

  93. zorack93

    Imagine Deadpool doing this to Thanos in the last battle

  94. mind vasquez

    What is the entrance song

  95. CounterSkil

    Sorry Vegeta, after this scene, ALUCARD IS THE HYPE

  96. A.R.K. Network

    Someone: says diversion

    Me: *pulls an alucard*

  97. Epsilon

    I can quote this whole video word for word.... Im really lonely