Andrew W.K. - The Party God Lyrics

This is love and this is music
This is what you want, the party god

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Andrew W.K. The Party God Comments
  1. Ryan Doherty

    A lot of people don't like this album because it doesn't sound like Andrew's older albums, but I believe this album is a musical masterpiece. Andrew takes a new direction with this album that really shows how he is innovating his own sound. He continues to build hype in his more energetic songs, but discusses deeper messages in others such as, "I'm a Vagabond," a song about a guy who is an outcast from society, treated like crap, and not given a chance in life. On top of that whole rollercoaster of different styles, Andrew tops it all off with this amazing final song, and a orchestra building a feeling of warmth and excitement as this incredible rock masterpiece comes to an end.
    Thank you Andrew W.K.
    You are an amazing musician!

  2. Luiscarsamuray

    This Is Love And This Is Music This is What You Want THE PARTY GOD