Andrew W.K. - The Party Never Dies Lyrics

The child was born
Into a world of love
Into a world of pain
Into the night
Into the sun and rain

The child was torn
Between the black and white
Between the wrong and right
Between despair
And pure delight

The child of mysteries
The child of lies
The party never dies

The child is found
Beyond the rise and fall
Beyond the in and out
Beyond our faith
And all our doubt

The child is crowned
In a halo of gold
A vision to behold
Life unrestrained
And uncontrolled

The child of mysteries
The child of lies
The party never dies

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Andrew W.K. The Party Never Dies Comments
  1. Tinheart Nowak

    This is too fucking underrated

  2. A Guy

    Beautiful. It's amazing to see someone able to lay the party on such a sacred/significant topics. Truly - The man.

    I won't say you changed my life, but you definitely help to sustain the new me.

  3. Drabhand

    Steev aproves

  4. CandidCamzy

    Would this be considered a birthday song? 🎂

  5. Joseph Waradzin

    what 2 dicks thumb down this?!

  6. Guess Whocifer

    That's a good one Andrew.

  7. Anthony Heintz

    juste ÉNORME

  8. HaveCarapace

    If AWK became the central prophet in his own religion, this feels like the hymn his followers would sing on his birthday.

    I can't wait for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra version.

  9. Nightstalker314

    If they ever make another (good, not cheap rip-off) Bill&Ted movie: This has to be the soundtrack!

  10. Jordan Madick

    party party

  11. Tah LenRi

    The child is humanity, if you were confused. This is a song about us, about the mystery of our existence, our inherent duality, and the magnificence of it all. It's all very awesome.


    Pretty solid theory, I'd say.

  12. J.J. Wolfe

    Percussive piano ftw!

  13. Kevyn Comstock

    This cd has made me so happy! I love you man!

  14. GradyIsEpic

    Wait... Dis about jebus?

    Rúnar Ryggshamar

    GradyIsEpic I think it has some thelemic symbolism. Andrew wk is a thelemite, so this is just a guess

  15. Colada Cool

    The Child of lies...
    I cannot believe Andrew W.K is a Satanist. Literally every song is related to satan.

    Rúnar Ryggshamar

    Colada Cool he is a Thelemite. Huge difference


    So tell me what’s so much better about a god who gives you the “choice” of loving him or suffering in eternal damnation? What a loving god.

    Aldon Thomas

    Who made Satan ?

  16. Enlightened Celt

    The party never dies!!!! Like cheese or a fine wine it only gets better when it ages. Party on Andrew!

  17. John

    Sine morte- went Latin on you all.

  18. jades plays

    This song has so much party related to it that I'm not even getting recommended videos for it



  19. drawnimo

    immortal party

  20. Lexi


  21. Gregory R

    What up AWK