Andrew W.K. - The Feeling Of Being Alive Lyrics

If you ever feel like something is very, very wrong
Wrong with life, wrong with yourself
I understand, I have that feeling too
But in actuality that feeling isn't wrong
That feeling is just being human
That intense feeling inside is the feeling of existing
Of being alive, of being a person
It's a mountain to climb, it's a test to pass
It's a challenge we are ultimately worthy of
And rather than dread or resent this challenge
We can embrace it, we can learn from it
And we can celebrate it
Life is very intense
But that doesn't mean it's bad
Understanding this is what partying is all about

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Andrew W.K. The Feeling Of Being Alive Comments
  1. Pillowhead Creations

    andrew wk president 2020

  2. Derek Bateman

    I have crippling anxiety and you have no idea how much hearing this has helped me.

  3. Greg N

    You're gonna save lives Andrew. You're gonna save lives.

  4. Chef For

    wish Anthony Bourdain listened to Andrew W.K.

  5. stephen low

    it took me way to long to realize this.

    and somehow, hearing those words from someone else,
    more so after realising this myself,
    It feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

    best track on the album.

  6. Evan Rut

    i need this as my alarm clock

  7. Sarah Rocksdale

    I love this ❤️

  8. king0vitrial

    I recently contracted cyclocemia, a type of bipolar 1, and it's been making everything feel wrong and awful. But I have this now, and that's given me a lot to reflect on.

  9. John Burns

    I had to listen to this multiple times.

  10. Fraser Tilson

    This is my favourite track on the new album.

  11. Bob Blackadder

    Enjoy all the life has to offer, drugs, booze, dancing, sex, just make sure you party to enjoy life not to escape it.


    Some people may like that stuff; some people may not. This because it's all a means to an end, not the end itself, and especially not a distraction from it. Words to fucking live by.

  12. Lexi